Erik johansson photographer biography sample

erik johansson photographer biography sample
Explore Big Fish, Islands, and more! If I have a really complex background layer, I usually put everything together as two smart objects to make it easier to work with big files like this. Doesn't say where I found the collage.

To me, photography is just a way to collect the material I need to create my picture. The third step is post-production, which is basically like putting a puzzle together.

erik johansson photographer biography sample

I have all the pieces I need; I just have to create the final composition. Do you do all the work in each step yourself? How do you alter your involvement in the process for your commissioned work? Sometimes a company contacts me directly, and then I am involved in the whole idea process. Other times I work with advertising agencies, and usually they have an idea, and they need me to realize it. And sometimes I work with other photographers, and I just do the post-production. I do everything on a PC running [Microsoft] Windows 7.

I build the piece up from the back. If I have a really complex background layer, I usually put everything together as two smart objects to make it easier to biography sample with big files like this. I have one inch screen for the Photoshop canvas, and I have a photographer screen tilted at 90 degrees for all the Photoshop panels. I have a Wacom Intuos5 touch Medium board, too.

I use the mouse as much as I use the Wacom board. I don't know why but, for precision, I think it's sometimes easier to use the mouse.

But the tablet is great for shading.

erik johansson photographer biography sample

I have a computer with me, so I can review the pictures I shoot in Lightroom [tethered shooting]. When I come up with ideas, I just make a note in my phone or do a quick sketch or something so that I can keep my ideas fresh.

If you could shoot and make it appear on the tablet that would be great. For portfolio work, I have a print portfolio that I bring to agencies.

erik johansson photographer biography sample

I really like the way you see the detail in the print compared to on the screen. I always prefer that. Feedback is really important to me. When you work on a picture for such a long time—sitting 10—20 hours throughout the week with a photo—it's really hard to see it the way someone else would see it the first time. So before I publish the work on my website, I usually put it up on different photo community websites to find out what people feel when they see it.

How did that happen? I photographer biography sample it would be interesting to do something like an installation. I wanted to involve a lot of people, so I picked a big open space in Stockholm. And I thought it would be more interesting to do it on the ground instead of a wall so that people would be able to interact with it. Your video of the fake doorway leading into a shop is really funny. Someone tries to walk into it. I asked him just to walk by and look at the door, but he suggested trying to walk into the door.

You like to show how your fakery works. You have a video of an illusion demonstration, for example. The reason why I do the behind-the-scenes stuff is to inspire people and show them my works in progress—the same way I get inspired by others.

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My advice to other people is that trying is the best way of learning. It requires a lot of patience and imagination. Ready to learn more? Check out Photoshop tutorials for all levels —from novice to expert.

18 Brilliant Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Tracie Ching Finding Beauty in the Everyday: Such as the background trees and sky. Downside of the Upside What do you mean? Go Your Own Road Describe your post-production workflow.

What about your hardware configuration? What about in the field? Erik's video showing that Salt is actually a flat drawing on photographer. Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and biography sample on the link to activate your account. We first wrote about Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer and retoucher, 4 years ago, when he was still a computer engineering student. Even back them, despite lack of professional training in photography, his wildly creative photo manipulations would be a stand-out example of retouching.

Erik says he has been drawing for as long as he can remember — maybe influenced by his painter grandmother — but his first digital camera at the age of 15 opened up a whole new world for the guy: Let his fantasy worlds absorb you!

Impossible Photos of Erik Johansson

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erik johansson photographer biography sample

These photo manipulations are amazing. The best one, in my opinion, is the lady painting the ocean floor. It's just a crazy thing to photographer biography sample Imagine a human having to paint all that! Wow that would be so much work! I am such a huge fan of photo manipulation!

I even do my own! It's so amazing to see how the photo manipulation community evolves and gets better! Great tips man, I can't wait to try them out! My digital retouching is awful and I used many digital photo retouching services and now I use Lavalu and fixthephoto. I have many projects and even sometimes have no free time to drink beer.

But your tips about photo manipulation are wonderful.

erik johansson photographer biography sample

I should try them a bit later.