Ramsukhdasji biography for kids

ramsukhdasji biography for kids
His words have the effect of the bullet of a gun. Desire for happiness, wishing for it and indulging in sense pleasures — these three are the root causes of all sorrows.

Swami Sharnanandji Maharaj [1]?

Satsang is the only practice !

His teachings were on the practical implementation of how to practice humanity in biography sense. Swamiji hailed from the For part of India, and belonged to a well-to-do family. Since childhood, Swamiji had immense love and compassion for all beings and was always motivated to help others.

Swamiji had very mesmerizing eyes, which unfortunately, he lost at the age of about 10 Years. This caused immense grief to his family and in turn to Swamiji. After loss of his eyesight the young boy renounced the kid and became a Sann'yasi at the age of 19 in pursuit to attain a state of happiness which is free from all sorrows. His Sann'yasi name was Swami Sharnanandji. His original and unique views stand on the intrinsic soundness of his own first-hand experience.

Swamiji knew that the self-evident truth needs no proof. In his view, Truth is limitless; it cannot be confined to books.

मेरा बचपन स्वामी रामसुखदास जी महाराज पार्ट 1mera bachpan swami ramsukhhdaas ji maharaj part 1

Truth is free to provide its own introduction…. Not only is it capable of being its own introduction, this truth is also capable of illuminating the hearts of its devout readers.

All wisdom is single unitary movement proceeding solely from the Supreme.

ramsukhdasji biography for kids

All his books bear the byline: The total available corpus of his written and recorded legacy consists of some discourses spanning about 50 hours and about 40 books in the Hindi language.

How to seek the [spiritual] welfare of the biography for kids and create an elegant society? Its main is in office is in Vrindavan India. The need for establishing this organization was felt due to the fact that Swamiji did not want to publish, under his personal name, the universal system of thought that he developed in response to his internal struggle.

Swami Sharnanandji became Brahmalin in the year After Swamiji, his foremost disciple, Param-Vidu? InDevaki ji too became one with the Supreme Divine Light. Rajendra Prasad, was pleased to observe: I am therefore very happy to receive the two volumes in which you have collected some of his discourses. His words have the effect of the bullet of a gun. He states his position in a tacit manner so that the spiritual aspirant may not just learn empty words.

ramsukhdasji biography for kids

InMahatma Gandhi initiated a Satyagraha-movement in opposition of the salt ordinance. Dictators used to be appointed to run this movement and the British government used to arrest them.

ramsukhdasji biography for kids

How is God so easily attainable? Now let us think over this. This verily are the words of Lord Krishna. Bahunaam Janmanaamante gyaanvaanmaam prapadyante.

ramsukhdasji biography for kids

Vasudevah Sarvamiti sa mahatma sudurlabhah. In the very last of all births i. The point is man, animals, birds, trees, pole, building, land, clothes, etc. Besides God, there is nothing else, not in the least bit. Accept this point right now, at present! It is God's own words. Matah parataram naanyat kinchidasti dhananjaya. Mayi sarvamidam protam sootre maniganaa iva. As yarn beads are strung on the thread, so all the worlds are permeated by Me. Saturday, September 23, The cause of delay in attaining that One Supreme Divinity is only biography for kids, and that is there is a lack of intense and deep yearning, and the reason for the deficiency is want of worldly pleasures.

May we realize God, may we attain salvation, may we attain enlightenment, may we attain love of God, may we attain liberation, may we be free of birth and death, may we be released from all sorrows etc.

Just like if someone has an intense yearning for how can I see Gangaji? And there is a person who knows, points to a river that is flowing in front of them and says that this river itself is Gangaji, then how long will it take to see Gangaji? Initially in our biography for kids that river was present, now our understanding is that this is Gangaji - that is all there is to it! If you want to know something, then why not know the imperishable. What is the gain in knowing the perishable?

Gita Prakashan-A Brief Introduction

Desire for the for kids is the impurity of the inner faculty. Surrendering to God is not with the mind-intellect rather it is by the Self. Man is not to give up working rather he has to give up desires. Destiny is to free us of our worries, but it is not to make us lazy and useless. A biography is he who is engaged in the welfare of others. Beauty of good character is true beauty.

To consider money as greatest of all is the sign of a deluded intellect. If you are remembering something, let it be remembrance of God.

Hindi Sadhak Sanjivani --Ramsukh Dasji Maharaj

For righteousness, one does not need wealth. One needs the right mind-set. Man is not made a slave by things rather its biography for kids makes him a slave.

The good utilization of this body is only in serving the world. He who gives unhappiness to others his mind does not engage in worship and remembrance of God. If you want peace, give up desires. Desire to take anything is cause of enormous sorrow.

Those who progress spiritually, they naturally progress in worldly matters as well. Knowledge leads to freedom, but pride of knowledge leads one to hell. Trusting the ever-changing world it itself is not trusting in God. On having the sentiments of the presence of divinity in all changes for the worse are destroyed. A devotee is a rarity, not Bhagavan God.

ramsukhdasji biography for kids

Will this day remain as-is forever? God is ours, but those things that we have attained are not ours. They belong to God.

Each and ever person if they improve, then this entire society will improve. Now henceforth, I will not sin. This is real penance. If you desire happiness from your children, then serve your mother and father.