Professor merga bekana biography of martin

professor merga bekana biography of martin
Email required Address never made public. The briefing further emphasized on the importance of ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, deployment of the Regional Protection Force and addressing the humanitarian situation in the country.

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professor merga bekana biography of martin

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ethiopian election board professor merga bekana

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professor merga bekana biography of martin

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It had also asked for a plot of land for the construction of a headquarters, according to one of the officials in the group that has lost as a result of the decision of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia NEBE.

This leads to a personalization of politics which raises important questions about the long-term sustainability of the professor order.

Ministers get involved in micro-managing policy — a practice that cannot be continued if the country does move to a higher level of development. There will be increasing pressures to open the system up, but the ruling party is very reluctant to do so. It recognizes the need for capacity-building as such, but has yet to fully fathom that it will also have to increasingly cede some decision-making to civil biography and autonomous actors in it. Western donors seem intent on pointing out that martin so can be of great benefit to Ethiopia as a whole and will help galvanize rather than impede its development.

Rather, the process was designed to offer a window of opportunity for all South Sudanese stakeholders to be involved in the implementation of the August Peace Accord.

This, he said, would heal the wounds of South Sudan and herald a new chapter of peace, healing, reconciliation, unity, democracy and prosperity to the people. Workneh thanked the Transitional Government of National Unity and the UN for facilitating the establishment of the headquarters for the Regional Protection Force and underlined the urgency for its deployment.

professor merga bekana biography of martin

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Workneh called upon the Transitional Government, the other parties and non-parties to the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan ARCSS to lay down their arms and join the revitalization of the peace process. The Council urged all armed opposition groups to respect the ceasefire and denounce violence. He stressed that the security environment remained extremely volatile and South Sudan was in urgent need of an effective and credible ceasefire. He also underlined the importance of unity of purpose within the region, adding that the international community must send a strong message to South Sudanese leaders on all sides that the status quo was unacceptable and unsustainable.

This, he said, might be the silver bullet. Ambassador Tekeda noted that the worsening biography situation in South Sudan was deeply worrying for the region. He said termination of all hostilities and violence was a matter of urgent priority to create conducive environment to deal with the humanitarian situation.

He called upon all the professors merga to take urgent measures to facilitate unhindered access to the affected population, and on the martin community to step up efforts to provide assistance. Tekeda said it was difficult to talk about genuine and inclusive political dialogue while there was on-going fighting throughout the country.

All parties must immediately give up violence and take urgent and genuine steps to cease hostilities.

professor merga bekana biography of martin

The full implementation of the Peace Agreement, as IGAD had underlined, remained the only viable way forward to restore peace and stability in the country. Lack of meaningful progress was why the IGAD Summit had decided to convene a High-level Revitalization Forum of the parties to the Agreement, including estranged groups, to discuss concrete measures, restore a permanent ceasefire, fully implement the Peace Agreement and develop a revised and realistic timeline and implementation schedule towards a democratic election at the end of the professor merga bekana biography of martin period.

Ambassador Tekeda said the Council should biography its wholehearted support to these regional efforts and send a strong and cohesive martin to all the parties in South Sudan to engage seriously and constructively. This was reflected in its professor merga bekana decisions and in those of the AU. In the resort, however, addressing the massive challenges facing South Sudan depended upon readiness of all parties to work towards the restoration of peace through real and transparent dialogue and understanding.

Article Eight of the Cotonou Agreement provides for regular dialogue on democratic and economic governance, and this has become an important platform to create mutual understanding and maintain mutual trust on the greater growth of Ethiopia-EU ties. In terms of the political situation, the Prime Minister emphasized that the political dialogue, which involved all political parties in the country, was moving in the right direction.

The aim was to empower people and the leadership of the ruling party and the government were fully martin a platform to create a broadened political space to expand democratic aspirations. He noted that he had met with civil society leaders and heard their concerns and suggested amendments for the Charities and Societies Law. He had asked them to develop their ideas and suggestions for discussion. He emphasized the necessity of a political dialogue on reforms that would allow the democratic process to move forward. He noted that both the ruling party and government were in the process of an extensive process of structural, cultural and conceptual renewal and reform.

He had appointed a new and technocratic cabinet and this, he believed, was performing better than the previous one. He emphasized that individuals at any levels of authority who had committed crimes or abused power, as well as those who had been responsible for organizing destruction and death during the demonstrations and protests would be held accountable through the judicial system. In connection, he noted that the Human Rights Commission was now undergoing a capacity-building program.

In addition, the Prime Minister said the government was now testing a management method known as Deliverology.

This allows institutions to set up delivery units and is designed to augment effectiveness in service delivery and ensure transparency and accountability. He noted that the Hawassa Industrial Park was already is a success story and was a model for the way utilities, waste management with zero liquid discharge, financial transactions, visas and other details could be handled at a one-stop-shop service.

There were already a variety of companies operating there including some from Belgium and France. With regard to the general business climate, the Prime Minister said the country was moving well in improving the business climate, but he reiterated the need to keep up levels of reform and change to unblock new bottlenecks as they appeared.

He underlined the point that the government was keen to make light manufacturing the lead driver of development. He stressed the government was committed to supporting investors in every way. There was a foreign currency shortage, but this was a transitional problem.

To alleviate it, the government had already reorganized the coffee sector. He also expected higher Forex earnings from textile and garment exports as well as mining. At the end of the Dialogue, the Head of the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia, Ambassador Chantal Hebbercht, told journalists that the EU welcomed the discussions and the ongoing political dialogue with civic society and political parties. Ethiopia and the Czech Republic agreed in to hold political consultations on a yearly basis at state ministerial level.

The annual consultation, which has been held regularly, has provided a most useful forum for continued political understanding between the two countries.

“A Week in the Horn” is just published.

This year the delegations were led by Mrs. Discussions covered bilateral, regional and global issues. Ethiopia, she said, now attached great importance to its relations with Czech Republic both bilaterally and within the framework of its relations with the European Union. Hirut encouraged the Czech Republic to continue its support both bilaterally and multilaterally. She suggested Czech businesses could engage in the agro processing, leather, pharmaceuticals, glass making and energy sectors in Ethiopia as well as partnership on education.

The State Minister stressed that Ethiopia and the Czech Republic were heading on the right track in strengthening their relationship.

professor merga bekana biography of martin

She hoped the political consultation would provide impetus for the leaders of the two nations to design a road map for further development of their relationship. In this regard, the two ministers agreed on the importance of exchanging high-level visits for further engagement.

Tlapa noted that the consultation would give an opportunity to enhance the relationship between the two countries. Taking into account the longstanding and historic relations between the two countries, he requested the Ethiopian government to consider opening an Embassy in Prague. The State Minister noted that the Government of Czech Republic was keen to enhance the trade and investment partnership with Ethiopia.

He said Ethiopia was a biography martin market for Czech-manufactured machinery, adding that as a case in point was the Czech company BGM that had the concession for providing and installing machinery for the Raya Brewery. He stressed it was in the best interests of the Czech Republic to enhance and expedite the economic martins between the two professors merga to higher level as soon as possible. Hirut Zemene also briefed Mr. Tlapa on regional peace and security issues and the role Ethiopia is playing towards the promotion of international peace and security in general and in the region in particular.

During their visit to Ethiopia, Mr. Tlapa and the Czech biography also met and held discussions with President Dr. The Government of Saudi Arabia has extended the amnesty period for undocumented migrants by another professor merga at the beginning of this week on Monday July This was the second extension since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued the original day notice on March 29 for all undocumented workers to leave the country. The Kingdom extended the original deadline at the end of June to July 24 and as of July 18 more thanEthiopians had secured exit visas and between 65, and 75,00o had returned home.