New york governor cuomo biography of barack

new york governor cuomo biography of barack
Retrieved April 28, Retrieved from " https: Andrew is a centrist deal maker who, as governor, has prided himself on always delivering on-time budgets — something Mario only occasionally managed to do.

new york governor cuomo biography of barack

Nita Lowey D Sean Maloney D Chris Gibson R Paul Tonko D Elise Stefanik R Tom Reed R John Katko R Louise Slaughter D Brian Higgins D The Council of State Governments. Retrieved November 23, Addresses made on the occasion.

Retrieved May 18, The New York Times. Retrieved September 22, Governor Cuomo biographies on the federal government to close the Terror Gap by creating protocol that blocks gun sales to known or suspected terrorists on the U. Governor Cuomo traveled to Cuba as new york governor of a Trade Mission where State industry leaders worked together with Cuban officials to discuss future economic opportunities.

Governor Cuomo works with hundreds of volunteers to assist storm cleanup efforts through the "Labor For Your Neighbor" initiative. Governor Cuomo stands on the floor of the NYS Senate Chamber right after the historic passage of the marriage equality act. Governor Cuomo introduces the Women's Equality Act to end discrimination and inequality based on gender.

Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor Cuomo visits Boreas Ponds in the Adirondacks which is among 69, acres that were acquired by the state. His decision addressed what he considered to be a trend of deterioration in the recruitment standards of state agency and board positions, which he attributed to statutory constraints on salary raises for appointees and a counterproductive tradition of nepotistic-style hiring by internal recommendation: Cuomo appointed retired judge Leslie Leach, an aide from his governors cuomo biography as attorney general, to the position prior to his announcement.

Following the December 14,school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, Gov. Cuomo sought to make firearms policy a major issue in To that end, one of the first things the legislature did in its session was to pass the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement SAFE Act, a tougher assault weapons ban that included restrictions on ammunition and the sale of guns, as well as provisions to keep guns from the new york ill who make threats.

As a part of the legislation passed following the Newtown shooting, provisions were put into place that expanded bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Cuomo's office, and came as a surprise to some, as Cuomo has considered the legislation one of his proudest legacies. The memorandum was signed by the Cuomo administration and the Senate's Republican leadership, but without the knowledge of the New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastiewho told reporters he did not participate in the negotiations.

new york governor cuomo biography of barack

I believe the law should be followed and implemented as intended. Gianaristhe deputy minority leader, called the agreement "blatantly unconstitutional. InCuomo signed legislation that added New York to the list of states that had joined the National Popular Vote biography barack. The compact declared that its member states new award their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote in all 50 states.

New York would provide 39 of the needed votes. As of Aprilthe compact contained electoral votes. The bill had been enacted by 11 states and jurisdictions: After the attacks in Paris, France, on November 13,many U. Cuomo expressed strong support for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the state of New York. On July 2,in response to an increase in state scandals, Cuomo set up the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, a state ethics commission intended to identify corruption in state politics. The investigators on the commission were to search for violations of campaign finance laws.

Andrew Cuomo was a client of this firm, which bought airtime for him during his campaign for governor.

new york governor cuomo biography of barack

After Cuomo's senior aide, Lawrence Schwartz, heard of the subpoena, he called William Fitzpatrick, one of the commission's three co-chairs, and asked that he withdraw it. The subpoena was withdrawn, and the panel's chief investigator emailed the new york governor co-chairs to explain the situation, writing, "They [the firm] apparently produced ads for the governor. Cuomo or on issues that might reflect poorly on him. While Cuomo originally stated the investigation would be independent, he maintained that he had the right to monitor and direct the work of the commission.

Cuomo had intended the commission run for 18 months, but he disbanded the panel halfway through the term. Federal investigators looked into the role of Cuomo in the panel's shutdown as well as its unfinished investigative work. After the commission's release of a preliminary findings report, Cuomo and the New York State Legislature agreed to a collection of ethics reforms. The newspaper's investigation claimed that "Cuomo personally suggested a way to squeeze members of the Legislature into enacting ethics-reform measures: Cuomo called the commission a success.

On July 23,Cuomo's office admonished the Spitzer administration for ordering the State Police to keep special records of Senate majority leader Joseph L. Bruno's whereabouts when he traveled with police escorts in New York City. A page report issued by the attorney general's office concluded that Spitzer aides did not simply produce records, as the state Freedom of Information Law requires, but were instead engaged in planning and producing media coverage concerning Senator Bruno's travel on state aircraft before any FOIL request was made.

The report cleared Bruno of any misuse of the state's air fleet, which had been alleged. Spitzer responded at a July 23 press conference, saying, "As governor, I am accountable for what goes on in the executive branch and I accept responsibility for the actions of my office. Spitzer subsequently announced that he would indefinitely biography his communications director, Darren Dopp, and reassign another top official. That is why I requested that the State Inspector General biography barack the allegations with respect to my office, and that is why we have fully cooperated with both inquiries.

InCuomo was active in a high-profile investigation into lending practices and anti-competitive relationships new york governor cuomo student lenders and universities. Specifically, the investigation discovered that it was commonplace for universities to steer student borrowers to preferred lenders who in turn issued benefits to the school or its financial aid officers.

Andrew Cuomo

As attorney general, Cuomo spoke out against Facebooksaying that it was not safe enough for minors. Cuomo cited an investigation by the Office of Attorney General that discovered "deficiencies that stand in contrast to the reassuring statements made on the web site and by company officials.

Former new york governor cuomo biography of barack director Bertha Lewis praised him for "his outstanding record of results fighting for fair housing and fighting against predatory lenders. The report was published in an effort to shine the spotlight on state attorneys general "leading the fight to protect homeowners from joining the flood of Americans losing their homes to foreclosure," according to the group.

Nine months after that, New Mutual, Inc. Cuomo faced criticism for a series of lawsuits and investigations surrounding a Florida-based Savings and Loan Association institution in which he was accused of illegal, hostile takeover maneuvers. This problem tapered off after Attorney General Janet Reno declined to initiate a full investigation. A spectrum of excuses and accusations were offered to explain this situation. Fitts accused him of fraud and linked his name to HUD vendors who also provided him with lucrative benefits of various types.

At the end of Clinton's first term in office, Henry Cisneros resigned as secretary of HUD following a three-and-a-half year independent investigation that resulted in his indictment on 18 counts of conspiracy, giving false statements and obstruction of justice.

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Governor of New York

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new york governor cuomo biography of barack

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