Louis the pious biography of donald

louis the pious biography of donald
If he died childless, Lothair would inherit his kingdom. Instead the emperor found himself facing a coalition of his three eldest sons, their supporters, and Pope Gregory IV.

That encouraged the idea of papal supremacy and began the tradition of having the Pope personally crown Emperors. The same year he held the first of a set of councils designed to reform and strengthen the Catholic Church.

Inhe divided his empire between his three sons, and named the eldest, Lothair, his heir. In doing so, he followed both his father's example and Frankish traditions.

Louis the Pious : biography

He also confirmed his nephew, Bernard of Italy, as the rightful heir to the Italian throne. Bernard wanted to rule independently and thus turned against Louis. When Louis marched against him, Bernard surrendered. Instead of executing him for treason, Louis had him blinded, but Bernard died from the resultant trauma.

Louis, horrified, performed a penance before the Pope in Louis's queen Judith wanted him to re-divide the empire to ensure that her son Charles got some land.

Inhe did so and gave Charles, who was then around six years old, much of Germany. His other three sons revolted and Lothair sized the crown.

louis the pious biography of donald

Squabbling between the brothers enabled Louis to take back the crown. InLothair revolted again. The Pope sided with Lothair and Louis surrendered the crown to him again. His other sons sided with Louis enabling him to retake the crown. Pepin died in and Louis re-divided the empire among his living sons.

The last partition gave his son, Louis the German, just Bavara, while the rest of the empire was divided equally between Lothair and Charles.

Louis the Pious and the Conversion of the Danes

Ordinatio Imperii Ordinance of the Emperor Written inthe Ordinance was Louis's attempt to divide his empire peacefully between his three sons. He divided his empire into sub-kingdoms that each son would rule.

louis the pious biography of donald

Alcuin wrote to an unknown abbot about converting the Danes and that the conversion process was not going very well. Despite for his concern for religious improvement, he initially set out with political aspirations, not religious conversion.

He sent waves of troops to help establish Harald as King of Denmark inand Baptism however, was not a condition of support for kingship. He selected a bishop for this mission of conversion. From the late seventh century onwards, missionaries had turned to Carolingian kings for financing missions and not the papacy. Thus were the children sent to their respective realms at so young an age.

louis the pious biography of donald

Each kingdom had its importance in keeping some frontier, Louis's was the Spanish March. The Umayyad authority recaptured it in The sons were not given independence from central authority, however, and Charlemagne ingrained in them the concepts of empire and unity by sending them on military expeditions far from their home bases.

Louis campaigned in the Italian Mezzogiorno against the Beneventans at least once. Based on materials from: In countries which are located near sea coasts, sea food is an important part of national cuisine.

A Contemporary Life of Louis the Pious Also useful are the brief but excellent evaluations in Heinrich Fichtenau, The Carolingian Empire ; trans. A Study in the Ninth Century Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Louis the Pious: Astrology and Horoscope

Retrieved October 26, from Encyclopedia. Louis I or Louis the Pious, Fr. He was crowned king of Aquitaine in and co-emperor with his father in His court was a learned one; his advisers included Benedict of Aniane.

At the Assembly of Aachen he issued an imperial order that sought to preserve the unity of the empire by breaking with tradition and not dividing the empire among his heirs. Louis's attempts to create a kingdom for Charles later Emperor of the West Charles IIhis son by a second marriage, provoked several revolts by his older sons. InLouis repented publicly for his persecution of the rebels.

Louis the Pious

InLothair rebelled and became virtually sole ruler of the empire. However, Pepin and Louis the German, fearing Lothair's supremacy, soon restored their father to power. Another revolt by all three sons occurred in Louis met the rebels near Colmar on a field known since then as the Field of Lies Ger. Louis, compelled to surrender, was formally deposed, and Lothair became sole emperor. Later he partitioned his empire between Lothair and Charles and died while attempting to uphold the partition against the Aquitanians and Louis the German.

louis the pious biography of donald

Ganshof, The Carolingians and the Frankish Monarchy He founded the second Angevin line in Naples. As a regent for his nephew, Charles VI of France, he was noted for his rapacity.