Farnoosh torabi biography template

farnoosh torabi biography template
You aren't superior in any way. Archived from the original on February 24,

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farnoosh torabi biography template

Just because you don't raise VC funding in the beginning doesn't mean you can't in the future. It may seem irrelevant, but choosing the right life partner--one who supports you, and with whom you communicate effectively--may be the biography template between your personal and financial well-being and your malaise. Even though she makes more money than her husband, she still outsources some of the financial decisions to him, ensuring that the relationship remains equal.

Sometimes we feel guilty, we almost biography template like we're not living up to our femininity and womanhood. It's important to share the financial responsibility at home, no matter who earns more dollars. Initially, Torabi recalls that her husband felt he wasn't "entitled to give his opinion" because he was making less. Electing to work together -- and then taking on a financial advisor -- was a turning point in their marriage and financial life, she says.

It's no secret that the gender pay gap is alive and well, with women earning just 83 percent of what men do, according to the most recent available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That makes it all the more important for women to negotiate for what they deserve, and ask for more.

Of course, the world may not necessarily reward you for hard work. Ultimately, he secured an agent, who helped him negotiate for reasonable pay.

The New York Times. Archived from the original on February 24, Retrieved from " https: Articles with hCards No local image but image on Wikidata. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 31 Augustat As they are your feelings, it is your responsibility to manage them and not start fights or slide into being a kept person. Remember, sometimes people value themselves on their earnings and if you are earning more, you may be perceived as having higher value, either by you or by your partner.

You don't have higher value, not beyond what shows up on your W2. You are still responsible for your half of the relationship. You don't get to make more of the decisions because you make more of the money.

Farnoosh Torabi Biography

You aren't superior in any way. You're making this money to afford your lifestyle and your relationship should be a driving force in that lifestyle. You answer to your relationship, it doesn't answer to your money. That wouldn't fly in my biography template.

I understand percentages so he gets to pay his debt AND some of the household expenses and I pay my debt and the rest of the household expenses because we need to take responsibility for what we brought into the marriage as well as what we created afterward. That might not work for everyone, though. Some couples put all their money in one big account and everything comes back out of that account.

You have to figure out what's going to work best for you, your partner, and your relationship. Then there's the question of "What if he wants to support his ailing parents financially and you are the chief breadwinner?

farnoosh torabi biography template

Unless, of course, they're horrible people and are trying to mooch off you, in which case you should ignore their phone calls and template the old people police pick them up and put them back in the old people home where they belong. Seriously, though, that is a horrible question.

You being chief breadwinner should have little or no bearing how supporting ailing parents will work. There are pre-nups and post-nups and advice on protecting your money which is great if that's the kind of relationship you have or if you're going into a new relationship and bringing lots of your own assets. There is advice on how to "cater to the biography template brain" yes, the name of that rule is offputting from the get-gosome of which is doled out by biography expert Marni Battista who tells her breadwinning clients "to play up their 'sexy alpha female' or to 'fit in the feminine' in their relationships so that, in turn, men can feel masculine and take the money thing off the table.

I hope my speed reading caused me to miss something profound in that chapter Thank goodness that is later followed up with "Do what works for you, period" in which the most valuable advice in this entire book comes forward: That is how you figure out most issues in your relationship.

When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women

I've been the top earner in my last few relationships and am so in my marriage. In some cases it was rough which is why those are past relationships but the thing is, it doesn't have to be. If you're starting a relationship and you make more money, you find out if that's an issue when you get involved. If it is, try to work it out. If you can't, this is probably not going to be the most respectful, healthy relationship and you can choose to accept that or biography template on.

If your income changes while you're already in a relationship, that you might have a little more work to do but, again, the relationship should come first and the personal incomes exist to support the relationship and template and lifestyle that surrounds it. Of biography, I could be way off base, here. I'm pretty much making this up as I go along because it's my gut reaction to some of these Ten Rules.

I didn't one-star this book because it does actually offer some pieces of great advice. It's just that it's delivered in a way that puts the onus of fixing income-based relationship problems on the woman and I'm not sure that's the right way to face this issue.

farnoosh torabi biography template

I'm making it sound far more sexist than it is but there's still enough of the "You, highly-paid female, YOU must ease the tension in your relationship by helping your lower-paid male companion get past this problem that you created with all your money and benefits and social recognition while also protecting YOUR assets" that it grates. However, I know this IS an issue, one that plagues couples, worries single women, and is upsetting our societal balance.

farnoosh torabi biography template

It's good to be aware this problem exists whether or not it should exist is a whole different conversation so books like this help raise awareness so that conversations can happen. However, I think it would have been more effective had it been aimed toward couples, not specifically at women who happen to be rolling in the dough.

Farnoosh Torabi

View all 7 comments. Decent book with some good pieces of advice.

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My disappointment was on the focus of having children. While I understand that a majority of women make that choice, there was little focus or even attention to couples that choose not to have children and the challenges that those women face. Given a whole chapter dedicated to parenting challenges, it would have been nice to also biography template the challenges that women face when they are high earners and choose not to have children yet still have a family. With that said, it does have some great tips for women who are starting out relationships and make more in the equation.

Dec 19, Allison Lay rated it did not like it. I don't even know where to start with this. I don't leave bad reviews, but this was the worst. My summary for the entire book is pretty much this: What's worse is that these claims have limited factual basis.

Sure, there are plenty of statistics, upwards of 15 on some pages that I've definitely forgotten. I would love to know what Malcolm Gladwell would say about all of the causal factor statistic assumptions. My running theory while reading this is that all of the different biographies template and numbers she uses are to distract when chapters are validated by "someone I interviewed named Melanie", which is a recurring occurrence.

There are several opinions and theories that are presented as fact, it's almost alarming. Second, it was men and elderly who were primarily child care givers while the women were gathering. Hunts were not everyday affairs, and the men had plenty of leisure time. Additionally, there is so much marriage advice that's completely unrelated to finances.

You're So Money: Live Rich, Even When You're Not

I just really didn't need to read about one counselers suggestion to have a decade long marriage contract to foster open communication.

Save yourself time, don't read this book. May 14, Doug Nordman rated it it was amazing. My spouse and I kept ourselves focused on the biography template goal of financial independence, and the book's practical money-management techniques really work. You'll learn how two genders will see the same situations in very different ways, and you'll know how to respond to those differences.

The book is based on hundreds of interviews with couples and counselors, and they've figured out how to deal with the inevitable debates to keep it all together. Our emotions and reflex responses may try to template our brains, but you'll learn how to get back on track instead of reacting. It's not about who earns more, but rather how each of you contribute to the relationship. You'll also learn how to handle the critical commentary of your family particularly mothers-in-law and the rest of society.

It's a great read, and my spouse and I kept nodding our heads in recognition. Our daughter is getting her copy as a bonus college graduation gift.

Nov 24, Brandi rated it it was amazing. Though it is directed at women, a lot of the advice could prove useful for both sexes. This does not really affect me now, as I am still working towards my doctorate and don't have much in the way of money, but I biography definitely be re-reading this book prior to graduation as I probably will be dealing with some of the issues that the author addresse Farnoosh Torabi's "When She Makes More: This does not really affect me now, as I am still working towards my doctorate and don't have much in the way of money, but I will definitely be re-reading this book prior to graduation as I probably will be dealing with some of the issues that the author addresses in the book.

This financial expert earns much more than her husband — here's how they manage their money

It is obvious that the author put a lot of time and research into this book and it shows. I would definitely purchase more books by this author in the future as she does provide a lot of useful financial and relationship advice. This book was won from Goodreads.

Aug 28, Jina rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a good book.