Biography of elizabeth taylor greenfield

biography of elizabeth taylor greenfield
Trotter lauded Greenfield for her "remarkably sweet tones and wide vocal compass". Yet Greenfield would not be dissuaded.

Taylor was born a slave in Natchez, and as a child accompanied her mistress to Philadelphia, PA. When her mistress joined the Society of Friends and freed her slaves, Elizabeth chose to remain with her and to take her surname, Greenfield.

Portraits, the stories of Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, Sissieretta Jones and Mary Landers.

Greenfield, she began to develop her natural musical talent. She continued to study music after Mrs.

Excellent voice, Elizabeth T. Greenfield

Greenfield's death ineventually focusing on singing. Soon afterwards, she made a concert tour of several cities, including Boston and Chicago.

biography of elizabeth taylor greenfield

A testimonial concert in Marcharranged by friends in Buffalo, raised funds for a trip to Europe for additional training. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield American singer. Also known as Elizabeth Taylor born ? NatchezMississippi died March 31, PhiladelphiaPennsylvania. Learn More in these related articles: Help us improve this article!

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Elizabeth Greenfield

As such, we mined the annals of history in search of some fresh faces. And, what do you know, our time warp casting call turned up plenty Music festivals loom large in rock history, but it took organizers several decades to iron out the kinks.

Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield

Woodstock gave its name to a generation, Since the dawn of time, writers—especially poets—have tried to present to their audiences the essence of a thing or a feeling. She was a member of the Philadelphia Shiloh Baptist Church.

biography of elizabeth taylor greenfield

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. African American concert singers before Eminent, Progressive and Rising. Retrieved from " https: With a multi-octave range, Greenfield was able to sing soprano, tenor and bass. By the s, Greenfield began performing at private functions and byshe performed in front of a concert audience.

biography of elizabeth taylor greenfield

After travelling to Buffalo, New York to see another vocalist perform, Greenfield took the stage. Although Greenfield was happy to perform at concert halls such as Metropolitan Hall, it was to all white audiences. As a result, Greenfield felt compelled to perform for African-Americans as well.

biography of elizabeth taylor greenfield