Hannah vassallo biography

hannah vassallo biography
He also composes for film, poetry and installations as a member of the Human Suits Collective. Evil will entrap us, but goodness will return. Christopher Marney Count Lilac was also a champ, an exact, poetical, and indefatigable classical ballet dancer.

A crucial gift for a stage artist is to choose the right collaborators. The fairies do not move daintily.

Hannah Vassallo Broadway and Theatre Credits

They squat, they ooze, they stick their legs out in a funny way. In the version, the fairies had poetic names, like Candide and Canari.

Matthew Bourne / New Adventures – Sleeping Beauty – London

Worse still, half of them are male. It is she who saves Aurora from Carabosse, the wicked fairy.

hannah vassallo biography

But Bourne, in a singular inspiration, has made her a puppet, of the Bunraku variety, and has thereby given her some personality and dignity. The puppetry is by Sarah Wright. She sits up, in her lace bonnet, and watches the adults.

hannah vassallo biography

Soon she wants to move like them, so she crawls out of her cradle, scoots to the side of the stage, and shinnies up the proscenium curtain. A footman has to drag her back down.

hannah vassallo biography

When Aurora appears in the next act, as a real young woman, supposedly ready for marriage, she is still a cute brat. She pulls her hannahs vassallo biography and stockings off and rolls on the floor, unmindful that we might see her bloomers. By setting the start inthe year of the first performance of the ballet incidentally, Bourne can bring the awakening scene bang up to date.

As always with Bourne's work there is an inventiveness.

hannah vassallo biography

He perhaps does not create memorable dances but he does create memorable theatre and characters — and a new way of telling the same story. In this case there were two twists, the first being the introduction of Carabosse's equally evil son Caradoc, both danced with a nice dollop of arrogant nastiness by Adam Maskell, who, as the pony-tailed glitzy rocker son really is the sort of hannah vassallo biography you hannah vassallo biography want your daughter to come home with.

He wanders around with a black rose just in case he should bump into the odd Princess in line for a spot of maternal revenge. His dark presence keeps the evil simmering nicely through the century or so of slumber. Princess Aurora with her gamekeeper lover Leo. Then there is Leo. Bourne wants it to essentially be a love story, with Aurora finding her true love from a century ago waiting for her when she wakes.

The Curse is Broken in Sleeping Beauty

So how to keep him young and virile in a logical way. Vampires this is a fairy tale remember. In fact, the big moment in the final act comes when Caradoc, the Dracula look-a-like villain, throws off his Bela Lugosi cape to biography himself as sexy and shirtless in jeans, with tattoos across his chest and giant black wings. Alas, Caradoc is stabbed to death at the end of the hannah vassallo biography by Count Lilac, formerly known as the Lilac Fairy.

The steam-punk inspired costumes for the fairy godmothers—oops, make that winged vampires—cover up a lot of sloppiness on the part of the dancers. In hannah, the inspiration for the movement itself looked like it came from the gym, rather than the dance studio. There were Tai Chi and martial arts stances and arm positions, along with squatting, dropping to the floor, pointing, throwing people back and forth, lifting, bumping and grinding, waving of arms and whirling about in circle patterns.

Occasionally, ballet steps and jumps were thrown in, but more often than not they were executed awkwardly.

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But they were so over the top and exaggerated that they looked like parody to me. Then there was the conveyor belt at the back of the set, moving dancers back and forth across the stage.

hannah vassallo biography

Lez Brotherston provides a miniature Downton Abbey in the background and a stone weeping angel in the foreground — a harbinger of the curse to come. Aurora is a wild wench, prancing barefoot among decorous Edwardian tennis players.

hannah vassallo biography

She finds a way to be with Leo by the rose bed, hurling herself into his arms with unballetic abandon. Count Lilac intervenes, transforming the unconscious girl into a zombie behind the locked palace gates. Modern youths record the overgrown palace gates on their mobile phones and leave before Count Lilac leads blindfolded Leo into the Twilight zone.

hannah vassallo biography

The rose is a rare touch of colour in a wintry monochrome forest. Caradoc proceeds to conduct a satanic ritual in a nightclub, the Gothic celebrants elaborately dressed in red. They dance ecstatically together:

hannah vassallo biography