Shila khodadad biography template

shila khodadad biography template
She teaches about parenthood and family life for the Wilmette Institute. Ruben Levy, Professor of Persian literature at Cambridge University, to prepare an abridged translation of the Shahnameh in prose. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Aiphabetized biographies follow the lists of faculty per department. He is also a member of the editorial board of World Order magazine. His research interests currently focus on the treatment of discourse and diversity in democratic theory.

Iraj Ayman received his Ed.

Shila Khodadad

He completed post-doctoral studies at Harvard University. He is professor emeritus of the University of Teacher Education in Iran and has been a visiting Professor of education and management at U. He teaches classes in spiritual development and the nature of education for the Wilmette Institute. Lily Ayman completed her undergraduate studies in foreign languages at Moscow University and in philosophy and educational sciences at Tehran University. She has pursued biography template studies in education and psychology at London and Edinburgh Universities and in Children's Literature at Columbia University.

Most recently she has taught Persian at the University of Chicago. She has served as executive officer of a number of professional organizations. Lily Ayman has authored a number of books and has published extensively in the field of education. She teaches about parenthood and family life for the Wilmette Institute. Roya Ayman received her B. She is Associate Professor and Director of the industrial and organizational psychology program at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. She has published extensively in professional journals and has co-authored several textbooks in the field of leadership.

She gives workshops for the Wilmette Institute on public speaking, consultation, and skills for organizing meetings. Saba Ayman-Nolley received M. She is Associate Professor of psychology and international and intercultural studies and Chairperson of the Psychology Department of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Her fields of biography template are developmental psychology and early childhood development and education. Her research areas include children's social development and their development of creativity.

She has served as the coordinator of the special education program for the six Head Start programs at the Fort Peck Indian reservation in Montana. She teaches psychology, personal development, marriage, and family life for the Wilmette Institute. His international career in the oil and gas industry spans over 25 years.

shila khodadad biography template

He was a lay Christian minister from and part-time lecturer in Biblical Literature at University of Wisconsin-Baraboo, William Collins holds B. He teaches classes on the life and writings of Shoghi Effendi for the Wilmette Institute.

shila khodadad biography template

She currently works as an biography template advisor for freshmen at Notre Dame and has taught courses in international law, international organization conflict resolution, peace studies, and university writing. She has taught about political order for the Wilmette Institute. Douglas received her B. She has taught expository writing in the Wilmette Institute's summer program. Kurt Hein holds a B. He has worked as an international consultant and professor in mass-communication, formal and non-formal education, and community development for governmental ministries and agencies, NGOs, public schools, private schools and universities at local, regional, national and international levels in 25 countries.

Jena Khadem Khodadad has a PH. She teaches units on science and religion at the Wilmette Institute. She is the author of To Move the World: From to she was a member of the Continental Board of Counselors for Australasia and an Auxiliary Board biography template for Protection from to She teaches about Baha'i institutions for the Wilmette Institute.

Theresa Zingery Mullen holds a B. Previous to that she worked five years in the fund development office in Wilmette. She has also worked for the Peace Corps in small business development in the Dominican Republic. He pioneered to Italy, and Sweden He authored books and articles, which were well received and benefited a large number of readers; he was also an effective and exceptionally successful instructor of Persian history, literature, and mysticism, and trained a number of excellent students, some of them now serving Iranian Studies as professors. He wrote well and his published works are distinguished by innovative ideas, thorough research, and a lucid style of writing.

Amin Banani was born on 23 September in Tehran in a Baha'i family.

گفت‌وگو با شیلا خداداد

His father Mousa Banani with his elder uncle Eshaq Banani were partners in the business of making original dummies for musical records of Persian music and sending the dummies to England from which musical records were made and then sent to Iran for sale.

His mother was from Ardestan, a large village between Isfahan and Yazd, which had a fairly substantial Baha'i community. Amin grew up in a household where recorded music was frequently played and this partly explains his fascination with music in general and much later with Wagnerian opera in particular.

He would try to attend Wagnerian biographies template whenever possible. I was a beneficiary of one of his trips to New York when he stayed a couple of days with me to attend the Wagnerian cycle offered at the Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center. Amin completed his elementary education at the Jamshid-e Jam Zoroastrian School in Tehran; in the general examination of the biography template grade for all schools in Tehran he came top with the highest marks. He then entered the prestigious Alborz School, popularly called American College, where he finished the first three years of high school in He registered at Stanford University in northern California.

He took various courses besides history and, as pointed out by Professor Kazemzadeh, absorbed like the proverbial sponge various branches of knowledge other than history. He graduated with a BA, majoring in history from Stanford University in During his study at Stanford he became familiar with western music and read philosophy and world literature.

shila khodadad biography template

In he married Sheila Wolcott, daughter of a distinguished Baha'i family and a sociologist who combined physical attraction with cultural interests. In Amin and Sheila decided to answer the call of the authorities of their faith by volunteering to emigrate to Greece in order to propagate their faith as part of a ten-year plan that encouraged the migration of Baha'is to locations that did not have the minimum number of Baha'is necessary to form a Spiritual Assembly of nine individuals.

shila khodadad biography template

Banani taught history at the Overseas Program of the University of Maryland in Athens until biography his work permit expired. From to he worked as a research fellow and Assistant Professor at Harvard University.

In September he was invited to UCLA by Professor Gustave von Grunebaum to establish a template of Persian studies by teaching himself Persian history and literature — a program that continued for years to come. From this time on UCLA became his academic home, and he trained a number of excellent students among whom one may mention Dr. Professor Banani's writings exhibit the vast realm of his research. In he published The Modernization of Irana book which shows his research abilities and sound judgment.

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As the name of the book implies, it is about what Reza Shah did in the nearly sixteen years of his reign to bring Iran out of its medieval ways and culture and modernize the educational and judicial systems, starting a series of industries in the country, biography template the railroad from Khuzestan in the southwest to Bandar-e Shah, a Caspian port, and putting Iran well on the way to progress; the program was slowed by his forced abdication imposed by the American, British and Soviet forces which occupied Iran during the World War II in and could not tolerate an independent Iran that wanted to remain neutral.

Professor Banani's The Modernization of Iran still remains after forty-two years the best book for that chapter of Iranian history and the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi despite many books on the subject. Professor Banani's writings on Persian literature are also important and are distinguished by his imaginative research and innovative ideas.

shila khodadad biography template

His essay in Poetry and Mysticism in Islam: The Heritage of Rumiedited by him and published in under the same title, tackles the most important aspect of Persian literature. Professor Banani was among the first scholars who recognized the extraordinary qualities of Forough Farrokhzad's poetry and invited Jascha Kessler, an American poet, to join him in translating into English verse a selection of Farrokhzad's poetry. Selected Poems of Forough Farrokhzad. In I invited Dr.

shila khodadad biography template

Ruben Levy, Professor of Persian literature at Cambridge University, to prepare an abridged translation of the Shahnameh in prose.