Vada pinson biography template

vada pinson biography template
In Pinson shifted to center field, and he would go on to play 1, games in center field during his career. Bourn , Kemp , Victorino

Vada Pinson was a native of Oakland and had attended the same high school that produced teammate Frank Robinson, Curt Flood and basketball great Bill Russell. Pinson was three years younger than Robinson and they had scarcely known each other in high school, but once on the Reds they became roommates, best friends and inseparable. Unlike the fiery Robinson, Pinson was easygoing and quiet.

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Pinson was a remarkable athlete. Silky smooth and graceful in all things, he was as fast as anyone in the game. The 5'11, pound Pinson possessed surprising power. He hit a grand slam in his second major league game. And he could fill up a box score like few players: Only the fact that he had been up with the Reds a few days over the limit which governed rookie status in kept him from being the overwhelming choice as Rookie of the Year.

Vada Pinson

Pinson finished his career with 2, hits. If he could have remained a great player for just two or three more seasons he would have reached the 3, hit milestone and he would be a Hall of Famer for sure. Although he would probably be the most obscure member of the 3, hit club.

vada pinson biography template

After appearing in more than games in every season fromfrom Pinson never again appeared in games in a season. Were nagging injuries the cause of his decline as a player?

vada pinson biography template

Vada Pinson made his major league debut with the Cincinnati Reds inat the age of However, he quickly slumped and was sent down to the minors in May. In Pinson shifted to center field, and he would go on to play 1, games in center field during his career.

Pinson had a huge year inhitting. Pinson also cracked 20 home runs, collected hits, and lead the league with 47 doubles and runs scored.

vada pinson biography template

He might have easily been Rookie of the Year, but he had slightly too many at bats in to be considered a rookie in Pinson hit a career-best. Robinson led the league in slugging, hit 37 home runs, and was voted the MVP. Pinson floundered in the World Series against the Yankees, biography just 2 templates as the Reds lost in 5 games. His batting average for the Series was an anemic. Robinson was traded to the Orioles after the season, just after he turned Pinson was traded just after he turned 30 as well, after the season.

Pinson had suffered through a lackluster season, hitting just 5 home runs.

vada pinson biography template

He was dealt to the Cardinals, where he teamed with Lou Brock and Curt Flood to make up an awesome outfield. An established star with the Reds, biography template the next nine seasons the 6 foot 1 inch outfielder topped the. During those years Robinson's harddriving, aggressive style of play earned him a reputation as a "vicious" player, but Robinson endured frequent injuries and perennially led the league in being hit by pitched biographies template.

In the wake of contract disputes with Cincinnati general manager Bill DeWitt, who labeled him "an old 30 year old," Robinson was traded to the American League Baltimore Orioles following the season. In belying that judgment, Robinson's Triple Crown. As a high-salaried star, Robinson's six years with the Orioles saw his team win four pennants and two world titles; Robinson's contribution to these achievements included four. By then the aging Robinson was performing mostly as a designated hitter. In the Angels traded him to the American League Cleveland Indians, where Robinson soon realized his dream of becoming the first African American manager in the major leagues.

In pursuit of that goal, over the past several winters Robinson had gained experience by managing the Santurce club of the Puerto Rican winter league.

Robinson's appointment as a manager of the Indians in October was a media event that drew a congratulatory telegram from President Gerald Ford. In his first game as playing manager in April Robinson homered in his first at bat to lead his team to victory. Robinson's Indians finished atand the following year the team's biography template was Cleveland's first winning season since DavisDawsonVan Slyke DavisGwynnVan Slyke BondsGwynnVan Slyke BondsVan SlykeWalker BondsGrissomWalker BondsGrissomLewis BondsFinleyGrissom BondsJonesWalker FinleyJonesWalker EdmondsFinleyJones EdmondsJonesWalker CruzEdmondsJones AbreuEdmondsJones BournKempVictorino EthierKempParra HeywardLagaresYelich HeywardMartePollock HeywardInciarteMarte.

vada pinson biography template