Dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample

dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample
Dudley Charles E. They were quite a pair. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Radiostelephones and electrical insulators were made of Bakelite because of its excellent electrical insulation and heat-resistance.

Soon its applications spread to most branches of industry. Baekeland received many awards and honors, including the Perkin Medal in and the Franklin Medal in At Baekeland's death inthe world production of Bakelite was ca.

dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample

He held more than patents, [17] including processes for the separation of copper and cadmium, and for the impregnation of wood. As Baekeland got older he became more eccentric, getting into fierce battles with his son and presumptive heir over salary and other issues.

He sold the General Bakelite Company to Union Carbide in and, at his son's prompting, he retired.

dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample

He became a recluse, eating all of his meals from cans and becoming obsessed with developing an immense tropical garden on his winter estate in Coconut Grove, Florida. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leo Baekeland Portrait of Leo Baekeland in The Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.

dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample

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dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample

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The Story of Bakelite, the First Synthetic Plastic

Lawrence Smith Samuel W. Fittingly, when Baekeland founded the Bakelite Corp, the company adopted a logo that incorporated the sign for infinity and a tag line that read: The Material of a Thousand Uses. Over time, Baekeland obtained about patents relating to his creation. Byhis company occupied acre plant in New Jersey. The material fell out of favor, however, because of a adaptive issues. Celluloid and its Sequel Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public word lists.

He will kill you: Shrink warned mother of Baekeland plastics heir

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dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample

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Copyright Office before January 1, Leo Hendrik Baekeland - An American scientist, born in Belgium, who was recently awarded the Perkin Medal for eminence in the field of industri. The following page links to this file:

dr leo hendrik baekeland biography sample