Paul ryan biography video on george

paul ryan biography video on george
And to the speakership, he will bring that same passion for getting results. Political positions of Paul Ryan. Ryan later worked as a speechwriter for Kemp, [39] the Republican vice presidential candidate in the United States presidential election.

What we can't have is the same old politics of division that we have seen so many times before, that dates back centuries. Some of the politics we see, we thought we Without naming him, former Presidents George W.

Paul Ryan biography

The panel discusses if the remarks will have an impact. And he said very simply, do you think you're getting direct answers Janna Ryan's family has strong ties to Oklahoma politics. Her mother was appointed by the governor as a founding member of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission and the Oklahoma Council of Campaign Compliance and Ethical Standards, according to her obituary. Her grandfather, Reuel W.

Little, helped found a third party — the American Party - in Oklahoma during the presidential race so to help former Alabama Gov.

paul ryan biography video on george

George Wallace get on the state's presidential ballot, according to The Oklahoman. Reuel Little ran for governor in but received only 4 percent of the vote. Four years later after his failed bid, Little's son-in-law David Boren waged a successful bid for the governor's mansion. More people attended Ryan's first rally as Romney's VP pick than live in her hometown. She was a K St. She's a stay-at-home mom. She is older than her husband.

She already has a fan site. She's an outdoorsy type. Her mother was a three-time cancer survivor.

paul ryan biography video on george

She went to the same college as Hillary Clinton. Ryan was a big fan of that. And, as Anna pointed out this weekend, in a pro-life essay Ryan penned, he doesn't mention the word "mother" or "woman" once. Former Jezebel staffer Moe Tkacik once referred to Ayn Rand as the literary equivalent of a mother who spends years telling her painfully average son that he's the specialest special who ever did special and then sending them out into the dating world.

paul ryan biography video on george

While Rand's objectivism as a philosophy is sort of interesting, men who look up to Ayn Rand are almost invariably insufferable sociopaths who feel validated by Rand's poorly written prose, and are usually terrible in bed. Ryan has credited Rand, who believes that selfishness is a virtue and that altruism is a sin, with inspiring him to enter politics.

But before Ryan builds the underwater Bioshock-esque world of his dreams, let's hope someone informs him that Rand was a virulent atheist and a big fan of abortion.

Paul Ryan - What You Need To Know

Here are Rand's own words on the subject:. An embryo has no rights. Rights do not pertain to a potential, only to an actual being. A child cannot acquire any rights until it is born.

Paul Ryan Biography: GOP's Most Influential Policymaker

The living paul ryan biography video on george precedence over the not-yet-living or the unborn. Abortion is a moral right-which should be left to the sole discretion of the woman involved; morally, nothing other than her wish in the matter is to be considered. A passel of neighborhood kids graduated from riding bicycles to the usual antics of high school. Roz Thorpe, who raised her family across the street from the Ryans, said her own son and young Paul annually canvassed the neighborhood for donations to the charity promoted by Jerry Lewis. An uncle started a neighborhood Fourth of July parade decades ago, and Mr.

Not quite a nerd he was a bit too cute for that and not precisely a jock his soccer career lasted a single year, his high school coach saidMr. Ryan was best known for being outgoing, much like his mother. He was studious and interested in the outdoor life, which he cultivated as a counselor at Camp Manito-wish, run by the Y.

Paul Ryan Roasts President Trump At Charity Dinner

Ryan, more than his wife, Janna, often takes their three children to church, Mrs. His childhood was interrupted in his sophomore year of high school, when Mr. Ryan discovered his father dead in his bed of a heart attack. Paul was always a pretty levelheaded kid. This was a very big event. The next year, Mr.

paul ryan biography video on george

Ryan ran for class president and won. He also immersed himself in after-school jobs and other extracurricular activities. His numerous activities in high school led to an award suggesting that he was, in polite terms, a politically astute suck-up.

Paul and I have allowed our lives to become intertwined. Our kids go to the same school. Our wives talk every day. Paul Ryan was already steeped in conservative economic theory by the end of his freshman year at Miami University in Ohio, where he arrived in He was a Ph. I recall him referring to Hayek. Ryan hone his political persona. Ryan took in his junior year.

paul ryan biography video on george

The two would often meet outside class, not to talk about the course, Mr. Hart said, but to discuss political philosophy. We both believed in the conservative view that government should be limited, because the most important thing is individual freedom, individual liberty, and along paul ryan biography that freedom goes individual responsibility. Thomas Hall, a professor of economics at the college, said Mr.

What I mean by that is that he was a confident video george man in a pleasant way. He was confident without being full of himself. He was locked into his academics. He was interested in the economy and how it works from an early age in college. I think his seriousness set him apart from other folks in the fraternity and the university as a whole. Ryan earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics and political science inand his political leanings and ambitions were right there on the surface, friends said.

He was into debating the issues, and he was into talking about policy and economics. Conversations centered less on girls and football and more on the policy issues of the day.

Conservative Star’s Small-Town Roots

As it happened, the university was in the district of a congressman named John A. Boehner, and inMr. Ryan served as a volunteer on his campaign, putting up yard signs. Hollis, 41, who owns a real estate company in Chicago and is another former fraternity brother. Inas Mr. The two had become close during Mr. The relationship began when Mr. Ryan was in college. InProfessor Hart recommended him for a summer internship in the office of Senator Bob Kasten, a Wisconsin Republican who had worked closely with Mr. Ryan as intellectually curious and interested in policy far more than he was in politics.

Kasten, who was defeated by Russ Feingold, a Democrat, in

paul ryan biography video on george