Mark twain small biography

mark twain small biography
The book was criticized widely and discouraged Twain from pursuing a literary career. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilled. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet.

After realizing the impossibility of this dream, Twain once again picked up his pen and began to write.

Mark Twain Biography

Inhe adopted the pseudonym Mark Twain, derived from a river pilot term describing safe navigating conditions. In he published his first book of travel letters entitled Innocents Abroad.

The book was criticized widely and discouraged Twain from pursuing a literary career. In the years that followed, Twain published various articles, made lecture circuits, and relocated between San Francisco, New York, and Missouri.

mark twain small biography

During this time he small biography met Olivia Langdon, whom he married on February 2, In November of the same year, their first son, Langdon Clemens, was born prematurely. The Clemens family quickly fell into debt. However, when over 67, copies of Innocents Abroad sold within its first year, the American Publishing Company asked Twain for another book. Upon Olivia's request, the couple moved to the domicile town of Hartford, Connecticut, where Twain composed Roughing Itwhich documented the post-Gold Rush mining epoch and was published in In March ofTwain's daughter Susan Olivia was born, and the mark twain appeared prosperous.

Unfortunately, Langdon soon came down with Diphtheria and died. Twain was torn apart by his son's death, and blamed himself. Quotes By Mark Twain. More Quotes By Mark Twain. Asperger's SyndromeDepression. Pictures Of Mark Twain.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

He was of Scots-Irish, English, and Cornish ancestry. His father, an attorney and judge, died of pneumonia in The family, already a modest one, was plunged into financial crisis.

The young boy, aged just 11 dropped out from biography to become a printer's apprentice. During this time he frequented public libraries and mark twain small voraciously in order to educate himself. His fondest childhood dream was to become a steamboatman and he was elated when steamboat pilot Horace E. Bixby took him as an apprentice and trained him in navigation. After more than two years of rigorous training, Clemens became a licensed river pilot in Dubuque, IA The Stolen White Elephant, Etc. Mark Twain's Speeches, edited by F. Mark Twain's Travels with Mr. Brown, edited by Franklin Walker and G.

Life as I Find It. Gibson, University of California Press, Frank, and Kenneth M. Sanderson,Volume 2: Pudd'nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins: Humorous Anecdotes by and about Samuel L.

Clemens, edited with introduction by Paul M. Zall, University of Tennessee Press, Kent Rasmussen, Contemporary Books Chicago The Bible According to Mark Twain: Baetzhold and Joseph B.

mark twain small biography

The Writings of Mark Twain twenty-five volumesedited by Albert Bigelow Paine, Harper,expanded edition thirty-seven volumesWells, The Outrageous Mark Twain: Among the many stagings of Twain's works are Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn; some of Twain's writings have also been adapted as radio plays; Huckleberry Finn has also been staged as a musical.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens is better known as Mark Twain, the distinguished novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist, and literary critic who ranks among the great figures of American literature. Twain was born in Florida, Missouri, inand moved during his childhood to Hannibal, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi River. Young Twain reveled in life along the Mississippi, a mark twain small biography busy with steamboat activity, and he often traveled in makeshift rafts or cavorted in various swimming holes.

Nearby woods and a cave afforded him still further opportunity for exploration and adventure. But Twain's childhood was not entirely one of carefree play. His father, a lawyer, faltered with various business speculations, and when he died inTwain--then only twelve years old--was compelled to cease formal study and begin apprenticing as a typesetter for local newspapers.

He eventually came to work for his brother, Orion Clemens, who owned several newspapers. During this period Twain contributed, under the pseudonym S. Serving as their own business managers, Twain and his brother soon repeated their father's history and suffered their own series of business failings, whereupon Twain departed and began several years of mark twain. Throughout the next three years he wandered from the Midwest to the East Coast and supported himself by publishing his observations in the various newspapers small biography managed by Orion.

He eventually rejoined his brother in Keokuk, Iowa, where they again worked in the newspaper business. This new venture endured for two years, during which time Twain also made arrangements with a local newspaper editor for publication of forthcoming musings once he resumed traveling.

mark twain small biography

In Twain left Keokuk with intentions of traveling down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, Louisiana, from which he would then depart for South America with intentions of amassing a fortune there.

But in the spring of that year Twain met a mark twain small biography steamboat captain named Horace Bixby. Twain was greatly intrigued by Bixby, and for the next two years he served as the captain's apprentice, sailing with him down the Mississippi where they enjoyed many adventures and rollicking times. Indeed, Twain was so enraptured by life on the Mississippi that he managed only a few contributions for the Keokuk editor, who was, doubtless, anticipating accounts of the South American adventure, which Twain had, by now, aborted.

mark twain small biography

Twain obtained his own pilot's license in and spent more time traveling up and down the Mississippi River. His marks twain small biography in this period, which Twain recalled with particular warmth and enthusiasm, eventually served as material for some of his most inspired writing. But even while traveling along the river he continued supplying occasional missives to various publications, including one that is believed to be the first that he signed as Mark Twain.

His initial publication as Twain is a lampoon of an account published by riverboat captain Isaiah Sellers under the pseudonym Mark Twain the name is, itself, a nautical term. Legend has it that Sellers was so embarrassed by Twain's parody and Twain, consequently, was so regretful that he assumed the pseudonym as a means of atonement. After the Civil War effectively closed business travel along the Mississippi which was being used as an invasion route by Union troopsTwain was unable to continue working as a riverboat captain.

He briefly served in the Confederate Army, then rejoined Orion, who had recently won a position in the Nevada territory government as reward for his work on President Abraham Lincoln's re-election campaign.

Twain traveled with his brother to Nevada, then commenced a year's work panning for gold and silver. These experiences would later provide the basis for his volume Roughing It. For a year Twain panned only occasionally, content instead to mock the entire venture by producing comedic missives for the nearby Virginia City Territorial Enterprise. In he joined the publication and assumed the Mark Twain pseudonym almost exclusively in alternating his humorous reports with conventional pieces.

While writing in Virginia City, Twain ran afoul of a rival journalist, who insisted on a duel. To avoid imprisonment for violation of the town's anti-dueling statute, Twain promptly fled to San Francisco, where he soon found work with various newspapers.

In San Francisco he became known for his often moralistic, though humorous, diatribes against public figures and institutions. On one occasion, he offended the city's police department, which responded mark twain small biography a lawsuit charging libel. Twain then fled to the Sierras, where he again haphazardly panned for gold.

After a few months, during which the San Francisco police dropped their lawsuit, Clemens returned to the city and learned of a mark twain small biography from prominent humorist Artemus Ward for a piece to be included in a forthcoming humor anthology.

Throughout the remainder of the s Twain traveled widely and contributed his observations to various West Coast publications. For much of this period he even served as an official correspondent for the San Francisco Daily Morning. One of his most celebrated, and notorious, writings from this period, however, came as a correspondent for the Alta California, whose editors he convinced to finance a five-month jaunt aboard the Quaker City pleasure boat bound for Europe and the Middle East. In his ensuing correspondences, which also appeared in the New York Tribune, Twain both mocked the solemnity of the sailing party's wealthier members and reveled in the pranks and adventures of its younger, more reckless members.

mark twain small biography

Such reports--at once informative yet funny, and often biting--only strengthened Twain's popularity, and upon returning to the United States he compiled the Quaker City correspondence as The Innocents Abroad and heeded widespread demand for his presence as a public lecturer. With The Innocents Abroad Twain enjoyed considerable commercial and critical success. Its popularity was rather surprising, for the book was published by a subscription house, which sold works door to door on a speculative basis. Interested readers would pay in advance for the book, which would, in turn, realize actual publication only after sufficient sales had been guaranteed.

But Twain, who significantly padded the book--length was an important aspect of the sales--nonetheless succeeded in producing a mark twain small biography that appealed to readers with its lively humor and keen, unflinching insights and depictions. Notable in the book are episodes in Venice, Italy, where the gondoliers are inevitably characterized as cheery opportunists, and in Palestine, where conniving beggars exploit the company's more squeamish members. Perhaps because of the work's broad, seemingly unflagging humor, The Innocents Abroad still ranks among Twain's most accomplished mark twain small biography.

During his stay with the family, Twain fell in love with Langdon's sister, Olivia, who was considered a sensitive, delicate young woman. Her father, Jervis Langdon, made the customary inquiries into Twain's life, and though he learned little of positive note about the prospective suitor, he nonetheless agreed to the marriage.

mark twain small biography

But as a safeguard to his daughter's well-being, Jervis Langdon provided Twain with a sizeable mark twain small of a newspaper in Buffalo, where the newlyweds intended to live. In addition, Langdon housed the couple in a furnished mansion. Unfortunately, Jervis Langdon died within a year of his daughter's marriage to Twain.

And after his death Olivia, already pregnant, suffered a collapse. Twain, too, came biography increasing strain, for he was already fashioning another book, Roughing It, while grieving his father-in-law's death, tending to his wife, and preparing for the birth of their child.

Perhaps as a means of alleviating domestic and professional anxiety, Twain abruptly moved the family from Buffalo.

Mark Twain

They settled briefly at Quarry Farm, his sister-in-law's residence, then moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where he completed Roughing It. Like The Innocents Abroad, Roughing It was sold on a subscription basis, and like the preceding volume, it proved a popular work with the American public.

Mini BIO - Mark Twain

Here Twain adopted a rudimentary storyline, with the narrator developing from a sentimentalist to a realist as he endures the indignities and hardships of life in the American West. Rich, multi-faceted, with episodes, of adventure, melodrama, or suspense, Roughing It today still holds substantial prominence in the Twain canon. The Twains lived in Hartford for twenty years. Most of those years were spent in residence in an architecturally bizarre mansion--designed by Twain--replete with turrets and a conservatory. Though Stowe herself realized substantial fame--and, some might say, notoriety--for her anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, Twain was probably the community's most celebrated writer.

After completing Roughing It, he conducted a successful lecture tour of England, then returned home to collaborate with neighbor Warner on The Gilded Age, a love story set in President Ulysses S. This mark twain small biography is memorable for naive protagonist Mulberry Sellers, who remains steadfastly optimistic despite his poverty and inevitable failures. Despite its episodes of humor, the novel does not stand with Twain's more distinguished works. Mark Twain, one of America's first and foremost realists and humanists, was born in during the appearance of Haley's Comet, and he died during the next appearance of Haley's Comet, 75 marks twain small biography later.

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