Biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography
In , Kaoru Ishikawa obtained his doctorate from the University of Tokyo. He is considered a key figure in the development of quality initiatives in Japan, particularly the quality circle. In How to Operate QC Circle Activities, Ishikawa calls middle and upper management the parent-teacher association of quality control circles.

biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

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biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

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Kaoru Ishikawa

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Shewhart MedalOrder of the Sacred Treasures.

biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

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biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Scope Control August 22, Repetitive Deficit April 1, Brainstorming October 9, According to Ishikawa, that active, visible participation—rather than the acclaim that goes with the prize—is the biggest benefit a winner receives.

If top-down, bottom-up involvement is one axis of CWQC, the other is an emphasis on quality throughout the product life cycle. Here, too, Ishikawa was involved sinceparticularly in the development of a quality control system for new product development.

Kaoru Ishikawa Vida e Obra

Ishikawa was also involved in efforts to promote quality ideas throughout Japan, both in industry and among consumers. As chairman of the quality control National Conference committee for over 30 years, Ishikawa played a central role in the expanding scope of those conferences.

biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

Ishikawa was also active in other efforts to promote quality. For example, he wrote several books explaining statistics to the nonspecialist. One of these, the Guide to Quality Control, was translated into English and became a staple in the quality training programs of corporations in the United States.

biografia de kaoru ishikawa biography

In addition, Ishikawa served as chairman of the editorial board of the monthly Statistical Quality Control and the quarterly Reports of Statistical Applications Research. As chairman of Japan's Quality Month committee, Ishikawa was involved in the selection of Japan's quality mark and quality flag.

Gurus da Qualidade: Kaoru Ishikawa

Ishikawa was involved in Japanese and international standardization activities beginning in the s. In his Shewhart Medal acceptance speech, Ishikawa called standardization and quality control "two wheels of the same cart.

In his view, effective standards must be built on a quality analysis of customer needs. When the analysis had not been conducted—as is often the case with national and international standards—Ishikawa recommended reliance on consumer needs rather than standards.