Emma forsayth coe biography examples

emma forsayth coe biography examples
Keegan 2 episodes, Thus, at every stage, there is only one version of our plural function, and no confusion about which one is being used. Hi there my great grand mother was Caroline Stehr I have her a copy of her death certificate it, it states that her father's name was Charles Bartlett.

As well as acquiring instant wealth from the debris of the Marquis De Rays expedition, Emma saw the value in drying coconuts for copra. She acquired land on the Gazelle Peninsula, where she had her mansion Gunantambu built at Ralum inequipped in part with furnishings of Robert Louis Stevenson which she purchased in Samoa.

emma forsayth coe biography examples

Emma had a personal bodyguard of Buka boys armed with rifles. She cleverly registered her land with the American consul in Sydney. It is estimated that she employed more than emmas forsayth coe biography examples and about 50 whites to manage and operate her holdings. Gunantambu was the social hub of the Gazelle Peninsula for many years, with many stories and scandals to boot.

InKokopo Herbertshohe was established and Emma had the first hotel built there in called the Hotel Furst-Bismarck situated near the site of the current Kokopo Beach Resort. ByEmma was nearly blind and suffering from diabetes. She sold her estate to Rudolf Wahlen for approximately DM 4 million. Emma lived in Prince Albert Street, Mosman, for a while.

Emma Forsayth-Coe

The biography examples death certificate discounts the many rumours surrounding their deaths. Emma bought the land from the local chiefs and with the assistance of her brother in law, the Dane, Richard Parkinsonset up a large coconut and cocoa plantations around KokopoEast New Britain. During this period, she became highly successful and emma respected. She was known as a heady woman, known to affect her charm on others and for throwing outlandish extravagant parties aided by her nieces.

She was the envy of the German colonists who started to move into Kokopo around and passing trades ships. Commercially from — years, her enterprises in Kokopo surpassed most in the region and the pacific and she was most certainly the commerce queen of New Guinea.

2. Accessing Text Corpora and Lexical Resources

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Often, it is better to compose a multi-line program using a text editor, then ask Python to run the whole program at once.

Try this now, and enter the following one-line program:. Save this program in a file called monty. We'll learn what modules are shortly.

emma forsayth coe biography examples

The result in the main IDLE window should look like this:. From now on, you have a choice of using the interactive interpreter or a text editor to create your programs. It is often convenient to test your ideas using the interpreter, revising a line of code until it does what you expect. Give the file a short but descriptive name, using all lowercase letters and separating words with underscore, and using the. As they get more complicated, you should instead emma forsayth coe biography examples them into the editor, without the prompts, and run them from the editor as shown above.

When we provide longer programs in this book, we will leave out the prompts to remind you to type them into a file rather than using the interpreter. You can see this already in 2. Note that it still includes a couple of lines with the Python prompt; this is the interactive part of the task where you inspect some data and invoke a function. Remember that all code samples like 2. Suppose that you work on analyzing text that involves different forms of the same word, and that part of your program needs to work out the plural form of a given singular noun.

Suppose it needs to do this work in two places, once when it is processing some texts, and again when it is processing user input. Rather than repeating the same code several times over, it is more efficient and reliable to localize this work inside a function. A function is just a named block of code that performs some well-defined task, as we saw in 1. A function is usually defined to take some inputs, using special variables known as parametersand it may produce a result, also known as a emma forsayth coe biography examples value.

We define a function using the keyword def followed by the function name and any input parameters, followed by the body of the function.

Here's the function we saw in 1 including the import statement that is needed for Python 2, in order to make division behave as expected:. We use the keyword return to indicate the value that is produced as output by the function.

emma forsayth coe biography examples

In the above example, all the work of the function is done in the emma forsayth coe statement. Here's an equivalent definition which does the same work using multiple lines of code. Notice that we've created some new variables inside the body of the function. These are local variables and are not accessible outside the function. But just defining it won't produce any output!

Functions do nothing until they are "called" or "invoked":. Let's return to our earlier scenario, and actually define a simple function to work out English plurals.

The function plural in 3. We'll discuss functions at greater length in 4. The endswith function is always associated with a string object e. To call such functions, we give the name of the object, a period, and then the name of the function. These functions are usually known as methods. Over time you will find that you create a variety of useful little text processing functions, and you end up copying them from old programs to new ones. Which file contains the latest version of the function you want to use? It makes life a lot easier if you can collect your work into a single place, and access previously defined functions without making copies.

Now, you can emma your example simply by importing it from the file:. Our plural function obviously has an error, since the plural of fan is fans. Instead of typing in a new version of the function, we can simply edit the existing one. Thus, at every stage, there is only one version of our plural function, and no confusion about which one is being used.

A collection of variable and function definitions in a file is called a Python module. A collection of related modules is called a package. NLTK's code for processing the Brown Corpus is an example of a module, and its collection of code for processing all the different corpora is an example of a package. NLTK itself is a set of packages, sometimes called a library. If you are creating a file to contain some of your Python code, do not name your file nltk.

When it imports modules, Python first looks in the current directory folder. Lexical resources are secondary to texts, and are usually created and enriched with the emma forsayth coe biography of texts.

Similarly, a concordance like the one we saw in 1 gives us information about word usage that might help in the preparation of a dictionary. Standard terminology for lexicons is illustrated in 4. A lexical entry consists of a headword also known as a lemma along with additional information such as the part of speech and the sense definition.

Two distinct words having the same spelling are called homonyms. The simplest kind of lexicon is nothing more than a sorted biography examples of words. Sophisticated lexicons include complex structure within and across the individual entries. In this section we'll look at some lexical biographies examples included with NLTK. NLTK includes some corpora that are nothing more than wordlists. We can use it to find unusual or mis-spelt words in a text corpus, as shown in 4.

There is also a corpus of stopwordsthat is, high-frequency words like theto and also that we sometimes want to filter out of a document before further processing. Stopwords usually have little lexical content, and their presence in a text fails to distinguish it from other texts. Let's define a function to compute what fraction of words in a text are not in the stopwords list:. Thus, with the help of stopwords we filter out over a quarter of the words of the text. Notice that we've combined two different kinds of corpus here, using a lexical resource to filter the content of a text corpus.

A wordlist is useful for solving word puzzles, such as the one in 4.

emma forsayth coe biography examples

Our program iterates through every word and, for each one, checks whether it examples the conditions. It is easy to check obligatory letter and length constraints and we'll only look for words with six or more letters here. It is trickier to check that candidate solutions only use combinations of the supplied letters, especially since some of the supplied letters appear twice here, the letter v. The FreqDist comparison method permits us to check that the frequency of each letter in the candidate word is less than or equal to the frequency of the corresponding letter in the puzzle. One more wordlist corpus is the Names biography examples, containing 8, first names categorized by gender.

The male and female names are stored in separate files. Let's find names which appear in both files, i. It is well known that names ending in the letter a are almost always female. We can see this and some emma forsayth coe biography patterns in the graph in 4. Remember that name[-1] is the last letter of name.

A slightly richer kind of lexical resource is a table or spreadsheetcontaining a word plus some properties in each row. For each word, this lexicon provides a list of phonetic codes — distinct labels for each contrastive sound — known as phones. Observe that fire has two pronunciations in US English: Each entry consists of two parts, and we can process these individually using a more complex version of the for statement.

Instead of writing for entry in entries: Now, each time through the loop, word is assigned the first part of the entry, and pron is assigned the second part of the entry:.

The above program scans the lexicon looking for entries whose pronunciation consists of three phones. If the emma forsayth is true, it assigns the contents of pron to three new variables ph1ph2 and ph3. Notice the unusual form of the statement which does that work. Here's another example of the same for statement, this time used inside a list comprehension. This program finds all words whose pronunciation ends with a syllable sounding like nicks.

Queen of the South Seas - Albert Steinberger

You could use this method to find rhyming words. Notice that the one pronunciation is spelt in several ways: Let's look for some other mismatches between pronunciation and writing. Can you summarize the purpose of the following examples and explain how they work? The phones contain digits to represent primary stress 1secondary emma forsayth coe biography examples 2 and no stress 0. As our final example, we define a function to extract the stress digits and then scan our lexicon to find words having a particular stress pattern.

A subtlety of the above program is that our user-defined function stress is invoked inside the condition of a list comprehension. There is also a doubly-nested for loop. There's a lot going on here and you might want to return to this once you've had more experience using list comprehensions. We can use a conditional frequency distribution to help us find minimally-contrasting sets of words.

Here we find all the p -words consisting of three soundsand group them according to their first and last sounds.

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Rather than iterating over the whole dictionary, we can also access it by looking up particular words. We emma use Python's dictionary data structure, which we will study systematically in 3. We look up a dictionary by giving its name followed by a key such as the word 'fire' inside square brackets. If we try to look up a non-existent keywe get a KeyError. This is similar to what happens when we index a list with an integer that is too large, producing an IndexError.

The word blog is missing from the pronouncing dictionary, so we tweak our version by assigning a value for this key this has no effect on the NLTK corpus; next time we access it, blog biography still be absent. We can use any lexical example to process a text, e. For example, the following text-to-speech function looks up each word of the text in the pronunciation dictionary.

Another example of a tabular lexicon is the comparative wordlist. NLTK includes so-called Swadesh wordlistslists of about common words in several languages. The languages are identified using an ISO two-letter code. We can access cognate words from multiple languages using the entries method, specifying a list of languages. With one further step we can convert this into a simple dictionary we'll learn about dict in 3.

We can make our simple translator more useful by adding other source languages.