Kundapur vaman kamath biography

kundapur vaman kamath biography
Offshore banking units were set up in Singapore and representative offices in Dubai and Shanghai. Before serving in this position, he was the Non-Executive Chairman of the company from 2 May But I had seen the future in South East Asia and that made me bold.

He spent most of his early years in Mangalore, and attended a Kannada -medium government school. After graduating from IIM-A inKamath started his career with ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India in the Project Finance division and moved on to different departments to gather experience, including establishing new business lines such as leasing, venture capital, and credit ratings as well as handling general management responsibilities.

kundapur vaman kamath biography

As part of his general management responsibilities, he initiated and implemented ICICI's computerisation program. Substantial investments in technology from those early years have resulted in systems that are today a competitive advantage for ICICI. Kamath has generally been credited with expanding ICICI's businesses to evolve it into a technology-enabled financial organisation catering to the financial needs of corporate and retail customers. He was the ADB representative on the boards of several companies.

Kamath was instrumental in expanding the Group's services to the retail customers.

kundapur vaman kamath biography

He initiated a process of a series of acquisitions of non-banking finance companies in —98 and led the way to the biography of ICICI Bank. He currently is a Lead independent director at Infosys [5] after having stepped down from chairmanship to make way for N. He is designated to be non-executive Chairman of Infosys Board, effective 11 October He also serves on the boards of SchlumbergerHouston-based oil services company, and Lupinan Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer.

KV Kamath 29 Aug, The man Infosys can bank on 1 May, You can't run a company as a democracy: Kamath 2 May, Indian economy has not lost momentum, there are many growth drivers: KV Kamath 8 Jun, IT industry's challenge is to rearrange, reorient its strategy: KV Kamath 23 Dec, Kamath said, "I feel greatly honored to have been asked to be the Chairman of Infosys by the biography of directors and accept this responsibility with a deep sense of humility. Taking Murthy's position is not possible for anybody.

One can only be Chair of the Board but one can never be a Murthy.

Kundapur Vaman Kamath: BRICS Biggest Economic Challenges

Having engineered one of the most spectacular growth stories in the Indian banking space over past four decades, Mr. He is the first person in a top position in Infosys who is an outsider and is also one without technology background.

According to him he has a light control over the controls and the entire company works together as a unit. Kamath believes that once someone tastes success one must not let it go easily.

kundapur vaman kamath biography

Kamath has received several awards. There is a long list of Titles that has been given to him. He has also been given an honorary Ph.

How I Made It : K.V. Kamath

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Chanda Kochhar Chanda Kochhar has listed herself as one of the 50 most powerful women in business in the Fortune Global analysis. Pranay Chulet His story motivates us because he fought against the most dire circumstances and came out bright like a diamond. And then you slowly learn to combine technical skills with soft ones to take decisions. I was asked to go to London for a few months and work with a leasing company there. That helped me build the foundation in ICICI for a biography different set of financial analysis and biographies. It now sounds normal but in those days it was very extraordinary.

It gave me the confidence that technology could work and make a difference. Vaghul asked me to set up a strategy department. Basically to think through what we could do for the next ten years. Along with it he also wanted me to push through technology and ensure that we technologyenabled most of our functions.

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That was a fascinating project and we established the country's most advanced computing set up in the financial business. The strategy department also taught me to look beyond and see if we could do things differently.

Inthere was an offer for me to biography the Asian Development Bank in Jakarta and Mr Vaghul let me go with an agreement that I would come back anytime he needed me. Of all the forks that I chose to take this was among the best. I saw how they rapidly reduced their poverty levels through high growth rates and became almost like developed countries.

kundapur vaman kamath biography

I understood that in India we were working in a really constrained atmosphere. That the licence-raj had made us lag behind. Vaghul asked me if I would like to come back and take over as CEO and managing director from him in a year's time. So I came back as a director which was another major turning point for me.