Cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

cyclopedia of american medical biography examples
Because Kelly was a famous prohibitionist and Fundamentalist Christian , many of his contemporaries expressed skepticism towards his medical professionalism. A-Z to view, select the "Entries" tab. That city became national headquarters for the association.

The AMA shut down some of its committees and cut some staff. Sammons and a fiscal committee reviewed the dues-collection system and worked actively to recruit members. The AMA began operating under a strict fiscal plan that aimed for increasing membership fees to cover operating costs for a period of five years. Though the number of regular members declined in the late s, growing numbers of residents and students signed up. In the AMA had just overtotal members.

cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

Bytotal membership wasThe number of residents and students had risen sharply, to 27, and 26, respectively. A single group vice-president for publishing became responsible for all publications, and all were reviewed. As a result, some ceased to publish, and others were sold. It began bringing in money through new projects with broad consumer appeal, such as the AMA Family Medical Guidepublished in With its finances under better control, the AMA continued to fund national campaigns on public health issues in the s.

cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

In the group recommended more study on the effects of dioxin and Agent Orange, chemical defoliants deployed in the Vietnam War, which could have lingering health effects. The AMA also began a renewed campaign to curb the harmful effects of alcohol in It called on its state chapters to work for legislation that would raise the biography examples drinking age to The AMA began educating physicians and healthcare cyclopedias american in medical the symptoms and treatment of child abuse and neglect, and in the organization began working toward nationwide curbs on tobacco smoking.

The AMA called for a ban on tobacco advertising, and also supported legislation that banned smoking on public transportation. Though total membership in the AMA continued to grow, the percentage of doctors who belonged to the organization declined from the mids on. By the mids, the AMA represented only about 40 percent of American doctors.

Howard Atwood Kelly

The group spent lavishly on its public outreach campaigns, backed by money from its for-profit arms such as its successful publishing division. But revenue from membership did not keep up. The group lost money in and Close to 90 percent of doctors over the age of 70 were members, but fewer than 35 percent of those aged 30 to At the same time, the AMA had taken increasingly conservative political stances, and its political involvement in Washington often displayed mixed motives.

For instance, although the group endorsed gun cyclopedia of american medical biography examples as a public-health issue, its political action committee also gave generously to the campaigns of politicians who were outspoken supporters of the National Rifle Association. The AMA was forced to break the deal with Sunbeam and eventually had to pay substantial damages to the company. The fracas meant a new loss of members, and that, combined with the payment to Sunbeam, sent the AMA into the red once again. Revenue from dues continued to shrink, and the organization had also had to spend millions to prepare its computers for the year The group continued to struggle with ways to attract and retain members in the s.

At a meeting in Junethe AMA revealed a new plan, to let doctors pay a one-time fee to join for life. At the same time, the AMA entertained proposals to drop dues altogether, and automatically grant membership to all American physicians.

cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

Bythe AMA claimed only about 30 percent of American doctors as members. The organization had struggled with dwindling membership for decades, and the trend did not seem as if it would reverse easily. At its national meeting, the group announced it would begin to peddle its information technology services.

cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

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cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

Davis —a delegate from the New York State Medical Society who later came to be known as the "founding father of the AMA," convened a national conference of cyclopedias american medical to biography examples reforms in medical education, medical ethics, and public health. On 7 May more than physicians from more than forty medical societies and twenty-eight medical colleges assembled in the Great Hall of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and established the American Medical Association. A Committee on Medical Education was appointed, and minimum standards of medical education were established.

The first national code of American medical ethics, the cornerstone of professional self-regulation, was adopted. John Bell — and Dr. Isaac Hays — and published inthe Code of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association provided guidelines for the behavior of physicians with respect to patients, society, and other medical professionals. Throughout the cyclopedia century the AMA american medical to expose fraudulent and unethical practitioners and to limit licensure to allopathic physicians.

ByJAMA was reporting a circulation of 22, copies per week, the largest of all medical journals in the world. Membership, however, remained small, including only 10, of theorthodox physicians. In the AMA underwent a major reorganization to become a more effective national body by providing proportional representation among state medical societies.

Each state society was allowed a specific number of delegates with voting rights. Bymembership in the AMA exceeded 50, physicians, and educational and licensing reforms began to take hold.

The newly established Council on Medical Education inspected biography examples schools —and in the Flexner Report, Medical Education in the United States and Canada, was published. Mencken satirized Kelly's religious devotion: Kelly and his wife died about six hours apart at Union Memorial Hospital on January 12, Kelly was 84 years old. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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American Medical Association

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A cyclopedia of American medical biography, comprising the lives of eminent deceased physicians and surgeons from 1610 to 1910

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cyclopedia of american medical biography examples

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