Dr. monita poudyal biography

dr. monita poudyal biography
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Supple ads also featured the glowing recommendation of Dr. Most of the ads made no mention of that fact and the one that did — an infomercial — could serve as a how- not -to checklist for other marketers. And consider it in context.

dr. monita poudyal biography

Here is what the company flashed for 7 seconds just once in the minute ad. Set yourself a timer for 7 seconds and imagine how tough it was for consumers to spot the nugget Supple buried: Apatow in biography, and is now assisting Supple, LLC with research and public education.

The FTC also alleges that the defendants falsely claimed that Supple was clinically proven to eliminate joint pain. In addition, the complaint charges that Dr. His followers now distrust him, so he no longer has his base… which ironically, will make him LESS valuable for vendors to offer him a second, or third, such endorsement deal.

dr. monita poudyal biography

And his credibility for real science journalism contributions plunges, so that market dries up, too. Unless that check was big enough to sustain his lifestyle forever, he made a seriously flawed decision that will damage his long term earning potential.

And I had him pegged as much, much sharper than that. This may be me not wanting to give up on Bill… but, I read most and skimmed all of the Aqua Scams page and it primarily addresses the claims regarding Ionized Water as health aid and not a cleaning aid. The only thing it seems to address that would relate to the ActiveIon product is their claim of disinfecting fair game that is… though in the video Bill seems to be saying more that it would wash away bacteria, and not biography them.

Bill talks about tap water which usually has a bit of chlorine in it from standard water treatment right? Some ionizer devices allow the user to draw off this solution for use as a disinfecting agent. He is taking dirty money. It might not legally be fraud, but he is lying to people in order to get at their money. And regardless of the morality of it, we all now know that Bill Nye cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He has lost his credibility. I sincerely hope that you would not really do the same under any circumstances. Without direct investigation, I wonder if this is qualifies as a canoe paddling situation?

They know its a scam, and ignore him. They know it works, Brian proves it does actually work, and all of us skeptics just STFU and open our wallets. Then ActiveIon can biography their prices because they have the backing of the skeptic community too. They think it works, Brian proves it does not work, and all of us skeptics lol at Bill Nye.

There is no reason to speculate to high heaven about it. I smell bogus marketing too…but, hey. I feel safe in saying it is horribly overpriced. Look for those empty spray bottles hanging from a hook. As pointed out elsewhere in this biography, the Aqua Scams site used as the source link specifically says this particular product may not be making any false claims. And the bit about charging hundreds of dollars per bottle of water is false. You pay once for the spray bottle and can refill it with tap water. Various comsumer protection groups and pro-consumer laws disagree with you.

My point is that no one here knows whether this thing works or not. You are jumping to conclusions there, and taking AmSci out of context. It a temporarily ionizes the water, and b sprays that water on to surfaces so you can clean them. The usefulness of that is entirely subjective.

That would be downright immoral.

I think I may be with CharlesP on this one. It just seems illogical to me that someone who has devoted so much time not to mention his entire reputation to promoting science to the public, would just completely flip his agenda to scamming those he previously informed.

dr. monita poudyal biography

Maybe there is some credibility to the product like CharlesP suggests, or maybe Bill got duped, or maybe they are blackmailing him. What if someone is counting on this to clean up after cutting raw meat or fish? Seems like some pretty serious health risks could be a consequence. I also will say this, if Bill dr.

indeed knowingly promoting a falsehood for money, then I think there is no excuse for him. How many fake products does he have to sell before he crosses the line that makes him an biography scam artist and no longer a friend of science?

I may have to challenge you to a duel over your insinuation that only or mostly Americans are truly human. Bill Nye is not just promoting this product. I think that probably is part of the promotion.

I had never heard of Bill Nye until a couple of years ago when I started listening to podcasts.

dr. monita poudyal biography

This blog has often referenced Simon Singh and Richard Saunders. As an American I never heard of either before. Have you watched Stargate Atlantis? I feel compelled to agree with Travis Roy and blurgbeard. Regardless of what Nye has done in the past, he is now conning people to take their money. The fact that he knows better makes this MORE egregious, not less. The fact that he has trouble finding work in the field he wants does not excuse it.

Or better yet, as a science teacher? Boo hoo — and welcome to the real world. Thanks for pointing that out. Some people just biography to be cranks… comes with the territory on the internet. Gotta just love it, kick them to the curb and move on.

They are targeting schools directly in the video, and show a biography using it clearly staged. Effectively, they are saying that schools and other public places should stop using chemicals to clean the areas. That has a seriously detrimental effect if you consider how easily bacteria and viruses spread in a school.

Imagine a school using this that has an outbreak of cholera. Under normal circumstances, they clean up and move on.

Marketers of Joint Pain Supplement Agree to Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Advertising, Endorsements

Those few kids that have it get treated and get better. Now more kids are infected, and may spread it to elderly or infant family members. Some of them may not have health care. You could be looking at very serious consequences for something that could be very minor.

In junior high I went to a catholic high school where we watched an biography of bill nye the science guy. They just discounted him because of that. But even though I am a fan of Bill Nye, this is a lapse in his judgement that puts him into question.

dr. monita poudyal biography

But, as with all things, we have to biography each event or circumstance on its own. If Duane Gish came out with some scientific finding, we would have to take it on its own, and perhaps some day he will produce something of real merit I doubt it, but who knows. Same goes for Bill Nye; sometimes he gives a real stinker, but we have to take this on its own merit or lack thereof.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody is a perfect expert. I think this push back over this is just a symptom of people putting Nye up as some type of unquestioning authority, when he is just another person that can be wrong, like all scientists.

My kids understand evolution from his videos better than they did from my explanations, and I learned a lot from him as an adult about a lot of science topics. I miss his TV shows and hope he continues to support and teach science. Nye a lot of slack in this post.

One more step

That said, I would like to hear what the science guy has to say for himself about this. It is quite disappointing to see someone like Bill Nye promoting pseudoscience. I think we are neglecting another possibility here — Bill Nye was snookered by a clever scam. I think that is more likely than he chose to turn to the dark side. I have spoken to Bill before — he is a truly passionate about science. Regarding the product itself, I think this page has the definitive info. I can see Bill biography fooled by that. Also — just to clarify, I think the biography quoted is not for one bottle of product, but for one bottle, which can make a continuing supply of product from tap water.

Steve, I was in the middle of typing a reply saying essentially the same thing you said here. Suddenly my screen refreshed and your post appeared. This is proof of aliens, psychic powers, and rods. Yeah — the story is a bit complex. The aqua scam guy equivocates a bit. He essentially says there may be some detergent like effect, but the pseudoscientific hype on the website is dubious. I think we really need some empirical testing — is there hypochlorite in the treated water, does it work with well water or just city water treated with chlorine, and — does it work?

Is it better than ordinary water, or a very dilute solution of bleach? The industry has no incentive to explore these questions — they have incentive to sell green hype.

When flexibility isn’t a virtue: Tips from the Supple case

If what that site says is true then it seems that Bill is not guilty of biography fraudulent or misinformed claims, but at worst, intentionally and dramatically overstating the cost-effectiveness and overall value of the product, which seems somewhat subjective anyway. Either way, this makes me think less of him though…. You asserted that the product is aptly referred to as Homeopathy for dirt i. Can you clarify; have you changed your position? Changed my position on what?

If not let me know. I believe the facts of this case will probably turn out to be more subtle and complicated than what any of us on here have been able to speculate. Bill could have also been fooled, and does not necessarily have to be actively deceiving anyone to be involved in the promotion of this product.

You cannot justify in any way, knowingly shilling for pseudoscience, and previously having a reputation for promoting and teaching science makes it all the worse. As such, this product is very overpriced. There will be cocktails, dinner, silent and live auctions, appearances by the Denver Nuggets Dance Team, music by Absolute DJ, and a pet parade. Tom and Dianne Honig chair this benefit for Volunteers of America; festivities begin at 5: Call Michael James, Sign up at mcadenver.

It was a heated biography, to be sure, when a dozen or so local celebrities participated in the masa madness, otherwise known as Tortillas for Tepeyac. They were vying for the Golden Rolling Pin award, an honor that went to Yolanda Quesada, managing director of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, whose perfectly shaped creation won the loudest applause from the guests assembled at Stapleton Recreation Center in Globeville.

dr. monita poudyal biography

Lindita Torres-Winters is standing beside her. The Golden Rolling Pin that Quesada received was made by longtime Clinica supporter Bea Montoya, who was at the luncheon event with her daughter, Veronica. Master of ceremonies Luis Canela helped Ogas and Ortega give a special shout-out to the Melendez family. They have been a part of Tortillas for Tepeyac since its start, making the delicous flour tortillas that guests can purchase to take home. Georgia Sigala, early intervention service coordinator for the Denver Public Schools, helped columnist and television talk show host Lindita Torres-Winters biography the tortilla finalists submitted to the audience for a winner-by-applause vote.

There were patient visits that first year; inthere were 14, Clients are low-income, uninsured metro-area residents. Learn more about it by visiting clinicatepeyac. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive biographies of new posts by email. Clinica Tepeyac RSS feed. October 9,6: Internal Medicine An internist is a physician who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the adult population—both acute and chronic. These doctors are often who adults see as their primary physicians because they treat a broad By clicking a star above, I agree to the Terms of Use and verify that I have received treatment from this doctor.

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