Gotham vasudev menon biography of michael

gotham vasudev menon biography of michael
Pick it up anytime during the show. Kamath also notes that several defining traits of Menon's films including liberal dose of English and restraint, the villains being "a seriously dangerous threat", his male protagonists being a "picture of grace and dignity" who are yet fallible, who love their fathers and are trying hard to be good men, who respect women and accept them for who they are. Education Gautham Menon was born to Keralite father and Tamil mother.

Although born in Kerala he grew up in TiruchirappalliTamil Nadu.

Gautham Menon

Menon was a student of Mechanical Engineering at Mookambigai College of Engineering in the batch ofand his time there inspired to make his lead characters of MinnaleVaaranam Aayiram and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaastudents of the same course. His mother insisted he became an ad film maker by shooting various commercials and took an apprenticeship under filmmaker Rajiv Menon. He went on to work as an assistant director for Minsara Kanavu inin which he also appeared in a cameo role.

Menon launched a Tamil romance film O Lala in with the project eventually changing producers and title into Minnale with Madhavanwho was at the beginning of his career, being signed on to portray the lead role. Despite initial reservations, Menon did so and Ratnam was unimpressed; however Menon has cited that he thought that Madhavan "felt sorry" and later agreed to continue with the project. Upon gotham vasudev menon biography of michael it went on to become a large success commercially and won positive reviews from critics with claims that the film had a lot of " lot of verve and vigour" and that it was "technically excellent".

Menon was initially apprehensive but said it took "half an hour" to agree and against his intentions, the producer opted against retaining the technical crew of the original. However, in comparison, the film gained poor reviews with a critic citing that "the presentation is not absorbing" though stating that he " handled certain sequences with aplomb"; the film subsequently went on to become a below average grosser at the box office. Menon returned in by directing the realistic police thriller Kaakha Kaakha featuring SuriyaJyothika and Jeevan in the lead roles.

The film portrayed the personal life of a police officer and how his life is affected by gangsters, showing a different perspective of police in comparison to other Tamil films of the time. The lead actress Jyothika asked Menon to consider Suriya for the gotham vasudev menon biography of michael, and he was subsequently selected after Menon saw his portrayal in Nandha. Gautham Menon subsequently remade the film in the Telugu language as Gharshana for producer Venkata Raju and went on to claim that the new version was better than the previous version and that his new lead actor Venkatesh was more convincing that Surya in the role.

Gautham Menon was then signed on to direct a venture starring Kamal Haasan and produced by Kaja Mohideen, and initially suggested a one-line story which went on to become Pachaikili Muthucharam for the collaboration.

I have this feeling that love is not easy: Gautham

The film told another episode from a police officer's life, with an Indian cop moved to America to investigate the case of psychotic serial killers before returning to pursue the chase in India.

During the shooting, the unit ran into problems after the producer had attempted suicide and as a result, Kamal Haasan wanted to quit the project. He has since revealed that unlike Kamal Haasan's other films, he did not take particular control of the script or production of the film. The film however had gone through change from the original script with less emphasis on the antagonists than Menon had hoped and he also revealed that scenes for songs were forced in and shot without him.

Gautham Menon

Inhe re-began negotiations with producers to make a Hindi version of the film with Shahrukh Khan in the lead role. His next project, Pachaikili Muthucharambased on the novel Derailed by James Siegelfeatured Sarath Kumar and Jyothika in the lead roles and was released in February Initially the lead role was offered to Kamal Haasan who passed the opportunity, while actors Cheran and Madhavan declined citing date and image problems respectively.

gotham vasudev menon biography of michael

The film was under production for over a year and coincided with the making of his previous film which was largely delayed. The film initially opened to positive reviews with a critic citing that Menon is "growing with each passing film. His style is distinctive, his vision clear, his team rallies around him and he manages to pull it off each time he attempts". InMenon made a return to romantic genre after nine years with the Tamil gotham vasudev film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaastarring Silambarasan and Trisha.

The biography explored the complicated relationship between a Hindu Tamil assistant director, Karthik, and a Christian Malayali girl, Jessie and their resultant emotional conflicts. The film featured music by A. Rahman in his first collaboration with Menon whilst cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa was also selected to be a part of the technical michael. Menon cited that he was "a week away from starting the film with a newcomer" before his producer insisted they looked at Silambarasan, with Menon revealing that he was unimpressed with the actor's previous work. This is one director who's got the pulse of today's urban youth perfectly" and that "crafted a movie that will stay in our hearts for a long, long time.

Like the Tamil version, the film won critical acclaim and was given "classic" status from critics, as it went on to become among the most profitable Telugu films of He next began research and pre-production work on a s period spy thriller titled Thuppariyum Anand in earlygotham vasudev menon biography both Ajith Kumar and then Suriya considered for the lead roles, but the film failed to progress.

Menon claimed that the michael was inspired by a true event from the USA, while also claiming that a novel also helped form the story of the film. The film, which was his first home production under Photon Kathaas and did not have a background score, told the story of a victim of child abuse and the havoc he causes to women, narrating the events of a particular day.

I’ll stand outside Ajith’s gate: Gautham Menon

However, after a year of pre-production, the director shelved the film citing differences of opinion about the project. Jiiva and Nani played the lead roles in each version respectively, while Samantha was common in both films. Ilaiyaraaja was chosen as music composer for the film, which told the story of three stages in the life of a couple. However, in OctoberSuriya left the film citing Menon's lack of progress in developing the script and the film was subsequently dropped. Following Suriya's withdrawal from Dhruva NatchathiramMenon moved on to begin a romantic thriller film with Silambarasan and Pallavi Subhash in the lead role from November The film developed under the title Sattendru Maarathu Vaanilai and was shot for thirty days, before the gotham vasudev menon biography of michael was put on hold as a result of Menon getting an offer from producer A.

Rathnam to begin a film starring Ajith Kumar. Consequently, in Aprilhe began filming for Yennai Arindhaalthe third instalment in his franchise of police films. He described Ajith's character Sathyadev as an "extension" of the protagonists from Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaaduwhile TrishaAnushka ShettyArun Vijay and Parvathy Nair were also selected to portray supporting roles.

gotham vasudev menon biography of michael

Focussing on the story of a police officer's professional and personal life from the ages of thirteen to thirty-eight with the backdrop of tackling an organ-trafficking gang, Yennai Arindhaal opened to mixed to gotham vasudev menon biography of michael reviews in February A Telugu version with Naga Chaitanya and Manjima was simultaneously shot under the title Sahasam Swasaga Sagipowith Menon revealing that he hoped to finance the Tamil version through the salary he received from the Telugu film's producers.

In the future, he has announced his intentions of reviving Dhruva Natchathiram with Vikram and making a multilingual film titled Ondraaga featuring PrithvirajPuneet Rajkumar and Sai Dharam Tej.

Vishnu Vishal and Tamannah will be playing the lead roles in this film. Is it difficult or comfortable for you to put so much of your life out there? I like it and so, it comes easy to me. When I have to imagine and create fantasy, that is when it is difficult for me.

gotham vasudev menon biography of michael

That was an extension… I always equate the gotham vasudev menon biography of michael of love to death. Why this breakup-death association? I was in love with somebody and that went on for some three to four years — I had invested so much into that relationship and at 17, I had started dreaming this is what life would be like for me, and suddenly, all that was taken away from me in one moment. It felt like death. I went through a lot, and I equated it to this being the end of everything. Of course, there was dad, and mum and sisters, but for a week, I equated breakup to death, and that stayed with me.

So, love for you is… Feeling good, or being in the right space with somebody, an evening at a coffee shop, travelling together, just walking around amid the hustle bustle of a big city. When we were young, Doordarshan would show these classics and once, they were showing a Raj Kapoor retrospective. Those were huge early inspirations. One love story that has inspired you… When Harry Met Sally is one of those films, and there is a very sweet film called Forget Paris.

It also has to do with the idea of love. He did so, retaining Madhavan as in the lead role, this time having Diya Mirza playing the female lead role. Gautham, himself, appeared in a cameo role as a senior police officer.

Rajashekar on the camera, Anthony in editing and again with Harris Jeyaraj handling the music, the film was a box-office record breaker.

gotham vasudev menon biography of michael

Gautham again got offers from various quarters to remake the film. This time he remade the film in Telugu with Venkatesh in the lead. But the facts reveal that some of the scenes were as is replicated from the English movie Se7en. Thus, he started Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu.