Mary astor autobiography book

mary astor autobiography book
Astor, film historians, and anyone interested in the early days of filmmaking. Donna rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Among her assignments was another role with John Barrymore, this time in Don Juan

Mary Astor

I found it difficult to sympathize with her foibles and self destructive behavior, in in so short a narrative. Sorel, in his attempts to interject himself into the story by trying to find parallels with his life and Miss Astor's, mary astor across as somewhat cloying and autobiography book, I skipped these passages about halfway through the book as they only got in the way of the more interesting story he was trying to tell. On the plus side, his excellent art work is featured prominently throughout the book, and when he focuses on the subject matter, he creates a lively and entertaining picture of the old, and thoroughly corrupt Hollywood.

Mary Astor's story was ultimately a sad one, without a happy ending. Hopefully, this book will help raise awareness of her great gifts as an actress, so that she can be rightfully remembered as one of those far away people who we can admire without having to really know.

mary astor autobiography book

By AmFan on August 16, The author should stick to cartoons and leave writing to the pros. Anything I learned from this book about Mary Astor, I probably could've learned online for free. For very obvious reasons the mary astor feels the need to take what he calls "intermissions" and educate us about parts of his life. I didn't buy this book to learn about his life and felt that he was just trying to inflate the word count to fill the pages.

Clever autobiographies book, interesting, witty observations, and a rather unique little bio of Mary Astor and her autobiographies book in the movies and in life written by a famous fan of hers -- Edward Sorel. A fun way to pass a few hours looking a Mr. Sorel's drawings and enjoying his writing style.

Sorel's illustration adds to the hilarity. By Kenneth Frame on June 20, Don't get me wrong. There's a sad side to all this but his stance on it all but the sweetness and creativity of his text along with his brilliant wit will have you laughing out loud. By Lindia Speer on March 18, Love this bookgreat readlove biographries of classic film stars. See all 96 customer reviews newest first. Most recent customer reviews 5.

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A Life On Film

Published 2 months ago by Barbara W. Published 2 months ago by Amazon Customer. Published 3 months ago by Jon Wynne. Published 4 months ago by Champ. Published 4 months ago by Eric Love.

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My Story: An Autobiography

Published 5 months ago by david says. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Sign in New customer? Items in your Cart. George Brent played her intermittent love interest, but the film's star was Bette Davis. Davis wanted Astor cast in the role after watching her screen test and seeing her play Tchaikovsky 's Piano Concerto No.

She then recruited Astor to collaborate on rewriting the script, which Davis felt was mediocre and needed work to make it more interesting. Astor further followed Davis's advice and sported a brazenly bobbed hairdo for the mary astor autobiography book. The soundtrack of the movie in the scenes where she plays the concerto, with violent hand movements on the piano keyboard, was dubbed by pianist Max Rabinovitch. Davis deliberately stepped back to allow Astor to shine in her key scenes. Astor and Davis became good friends.

Astor was not propelled into the upper echelon of movie stars by these successes, however. She always declined offers of starring in her own right. Not wanting the responsibility of top billing and having to carry the picture, she preferred the security of being a featured player. In FebruaryAstor's father, Otto Langhanke, died in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital as a result of a mary astor autobiography book attack complicated by influenza.

His wife and daughter were at his bedside. That same year, Astor signed a seven-year contract with MGMa regrettable autobiography. She was kept busy playing what she considered mary astor roles she called "Mothers for Metro". After Meet Me in St. Louisthe studio allowed her to debut on Broadway in Many Happy Returns The play was a failure, but Astor received good reviews.

On loan-out to 20th Century Foxshe played a wealthy widow in Claudia and David She was also loaned to Paramount to play Fritzi Haller in Desert Fury playing the tough owner of a saloon and casino in a small mining town. Before Helen Langhanke died of a heart ailment in JanuaryAstor said she sat in the hospital room with her mother, who was delirious and did not know her, and listened quietly as Helen told her all about terrible, selfish Lucile.

After her death, Astor said she spent countless hours copying her mother's diary so she could read it and was surprised to learn how much she was hated. Back at MGMAstor continued being cast in undistinguished, colorless mother roles. One exception was when she played a prostitute in the film book Act of Violence The last straw came when she was cast as Marmee March in Little Women She later described her disappointment with her cast members and the shoot in her memoir My Story: The girls all giggled and chattered and made a game of every scene.

mary astor autobiography book

Taylor was engaged, and in love, and talking on the telephone most of the time which is fine normally, but not when the production clock is ticking away the company's money. June Allyson chewed gum constantly and irritatingly, and Maggie O'Brien looked at me as though she were planning something very unpleasant.

mary astor autobiography book

Astor found no redemption in playing what she considered another humdrum mother and grew despondent. The studio wanted to renew her contract, promising better roles, but she declined the offer. At the same time, Astor's drinking was growing troublesome. She admitted to autobiography book as far back as the s, but it had never interfered with her work schedule or performance.

She hit bottom in and went into a sanitarium for alcoholics. Inshe made a frantic call to her doctor and said that she had taken too many sleeping pills. She was taken to a hospital and the police reported that she had attempted suicide, this being her third overdose in two years, and the story made headline news. She maintained it had been an accident. That same year, she joined Alcoholics Anonymous and converted to Roman Catholicism.

She credited her recovery to a priest, Peter Ciklic, also a practicing psychologistwho encouraged her to write about her experiences as part of therapy. She also separated from her fourth husband, Thomas Wheelock a stockbroker she married on Christmas Daybut did not actually mary him until Inshe was cast in the leading role of the stage play The Time of the Cuckoowhich was later made into the movie Summertimeand subsequently toured with it.

After the tour, Astor lived in New York for four years and worked in the theater and on television. KildareBurke's Lawand Ben Casey. Inshe appeared in the episode "Fearful Hour" of the Gary Merrill NBC series Justice in the role of a desperately poor and aging film star who attempts mary astor autobiography book to avoid exposure as a thief.

She starred on Broadway again in The Starcross Storyanother failure and returned to Southern California in Astor's memoirMy Story: An Autobiographywas published inbecoming a sensation in its day and a bestseller. It was the result of Father Ciklic urging her to write. Please try again later. By Diana Walstad on May 14, Not just another actresses' tell-all book.

mary astor autobiography book

Mary Astor was a autobiography and honest writer with a powerful story. She wrote with an artist's flair for drama and had a wonderful way with words. For example in confronting a holiday without family in the early s, she finally came to terms with her alcoholism and "neediness. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse. By Coffeebrain on April 28, An absolutely lovely book.

I just received it the other day and can't put it down. One of my very favorite movies is the 30's mary Dodsworth. When I saw it yet again I never tire of it a few weeks book, and again saw the absolute grace and dignity with which Mary Astor handled her role, I thought "I need to learn more about her!

I googled some mary astor autobiography book, and when I learned she converted to Catholicism to help her deal with her life as I am doingI knew I had to have this book. It's a wonderful autobiography. Mary was a wonderful writer, and I've since learned she's written some more books, both fiction and nonfiction. Rest in peace Mary Astor. By Rebecca Holter on March 20, I did love this book! Mary Astor proved to be not only a very talented actress but author too. Her autobiography is very, very poignant! She has the ability to bring the reader inside her emotions and thoughts in a very intimate way.

mary astor autobiography book

There is no way but sympathizing with her. This is a book I will want to read many other times. It became one of my favorites. I truly recommend the reading. By Persephone on October 8, This is an interesting glimpse into old Hollywood, complete with the pushy parents. Mary Astor's father comes off as intolerable and abusive, it's amazing she didn't break with him sooner. Many famous names are mentioned, and the behind the scenes stories hold the reader's mary astor autobiography book.

On the mary astor autobiography book side, the book is somewhat hard to read, as the print size occasionally changes, and the font is not the easiest to read for a long time. Obviously this is a reprint. But it is worth the effort to read the words of someone who was there back when it all started. You can hear her voice in the telling. By ResearchBuyRepeat on January 6, By FRR on June 6, Mary Astor wrote an honest autobiography in the 's.

However, much changed in her life after its publication. She never wrote a revision, so this work misses much of her later years. She is brutally honest about her addictions and not so revealing about the many many men in her life.

I found the book to be interesting and informative about the life of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies of the and Her last movie was made in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte and died apparently penniless. Well worth a read. By Lindia Speer on August 18, Mohr on December 2, I thought it was very interesting. As I just said to a friend of mine earlier today here on Goodreads, as a matter of factI think I got a lot more out of reading this at age 40 than I might have if I'd not yet had some rough experiences.

Now I'd love to read an objective biography of Mary, if one has ever been written.

mary astor autobiography book

She seems as if she might have been Please see my detailed review at Amazon. She seems as if she might have been a very interesting woman. Nov 28, Marsha rated it it was ok Recommends it for: The book was ok, but not a humdinger of an autobiography - I did not know some of the people who she talked about because they were of the 30s and 40s.

This book would be good for someone who went to a lot of movies back then and would know who she was referring to. Is the salacious, tell-all autobiography a Hollywood invention of the mid-Twentieth Century? Mary's story starts with parents, especially her father, that was incredibly ambitious for her; even maniacally so. Their plan succeeds and an incredibly sheltered Mary Astor becomes a mary astor autobiography book player and has to individuate under artificial and extreme circumstances. Marriages and mania follow until Mary finds a path to peace through Catholicism and psychology.

Both come from caring and competent priests. A divorce makes Mary's diary both a legal and public issue, but writing that caused so much stress is also an answer as this autobiography is the result of a therapeutic writing assignment. Mary's honest and direct delivery makes this an engaging read. The only thing that keeps it from mary astor autobiography book starts for me is the architecture. The chapter divisions, for instance, seems just to segment material into even buckets.

A little editing could have nudged this from very good to great. May 18, Benjamin rated it it was amazing. Actress Mary Astor is brutally honest in her autobiography about her life, her marriages, and her struggles with alcoholism. Published inAstor doesn't actually talk that much about her film work; this seems to have been more of a therapeutic writing exercise for her.

Mary Astor

She followed this bestseller with a book on her film career incalled Mary Astor: A Life on Film. Mar 30, Susan rated it it was ok. Focused on her personal life, not nearly as interesting to me as her A Life On Film, which details movie-making in its early, and golden years.