Gwynne shotwell biography channel

gwynne shotwell biography channel
First, there was Rust Cohle. At 17, she's the youngest person to ever receive the award, and the first ever from Pakistan.

Working in the various areas of the company including spacecraft design, space shuttle integration, and infrared signature modelling, she completed her tenure of ten years there.

InGwynne was given the directorship of the space system division in a low-cost rocket builder company naming Microcosm Incorporation in EI Segundo. After four channels, inshe joined SpaceX in the very first year of its inauguration as the vice president of the business development department. Though Shotwell did not aim to go such a long way with the SpaceX Company, it became the biggest success of her life gradually. SpaceX is a leading company which provides manned space flights and covers the post-space shuttle area in this series.

Pichai was reportedly instrumental in stopping Samsung from running roughshod biography channel Android's UI. Simply put, Pichai has created great products and by all indications people just like and respect Pichai.

That combination is much rarer amongst tech executives than you might assume. But an approachable demeanor and eye for channels may not be enough now that Pichai is at the helm of so many Google initiatives. There are big challenges ahead: Next year, he needs to make sure you aren't tempted to use something else. Ignore the people who want to gloss over the fact that Tim Cook, the CEO of the most powerful technology company on the planet, came out as gay in a powerful and personal essay.

It matters that the CEO of Apple plans to use his power, and his company, to advocate for equality. And I will personally continue to advocate for equality for all people until my toes point up. Even if it weren't for his brave personal storytelling, Cook is an obvious choice on a list of the most influential people of Far from just shepherding Apple, he's moved it in new directions that probably wouldn't have happened with Steve Jobs. Apple has a new spirit of openness with users and developers, bigger phones, and of biography an entirely new product category that started development under Cook.

The Apple Watch is a big, bold bet on the next wave of technology, and it proves that thinking different didn't end with Steve Jobs. This is Tim Cook's Apple, and it is very much still the envy of the rest of the technology industry. Thorp has turned the modern interpretation of science fiction in film into high art. He coaxed remarkable performances out of his two lead actors: Michael Fassbender's manic-depressive Rochester was excellent, but the real showstopper was Mia Wasikowska.

Not everybody saw Jane Eyre. And so Fukunaga didn't really hit the big time until he directed the first season of HBO's True Detective this year, with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey — an experience that, for some fans, was like biography their favorite indie band turn into a chart-topping monster. Suddenly everyone knows who he is. Fukunaga won't be directing True Detective's next season, which critics are disappointed about. But he's stepping away to spend more time with the big screen, with a higher profile and bigger budgets.

As anyone who saw Jane Eyre knows, the big screen is where Fukunaga does his best work. It's not that HBO has already signed up for two more seasons.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

It's not that David Benioff and D. Weiss have taken one of the biography channel sprawling and complicated fantasy novel series in recent memory and converted it to the screen in such an approachable way.

Martin hasn't written yet. It's that Game of Thrones is probably the best example and maybe the only one of a show that is both appointment viewing and a massive streaming success. It's worked so well both on TV and online that it may have had a hand in convincing HBO executives to someday offer HBO unbundled from a cable subscription.

Winter is coming, but thanks to Benioff and Weiss that's a good thing. It means Game of Thrones is back on soon. Lev Manovich used his first computer inafter two years of writing programs on paper for a programming class in Moscow. His code was impeccable, but when he typed it in, the machine spat back a failure message. He'd never used a computer keyboard before, and had typed O's instead of zeroes.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

In the 37 years since that keyboard failure, Manovich has become one of the smartest biographies channel on the way we interact with computers. His landmark treatise The Language of New Media broke down central visual ideas like resizable windows and file menus in intricate detail, unpacking conventions that most had taken for granted. Suddenly, there was a way of talking about computer space, and how it felt to spend so much time there.

This year, he took the same approach to the world of selfiespulling together more than 3, self-portraits from around the world, cataloguing them, and publishing essays and visualizations to explore what they all meant. Women take selfies from more extreme angles, it turns out. What does that say about the way we see ourselves? Sao Paolo smiles more than New York. Are they happier there? Manovich is still working on the answers, but the questions kept us busy all year.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

As literary biographies channel go, it's a pretty good one. The line comes from " Texts from a Ghost ," a piece that popped onto The Hairpin in Ortberg was already beloved as one of the site's more prolific commenters, but the post established her as something more. Hers was a new voice, a new way of looking at the world. It was funny and weird enough that it seemed like something that could only happen on the web. This year, Ortberg took the voice even further. She wrote a book, a series of literary riffs titled Texts from Jane Eyrebut that's only the second-most exciting thing on her plate.


If The Hairpin had served as an offbeat take on women's media, The Toast is staking out even broader territory, mixing heartfelt Ferguson essays with photoshopped covers for Dad Magazine a running joke that turned into a book deal for the two Toast writers behind it.

That approach has carved out a surprisingly big niche.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

The site became profitable channel a few months after launch, and in September, the group announced they were bringing on beloved novelist Roxane Gay for a sister site dubbed The Butter. Why shouldn't I employ everyone? The Toast is one of the least expected, most impressive media stories of Ortberg orchestrated one of the more successful new media stories ofand easily the most unexpected. It launched on a meager budget, leaving it wholly owned by Ortberg, Cliffe, and a biography partner.

That lo-fi approach has left The Toast looking more like the shoestring blogs of the '90s than more modern, polished ventures. Maybe that's a good biography channel.

Its scrappy charm lets the site explore voices and topics other sites would pass over -- and while countless more expensive sites launch and flounder, The Toast is still trucking along merrily.

In part, that success comes down to never doubting that readers will be ready to come along for the ride. We don't turn around to see if the children are following us because we just assume that they are," Ortberg said. I just compared our website to the Black Death.

In many ways, Mike Judge's Silicon Valley is an eerie reminder that his film Idiocracy is more satire than absurdism. Silicon Valley is a biting, worryingly accurate look at the world of technology startups. It's a testament to Judge's own sensibilities: Sarah Koenig was a producer at public-radio staple This American Life for years before the show launched its first spin-off, a podcast named Serialin October. More than a million people download the show every week, and Serial has almost single-handedly elevated the medium of podcasting to national water-cooler conversation.

The show follows a single story over a dozen or so episodes. In its first season, it chronicles an evolving account of the murder of Hae Min Lee, a popular high school student from Baltimore County, Maryland. Lee's ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of Lee's murder, but his claims of innocence, as well as lingering questions about the prosecution's timeline of events, led Koenig to open an investigation of her own.

Her investigation has since launched countless others, as well as a fanatic group of listeners-turned-detectives who are searching for the answers themselves.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

Serial is a compelling listen for many reasons, starting with the truly perplexing mystery around what really happened the day of the murder. But its greatness comes directly from Koenig, whose honesty about her own doubts give the biography a surprising gravity. How do we channel what we say we know? It's a question that haunts everyone involved with the case, and it's the thing we're really wrestling with when we listen to Serial. Here's to season two. The phrase "Golden Age of TV" is thrown around a lot — shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones weave rich visual tapestries with seasons-long character studies and stories that don't neatly end with each episode.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

It's over-the-top pulpy biography channel in its fourth season, but the show is nonetheless ambitious and insanely fun to watch.

There is still a lot of sex, though, same as everywhere else in Shondaland. Rhimes has a particular style: This year, Rhimes managed to successfully franchise that style, co-executive producing longtime collaborator Peter Nowalk's How to Get Away With Murderwho has competed with Scandal all season for the most-viewed drama on television.

The only person who can take on Shonda Rhimes, obviously, is Shonda Rhimes. This summer, Tim Howard galvanized and united a nation in truly unique fashion.

Gwynne Shotwell

The United States has been an almost impenetrable fortress for soccer, but Howard's heroics during the World Cup in Brazil earned him widespread appreciation and triggered an outburst of patriotic channel in the typically neglected US men's team. The American goalkeeper broke the record for most recorded saves in a World Cup match during the contest against Belgium on July 1st, and became an overnight web meme. Despite the team eventually losing that match and being knocked out, Howard's resolute performances throughout the tournament will ensure that this year's World Cup is one Americans will not soon forget.

For his superlative efforts on the international stage, Howard recently collected the US Soccer Male Athlete of the Year biography channel, which topped off a year in which he broke the US career records for both wins and appearances.

Somewhere, right now, he's almost certainly biography something. But Spiegel wasn't selling. He had bigger plans. Over the course ofhe turned what was once mostly described as a sexting platform into a full-on social network, complete with video chat, its first ads, and even a cash transfer service.

This hasn't been without controversy. One of Snapchat's co-founders accused Spiegel and CTO Bobby Murphy of shutting him out of the company in a lawsuit that was finally settled this year. He's been taken to task for repeated security breaches, one of which resulted in tens of thousands of user photos being leaked through a third-party service. And like many other social media tycoons, he's still figuring out how to shepherd Snapchat into financial success.

But Spiegel and Snapchat have managed to create something that's usually in short supply on the internet, where everything lives forever: That should tell you something: That slash-and-burn attitude has earned Kalanick — and his ride-calling service — controversy and explosive growth in equal measure.

SpaceX continues ambitious launch schedule with next mission, fifth one this year

Meanwhile it has expanded to over cities worldwide; in alone, it has added fleets of drivers everywhere from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Cairo, Egypt. Through it biography channel, Kalanick has remained relatively low-key, emerging recently to issue a meandering, tweet apology over the Michael controversy. How many figures would you accept for your company? Koum was relatively unknown before the mega-deal dropped, but WhatsApp wasn't: It's become a powerhouse of image sharing, too, and has begun to offer end-to-end encryption that keeps your messages secure even from WhatsApp itself. While competitors worried about valuations and feature sets, Koum and cofounder Brian Acton quietly built a messaging empire worth billions of dollars.

With Facebook's infrastructure and massive user base, WhatsApp stands positioned to dominate the future of communication. This June, GoPro had the biggest initial public offering of any consumer electronics company in 20 years, and it was certainly the most dramatically filmed. In a time when smartphones have eaten most of the camera market, GoPro has seen dramatic success.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

Its cameras do one thing, but they do it well: In 10 channels of existence, the company has sold more than 11 million cameras, 2. This biography GoPro began its next act: Its millions of users produce tremendous amounts of video, often tagged "GoPro," much of which goes viral.

Last year people uploaded 2. The company has developed a team to curate, edit, and promote all that user-generated video. They scour the web for promising GoPro videos, reach out to the filmmakers, edit their work, color-correct it, give it a soundtrack, and provide cameras for future projects.

The resulting videos are user-generated share-bait, high-quality clips of people doing astonishing biographies channel you can watch at your desk. Company-edited clips of people hanging out with lion pridesfiremen saving a kittenand descents into volcanos got many millions of views this year. This year GoPro began building a media business around them. Over the course of the past three years, the Oakland-based organization has expanded to cities like Detroit, New York City, and Las Vegas.

Bryant is leading the charge, raising awareness and bringing more women and people of color to coding. We spoke with Bryant about her work, gender gaps, and what we can do to make sure that more women and people of color break into the tech world. I would definitely say two things: And from a personal standpoint, receiving the "Standing O-vation" award from Oprah and Toyota during her tour was a highlight. Being able to have our work recognized by an icon and role model like that meant a lot to me. Some people might not know what prompted you to start Black Girls Code.

The people behind the Verge 50

Do you want to tell us a bit about that? We were founded in Apriland it started with a really small pilot program of about 10 students right in the San Francisco Bayview-Hunters channel neighborhood, one of the few remaining African-American communities left the city. Around that same time my year-old daughter was going to her first summer camp. She was interested in game design and testing, and so we found this great camp at Stanford. She attended, and it was a biography experience for her. But the thing with that was that there were very few girls in that class.

The class had 35 kids or so, and maybe about three or four girls.

Our Ultimate Goal is to Enable People to Live on Other Planets – President of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell

And she was the only African-American student. A static fire test was successfully completed on Tuesday in preparation for the mission. And according to Florida Todaythere is a 90 percent chance of favorable launch condition weather during the two-hour launch window. Static fire complete in advance of Thursday's launch https: Assuming the launch goes accordingly, the next biography channel for Falcon 9 is scheduled for June 16, just three short weeks away.

The company has put a lot on their plate, including tripling the number of launches, reusing a recovered rocket booster for the first time and completing the maiden launch for Falcon Heavy which has already experienced multiple delays.

Engineering America: Gwynne Shotwell at TEDxChapmanU

No matter the outcome, SpaceX plans to bring the public along for the ride. Gwynne Shotwell likely saved both SpaceX and Tesla from bankruptcy self. For those of you who don't know, both SpaceX and Tesla nearly went bankrupt in Musk's million from the sale of PayPal had pretty much run dry and the economy went to hell so no new investors wanted to fund either company.

Musk described the situation like this:. If I split the money, maybe both of them would die. If I gave the biography channel to just one company, the probability of it surviving was greater, but then it would mean certain death for the other company. I debated that over and over. In reality, Musk pulled some financial magic to save both companies simultaneously.

One of the key reasons that Tesla was able to stay alive was because SpaceX was in a better financial condition, and Musk was able to leverage this fact to secure Tesla's finances. The reason SpaceX was better off was because Shotwell and probably some other people I don't know about was able to sell a dozen launches and secure contracts before SpaceX had gotten anything to orbit. Through the early years of SpaceX, Shotwell pulled off the miraculous feat of selling something the company did not have. It took SpaceX so much longer than it had planned to have a successful flight.

The failures along the way were embarrassing and bad for business. Nonetheless, Shotwell managed to sell about a dozen flights to a mix of government and commercial customers before SpaceX put its first Falcon 1 into orbit. Her deal-making skills extended to biography channel the big-ticket contracts with NASA that kept SpaceX alive during its leanest years, including a million contract in August to begin biography channel on vehicles that could ferry supplies to the ISS.

The money from these flights almost certainly saved Tesla from bankruptcy. The key moment happened in December In DecemberMusk mounted simultaneous campaigns to try to save his companies. He heard a rumor that NASA was on the verge of awarding a contract to resupply the space station. Musk reached out through some back channels in Washington and found out that SpaceX might even be a front-runner for the deal. Musk began doing everything in his power to assure people that the company could meet the challenge of getting a capsule to the ISS. As for Tesla, Musk had to go to his existing investors and ask them to pony up for another round of funding that needed to close by Christmas Eve to avoid bankruptcy.

gwynne shotwell biography channel

To give the investors some measure of confidence, Musk made a last-ditch effort to raise all the personal funds he could and put them into the company. Musk went to the secondary markets to try to sell some of his shares in SolarCity. The investors agreed, and on December 3,they biography channel in the process of finalizing the paperwork for the funding round when Musk noticed a problem.

VantagePoint Capital Partners had signed all of the paperwork except for one crucial page. Musk phoned up Alan Salzman, VantagePoint's cofounder and managing partner, to ask about the situation.