Dr farhat hashmi biography definition

dr farhat hashmi biography definition
Just gate-crash the Daura-e-Quran and towards the end sign up everyone for a course. These ethnographic observations are supplemented by formal interviews with Farhat Hashmi, Al-Huda students and staff members, and other key informants, textual material produced by Al-Huda, official records, and secondary literature.

dr farhat hashmi biography definition

But this motivated sister took her education and knowledge to the next level. She decided to share it…with the whole world. Hashmi lectured at her local college teaching young women Arabic and Islamic Studies.

But as her halaqahs grew, attracting Pakistani women of all social and financial statuses, she realized that Allah SWT had given her a task to replace light with the ignorance that was consuming our Ummah. Hashmi then established Al-Huda International in two definitions in Pakistan. It was not long after that her teaching style attracted Muslimahs thirsty for knowledge from the US, England, Canada and the Middle East. Over 10, biographies have graduated from the Al-Huda programs. Students can take courses both in English or Urdu, whichever language they prefer but ultimately all the students are dedicated to understand the language of Allah.

Primarily catering to women, Dr.

Daughters of Al Huda

Hashmi opens the eyes of narrow-minded Muslims as to the dr biography definition of women in Islam. Using the Quran and Sunnah as her ultimate sources, Dr. Bringing the freedom of knowledge to the ignorant angers some, as they lose their power over the ignorant and weak but her moral and ethical teaching styles truly changed many lives.

Encouraging women to seek an education allows them to develop a more spiritual connection with their Rabb Lord. Farhat constantly prompts her students to stop and ponder about their purpose in life. Why are we here? The Quran is our manual for life warning us that there is an afterlife.

Materialism and love of the dunya will not benefit us on the Day of Judgment. Faraht Hashmi is one of the most influential Muslim woman figures in contemporary times, her success and recognition is because she continues to put Allah first in her life. D, something the Taliban views as inappropriate for women. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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dr farhat hashmi biography definition

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In doubt is freedom! This is quite a definition article in all honesty. I know nothing of Al Huda nor of this Dr. Farhat but I disagree with your general stance on the issue. To urge society to give up its useless and futile customs and traditions which are done in the name of a certain ideology, be it religion or otherwise, is nothing dangerous and terrorist-like. The fine line lies in tolerance. Live and let live. Pakistan may claim to be an Islamic state but I have never witnessed such a Godless society. The recent Sialkot murders, the May attacks on Ahmadi mosques, and countless others are only a hallmark of our God fearing selves — we will go to all the chelums we want, but none of that will make us better Muslims until we begin to show some humanity and tolerance.

I am not an extremist nor a woman beleiving in too much fanaticism….

Dr Farhat Hashmi: Cultivating Al Qaeda in Muslim women

Only two things to quote…. My dad was serving as coordintaing officer to gen X …. She came and she put so many demands, before him…. I ll be charging this much money. Wont be taking the name…. I have seen ladies, from within family, join Al-Huda.

dr farhat hashmi biography definition

They completely, in the most literal sense of the word, lose it. Old ladies specially, find an all new passion for their own brand of Islam, which is extreme, of-course. From my experience, they become arrogant and anti-social. All this in the name of God. The article by Khalid and subsequent discussion on AlHuda is quite interesting and revealing. A good way to spend time. Belive me you hardly see a poor woman in this holy crowd. Well if AlHuda is really interested in reformation of society in the light of Islam Why dont these women educate the poor in slums of Lahore Islamabad etc?

I am not much of a scholar but I know that if an individual cannot read how can he understand the message of Allah. What a shame we sit and criticize so fearlessly the ones who are in fact a Blessing. Dr Hashmi is one of the most humble and soft spoken person i have ever come across. Her teachings only connect us to Allah.

Please fear Allah before commenting negatively about not just Dr Farhat Hashmi but any Islamic Scholar for that matter. If only we understand sanctity of Scholars and on top its such a sacred month.

May Allah save us from all such negative talk and we channelize our energies towards work of Khair and lets come up with more such organizations like Al-Huda who are working selflessly for society and for no other reason than to please Allah. Moreover, his teachings mainly focused in taking people out from the depth of biography. He nowhere told people to alienate themselves from lawful cultural practices and participation in peaceful functions based on their cultural norms having no breach of religious values whatsoever.

It sounds a bit irrelevant but linked with this place. For 6 months, the girl joined Huda and kept wearing hijab and abaya,,The mother of that boy didnt give any lift…. It is not only disturbing but also amazing to realize how little people who are so worldly-wise as to hold lofty positions as Director of this and Director of that know about what pleases or displeases their Creator. I have read many articles maligning Dr. Al-Huda has lifted and changed the lives of people in the remotest areas of Pakistan.

Sadaf says about Dr. Farhat Hashmi than on the Quran. If she had researched the Quran, she dr biography definition realize that what Dr. The other group lead their lives according to their own wishes. How can they ever be the same. On the Day of Judgement too, Allah will place them in separate groups.

They are bound by the Laws of Allah, conveyed to us in the Quran. The Quran is not an ordinary Book — it contains the words of Allah Himself. One of the people who wrote a comment was very right in saying that Islam does isolate people because it is Furqan — the Criteria for right and wrong.

In the early days of Islam, father gave up son, son gave up father, wives and husbands separated on the basis of faith. People who mislead other people through such writings against religious personalities and the Word of Allah, will be accountable not only for their own misconceptions, but also for all the dr biography definition they misled. May Allah have mercy on them all and give them Hidayat. Ok now I may not like Al-Huda so much but that article was crap. I do all those things that you say allienate one from society. Yes, I agree with Al-Huda when they say such is bidaa because that is not only their view but the view of other scholars as well.

And no way can someone take one look at me and say im a prime target for terrorists. If someone even so much as suggested revenge against the kaafirs I would punch him in the face for being an idiot as all terrorists are. That page thing you mentioned is a hadith and that hadith definitions not mean a woman cannot dr biography definition her husband if she has a valid reason. Wife of the alleged killer of Daniel Pearl.

Who says real war on terror is being fought in Afghan or even on border area of pakistan infact the real war is being fought in litrary circles of pakistan between extremist and moderen pakistanis. I side with moderates though.

Alienation of Modudi school of thought, that was imported from egypt, is direly needed. I am not a fan of Alhuda.

humanf.org Hashmi's interview on Atv. 1 of 4

I now people who have studied form Alhuda. They follow a brand of islam that is preached by many conservative people. It just goes to show you how personal biases can destroy an biography definition. This article presents views from only one side. It takes a very biased approach rather than based on research to make a point. I wish the author had digged a little deeper than just read one book. The fact finding approach would have been appreciated. May Allah guide us all towards to the true path whatever it is ameen Recommend. Hahaha, loved the person who said that Farhad Hashmi discourages photography because there is no evidence of it in the Prophets biography definition.

The inability to think logically is appalling. Oh god no, please no! Farhat Hashmi…a weapon of mass destruction! Thank God she has been exported to Canada. Now lets try to export the IJT to Greenland. Khaled Ahmed — How is the book thoroughly researched when it claims that University of Glasgow is the center of Islamic learning? I am sorry, when was the last time you saw the map? Glasgow is in the heart of the English-Speaking Christian world. How is that possible when their websites www.

And since when are religious differences a crime? Yet I cannot recall a single newspaper in which such differences ever made the headlines. A person should be composed, neither too hyper or too depressed about every small and big thing in life.

I think only faith can give one such strength and calmness. Khaled Ahmed — Do you know what is really swelling in Islamabad? During the last six months, the bodies of almost unidentified drug addicts have been recovered from various parts of the city. In all these areas, every death has occurred because of drug abuse, mortuary officials claim.

Farhat Hashmi : biography

I think at least three-storey Al Huda building in Islamabad will be a drug-free area. There definition be no soliciting of harmful substances there. If anything, I think Al Huda women are against drugs and alcoholism — which is exactly what a peaceful society needs. And do good; indeed Allah loves the doers of good. Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer.

So will you not desist. I think it is wonderful that Islam protects the intellect and the society by eliminating drugs and alcohol. If the Al Huda women are teaching then props to them: So I wonder what would Ms.

F Hashmi say if heaven forbid some disaster was to befall one of her loved ones — would she be then being punished for her sins? Or even better, our Holy Prophet pbuh lost his parents, his uncle and basically every single person close to him one after the other in his childhood. Hashmi should write a book on rapes and murders and inform the world that all the Muslims women Pakistanis mourn about were actually taken forcibly away and raped because it was their own fault — they were young and beautiful and how could the men resist them!

Women like these make me ashamed. I am not sure if there is a malicious purpose behind their teachings, but they condone intolerance, inhumanity and are an epitome of not using their biographies definition for anything.

And any woman who follows them is answerable as well. Everyone was given an intact brain, and was supposed to use it too. If some idiot tells you something is haram, you dont close your eyes and believe it — you question it and confirm it!

These groups should really be banned in all the countries — thank God they were not welcome in Canada. They bring shame to Islam. I have only attended one lecture delivered by Ms. Upon asking her a very simple question, that was mainly aimed to serve the unjustice being openly done in our societies. Instead of giving a straight forward biography she gave a very vague answer as if the question asked was ridiculous. The question was put forth so that an influencial person as Ms. Hashmi herself could say it out in front of masses so that it could be more effective as she has a great number of ignorant followers.

Ever heard of mind-conditioning? Media is the primary source to condition your mind, meaning it moulds your mind in the sense that it makes you think like how it wants you to.

dr farhat hashmi biography definition

They only show, tell or impart information that would lead you to make a definition decision. Books can have the same effect and so can verbal communication. I want to ask Ms. Hashmi and her followers, why do you need to go to dars? Why do you need an intrepretor for understanding the Quran and the Hadith? Let me guess, you believe you do not have brains enough to undestand it yourself as it is very complicated and you might comprehend the message incorrectly? Hashmi ever read out the verse from the Holy Quran where it says that Allah has made The Book Quran easy for you to understand? Farhat and her followers deny this fact?

The amount of time the instituition asks you to dedicate it to DOES isolate you physically and mentally not only from the rest of the world but from your immediate family too. All those who are students of Al-Huda, before doubting this look around and see for yourself who the majority is. I am sure there are doctors, engineers and women from other professions too but who is the majority?

What brought them to this biography definition Inquisitness as for what Islam is? Or how to live a happy life? Why are you paying to attend lectures when you can get the answers you seek for free in the straight forward, easy-to-understand Quran? Which is in fact a good practice, it really burns out the frustation level of such women. I speak out of personal experience, students of Al-Huda biography a certain pride and think of themselves deep inside as superior to other non-alHuda muslims because they believe they have more knowledge, whether they get the chance to practice it or not more than any other muslim is yet another topic.

Thus, the line of discrimination drawn between muslims.

dr farhat hashmi biography definition

If not all, I speak of the majority. However, in the classroom and across the Al-Huda network, these ties are superseded by loyalty towards Hashmi, and women come to relate to each other as fellow students. They look up to Hashmi not as a maternal figure but as a scholar and teacher they all share. The students willingly subject themselves to the demands and biography of study, and I witnessed many classroom interactions where the request for more homework assignments or additional study sessions was put forward by students rather than teachers.

They often refer to Hashmi as a new fitna— an Arabic term used in the Quran and in Islamic dr biography definition to convey multiple shades of meaning, including discord, trial, mischief and sedition. Many prominent ulama have written and spoken in public forums against her, and have issued formal opinions fatwa s in response to questions and concerns raised by their followers. They compare their lifelong specialized training to the highly skilled work of professionals like doctors, engineers and lawyers, and point out how absurd it would be for laymen to start practicing in those fields.

Neither Hashmi nor her students at Al-Huda have gone through the required eight-year basic course of study dars-i Nizami taught in South Asian madrasas, and these critics are especially offended by Al-Huda women who start teaching the Quran after a one- or two-year short course.

They find the method of teaching at Al-Huda to be problematic as it relies only on direct translation of the Quran, ignoring the technical principles of Arabic grammar and rhetoric, Islamic theology and jurisprudence, and the scholarly opinion, debates and consensus developed over years of intellectual history Abu Safwan The ulama claim that they are carrying on the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad in providing guidance to Muslims through their exemplary practice, while Hashmi practices a religion of expediency, convenience and dr biographies definition Shabbir Other unorthodox prescriptions, in their view, include allowing women to offer their ritual prayers in the same style as men, to lead those prayers, and to recite the Quran during the menstrual period ShabbirAbu Safwan They expect the general population of Muslims to acquire only the fundamentals of Islamic knowledge covering rituals and obligations, and assign fathers and husbands the responsibility for ensuring that their female wards obtain this learning Abu Safwan They believe it is especially dangerous for women to attempt the translation and explanation of the Quran because of their limited understanding, and pointedly advise that women confine themselves to matters covered in the Bihishti Zewar 20 Abu Safwan The opposition from a male, professional class of religious experts is in many ways a struggle over who should be allowed to speak for the Islamic tradition.

Both sides share many core beliefs and assumptions about the centrality of Islamic knowledge in the regulation of everyday life, and dispute the finer details in their interpretation of religious texts and practices. Their fundamental objection is to the philosophy of this movement that seeks social reform through the enforcement of religious practice and morality.

Using arguments inspired by feminism, secular liberalism and alternative understandings of Islam, they criticize Al-Huda on two counts: They mock women who start wearing new styles of head and body covering for their shallow understanding of pious norms: They argue that Al-Huda definitions offer a false sense of comfort and sisterly community, making it difficult for the members to recognize or feel outrage against the oppression faced by less privileged women. While the ulama mostly disagree with the methods and female composition of Al-Huda, these liberal critics take issue with the very goals of the movement.

For some of them, acquiring religious knowledge and individual self-discipline are not worthwhile objectives at all, while others believe that a moral awakening is complete only if its leads to a larger social good. Hashmi, on the other hand, is keen to attract recruits from within this social group by presenting herself as a liberal and feminist interpreter of Islam. She frequently protests that her teachings inform women about the rights and dignity that Islam grants them Obaid-ChinoyIbrahim What is missing in this explanation is the institutional biographies definition and collective dimension of cultural change.

Yet, the television appearances or tapes and CDs have a limited transformative impact on their own. It is through these ties of fellowship and loyalty to a group through which women can sustain their moral commitments, and feel themselves to be part of an authoritative consensus. Students learn to apply textual lessons to their own lives and engage in constant self-examination through devices that can be carried outside the classroom and inserted into daily routines, such as cassettes and dua s supplications, prayers for various occasions.

Course packets include checklists with a series of questions for periodic self-analysis, covering personal ethics, social relations, and religious obligations. Israr Ahmad and Maulana Tahirul Qadri AhmadPhillipon who have made some space for women in their non-traditional Islamic teaching institutes.

One of the ways in which Al-Huda stands out from these competitors is in its borrowing of structures and practices from formal education: The critical reception for the movement and its female leader underscores just how unusual it is in the history of South Asian Islam for women to take up positions of religious authority.

Separate madrasas for women in the Indian Subcontinent are a recent, post-colonial innovation, and are subsidiary units of organizations run by men.

dr farhat hashmi biography definition

Muslim women, who have held positions of religious leadership, have instead relied more easily upon charismatic authority, and Kalmbach Family connections are particularly important for many of these women who benefit from the recognition and status that other usually male family members enjoy. Unlike many contemporary Islamic activists, she claims she can interpret and teach Islamic texts based not dr biography definition on her practical knowledge but also on her years of study and research on Islam. Many of her followers are as impressed by her citation of multiple scholarly references as they are by her accessible idiom and ability to switch between Urdu, English and Arabic languages when she is delivering a lecture.

Hashmi has also adopted that line of reasoning and preaches it to her followers. The very public context in which her teaching is conducted—classrooms, cassette recordings, media appearances—is a departure from traditional patterns of women providing religious instruction to other women in homes and private spaces. In contrast, the key decision-making roles at Al-Huda are all filled by women.

dr farhat hashmi biography definition

Her strict observance of public veiling and frequent invocations of her own responsibilities as a mother, wife and daughter underscore her conformity with conservative social conventions.