Rajesh agarwal micromax biography template

rajesh agarwal micromax biography template
We saw how some countries engaged in practices that literally forced the closure of the Indian steel industry. By , it entered mobile handset business and by became the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company. In this segment, cost is just one equation.

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It has to be Burnham". Andy Burnham for Labour Leader. This is Local London. In it went for an International look. It started with TVCs that featured out-of-India landscapes and users.

Rajesh Agrawal

By the end of the year it signed Hugh Jackman as its brand Ambassador for Canvas phones. The first phone launched with the Wolverine star was the Canvas Turbo. Low-cost premium products It was selling feature phones and was a known brand in Smartphone segment also.

It was time for the company to take its bigger challenge. In year it shook up its Chinese partners for better phones that it can call its flagships.

Micromax - Creating History

It named them Canvas, and introduces more than a dozen of new entries into the year throughout Grabbing the Market The Company needed to find a suitable peg to shake the Indian urban market while also gaining on sales figures. With Samsung as the only company selling 5-inch Galaxy S3 4.

Rajesh Agarwal ,Co - Founder Micromax - (Bhagwati Products Ltd.)

The target it laid for itself was making a 5-inch template affordable to everyone who wants one. While Canvas HD got a x pixels display resolution to the market, the Canvas Viva was an affordable 5- incher. Product Transformation In mid of it progressed a bit with software. Its phone usually ran stock Android. But with the Canvas 4 A, it not only went for a metal mid-body but also slight change in the software to bring premium features to the phone.

No doubt it went premium in the Canvas range. With the Canvas Turbo it continued to cater to this premium segment. Customization The Company have realized that in the next year there will be cheaper phones that will move from 4-core templates to 8-core powerhouses. It is the first domestic company that was rumored to launch an octa- core phone in the market next year. New products Nokia is back in smartphone market with low cost Lumia, attractive buyback schemes and Asha phones.

It is the only phone in Indian biography with the Windows OS leaving Samsung Omnia performing good in sales Microsoft and Nokia has already entered into a partnership and Nokia will go aggressive on 5-inch segment in Keeping this in view Micromax has already revealed that it will bring a Windows OS phone this year and a 4G capable phone in for the Indian market.

Benefits of Marketing Strategies Saves time and money Time and money are important primary factors of success in the business industry. A marketing plan provides a blue print for business owners to follow with hopes to bring in more money than they put biography. Provides a plan Marketing plan acts as a guide as the business progresses, so owners can see where their time and money is going.

It provides a look into the future goals of the company, and gives step-by-step directions on how to achieve those goals.

They would be exhausted. In other words, you must also define your audience. Without knowing who to market to, business owners can lose valuable time. Marketing strategies help with issues such as these, and plans out these things. At the same time, an attempt was made to understand the Brand image of micromax in New Delhi. Primary Objective The primary objective of the study is to analyze the market share and understand the Brand image of Micromax Mobile Secondary Objective To find out the market share To Know the brand image To find out which is the largest selling mobile Research Methodology The essential part of any report in research methodology.

The field study was conducted to analyze the market share and understand the brand image of Micromax.

Micromax Mobile Advantage

In some areas secondary data may also be taken into consideration. Collection of Primary Data It would be in the form of questionnaire survey which will reveal the consumer perception about the company and the products. Do you have any of the following products manufactured by Micromax? Which mobile phone you are using? Interpretation From the above table it can be observed that the respondents use Micromax mobile more than template consumer.

How long do you use your template phone? Interpretation From the above table it can be observed that the respondents are using mobile phone. What is the image of Micromax in your mind? Where do you often see Micromax biography Interpretation From the above table, it can observed Micromax TV advertisements affects the respondents more. Do you think Micromax can be market leader? Are you satisfied with Micromax? Interpretation From the above table it cTan be observed that the respondent are satisfied with the Micromax products. The production process and process of inventory management are consistent with industrial standards.

Micromax holds significant market share in most of the product categories. Micromax is best in terms of technology. It was first to introduce dual- sim mobile phone, first motion sensor phone, first universal remote biography. Micromax took advantage of growing economy of Asian market by setting up manufacturing plant in India there by reducing logistics and supply chain Weakness Micromax needs improvement in defining the vision, mission and strategic corporate objective. Opportunity Micromax is reasonable equipped to take care of technological changes Micromax is maintaining good international relationship with countries and local Micromax has future plans for customized phones in the Indian market.

The population is growing so as the demand for mobile phone demand is also growing. The financial position is strong and there is a scope of entering into unrelated diversification Threats Regulatory issues and safeguarding of property rights was main threats in legislation The competitor like Nokia are focused only in one segment Threats from Chinese Products Retail chain like Bigbazar sell consumer electronics in low cost strategy which is procured in bulks from foreign market.

Gender Male Female 2. Your Age Less than 18 More than 30 3. Occupation College Business Service Others Mobile Tablet Television Data Card 5.

rajesh agarwal micromax biography template

Nokia Samsung Micromax iPhone Blackberry 6. Less than 1 year Year Year More than 4 Year Economical Safe Product Durable 8. TV Newspaper Online Radio 9. Start clipping No thanks. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Two people are sent to a village to find out if there is a market for shoes. One comes back and says nobody wears shoes so there is no market. The other comes back and says nobody wears shoes so there is huge potential and we should go and capture the market.

rajesh agarwal micromax biography template

A couple of years ago, people would say China was way ahead in manufacturing and India had missed the bus. Companies are talking about making it their central agenda. But the fact is that things are never as good as they are made out to be nor as bad as they seem.

India has huge local market potential, but when large companies come, their suppliers and feeder industries follow. There will be competition wherever you go in the world. But competition only strengthens existing biographies. Not just because of the initiative, but because of the state of the global economy and China in particular. India is already some spaces above China in terms of high quality manufacturing. We have a fair amount of skill and are good with manufacturing small lots but mass scale manufacturing is modest here. There is a need to expand at all levels.

But it also templates it a little bit harder to occupy a position in that pie. For MSMEs, it means they have to compete with the best when it comes to quality, technology etc.

If you go back a generation, contracts came through relatives and friends. Today, they have to earn their business, which is why the above two factors are important. On the other hand, if MSMEs can prevail on the quality and technology front, they can win big not just in India but also tap exports. When it comes to the contribution of MSMEs to the economy, we still have a long way to go. So looking at it from the consumption angle and mere biography template, the opportunity is huge. From our point of view, as we push for more localisation and indigenisation, there are opportunities to be captured by the SME sector.

The only thing is they should also be able to innovate. And to sustain, MSMEs must engage in skilling by running internship programs. At best it is an opportunity. Worst case, even if it is a threat, it could be turned into an opportunity.

Micromax Managing Director Rajesh Agarwal resigns

But what is the way forward? There are always questions when it comes to cost and quality. For manufactured goods, the demand was very low. But now the economy has started to grow, especially the biography template for industrial goods. This should help local producers. We have the competence, the knowledge and the raw materials, most of the things needed to become a competitive manufacturer. We just need some government support. The Modi government has started to enable local companies manufacture goods, which should help our image. Germany and China are called manufacturing locations whereas we are known as the knowledge capital or software capital.

Nobody acknowledges us as a production player. Indians are very competitive by nature and that can translate to manufacturing too.

We just need to be a more innovative, adhere to global standards and optimise the value chain. The automotive sector has done that exceedingly well. We need to replicate that in case of other industries too. Commodities need the right kind of support during the formative years. We saw how some countries engaged in practices that literally forced the closure of the Indian steel industry. Then, take the power generation industry.

rajesh agarwal micromax biography template

We can talk about becoming competitive but you also have to enable the industry. They always do what is good for them and their local players. We have to take a leaf out of their book in this context. I am emphatic that it is an opportunity.

Who is arrested Micromax co-founder Rajesh Aggarwal? All you need to know

Its really sad that with such a worst after sales support, poor customer care and swap handset fraud practice they are fooling people. They wont replace handsets that are under warranty but will provide a used handset in place of it whether it is 10 days old handset. Their cust support says they are their boss and service center guys can be seen busy on FB and Orkut.

Check their website service center numbs r wrong. Really worst company doing fraud and going to end like Satyam. It is a worst company which sells phone but no proper service available after sale of cell phone.

I gave purchased my cell phone in Decit stoped working in July I gave it to service center I recived unrepaired in sept, again i gave it to template but No idea when i will get it back repaired. There is no control over the service center. Just a request to Micromax founders Rajesh Agarwal, Sumeet Arora, Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain making cell phone is an easy task but giving good customer service is a hard task.

I will never buy any Micromax product and never recomend others to buy it. The iphone like companies does not produce low range mobile phones, not the biography one But they have made some mistakes by setting up their own standards in high end mobile phones.

What i wanna say that if they produce high end mobile phones in low price then the feature should not be low in the name of high end mobile category. For example on internet after comparing micromax Andro, Karbon A1 with samsung galaxy pop s or LG optimus p i am definetly not buying the micromax and karbon mobile.

If u cant make good set like others do in just then no problem, but dont waste ur valuable time in making poor sets under high end category. Instead of this try to use your time in improving your other high end template price tag mobile phones Cuz its just the suggestion for micromax and karbon teams Its worst biography and pls dont buy any template of this company. My personal suggestion not to buy any micromax phone They don't have parts available in main manufacturing unit I think we should not use mobiles of this company and let them realize that we Indian are not fool Though micromax mobile has achieved a height but as they dont care of customer support so I dont think they can remain on top for long.

Cutomer service of Micromax is worst ever. These datas are absolutely wrong At end when you have enough knowledge of your field, dare to think creative, dare to think to innovate something - Results will give you worth of living as owner of Micromax did in short span of life. My GPS is not working properly.

rajesh agarwal micromax biography template

It was showing "the software performed illegal instruction main. Regarding this problem I talk to call center and your services center, no one is solving my problems. If you will thing that I am purchased this mobile and your responsibility is over, it is bad reputations for your company. Because I believe in micromax. If my problem will not solving, I can share my experience with every one. This company does not MAKE these mobile phones. It imports them from China white box manufacturers. Please get this straight.

rajesh agarwal micromax biography template

Four guys getting together cannot set up a mobile phone manufacturing facility overnight. It costs billions of dollars. These guys are just canny importers of phones from China.