Muyideen ajani bello biography sample

muyideen ajani bello biography sample
Nobody owes religious loyalty to anybody. June 3, at 6: We muslims love jesus.

May Almighty Allah grant her soul janatul firdaus. Yes she gave her life to lord of Joseph,moses and Isah jesus the one and only one God.

Why give ur life to christ when u already have a supreme being greater than anyone or anything that ever existed. Allah is Great and will always be. May allah forgive her of her sins and grant her aljannah. We were created by God, to Him we shall return at the appointed time. Every soul would taste death. Consoling the great islamic scholar and his family.

May her shortcomings been forgiven by the Creator of heaven and earth. Three surat al Ikhlas. Pls respect others religion. So pls let's be guided. We need to mind what we say even if it is online.

The person who made you write this was wrong but you cannot correct evil with evil. He actually thought he was on the right path and that should be expected of anybody biography sample if he is an idol worshipper. Islam prohibits abusing people's gods even if they abuse your God. Peace be upon you! In fact, we Muslims love Jesus more because we don't believe he was used by Romans to deceive the gentiles of then that he was used as human sacrifice to atone for their sinful ways The same way some so-called barbaric African religions do too You insult Christians when you ask us to fear and worship him.

Yahweh is the only God, and Jesus is part of the Godhead.

How then can Muhammad be anything at all? When you have the Living Witness of the sinless Jesus, why would you turn to the flawed character of Muhammad for guidance? Muslims are simply irrational. Read the Bible, study Christian theology, come to the Truth that will set you free.

muyideen ajani bello biography sample

I wonder why Christians are always pissed off with d mention of Islam or A Muslim as a person. We both have limited time to live and return back to our creator for reckoning be you a christian, Muslim or free thinker. Religion is not a barrial u go for what suit for you.

God is great like wise Allah is great… All we need is Faith. This is a Muslim lie to make Islam appear more respectable.

muyideen ajani bello biography sample

The Christian God is Yahweh. He is triune, one God in three Persons.

muyideen ajani bello biography sample

His chief trait is love. Yahweh views humankind as His precious children.

muyideen ajani bello biography sample

Prior to Muhammad he was simply one of hundreds of idols worshipped at the Kaaba. This idol had three daughters: Manat, Allat, and Al-Uzza. Allah is claimed to have a simple, seamless oneness.

He does not love humankind; in fact, he views people as his slaves. Given all of this, how can any rational person claim that Allah and Yahweh are the same?

Allah akbar, Allah Akbar, Akbar, God is wonderful my brother from another religion,almighty Allah has told the prophet Mohammed SAW that no body can or will fight for my religion, so there will be a time people will enter my religion in numbers, so the time has come my brother from another religion, so praise be to almighty Allah and peace to his prophet whom has guided is to this felicity never could we have found guidance, had it not been for the guidance of almighty Allah.

I love everything about Islam. I am a christian but everybody has right to do whatever he biographies sample and d fact that Ayefele invited a muslim cleric during d fasting does nt mean he is a muslim. He is d owner of his radio station and that is where he is making his money so why are u all looking for trouble? I hate pple fighting bcos of religion. I forbid dat for him and his entire generation….

muyideen ajani bello biography sample

Allah say in his holy Quran dat he wil nt accept any other religion except Islam…he says does wu call them self xtian believe in sum part of his prophet nd dnt believe in d remainin prophet bcos of dis we put in den enemy…nd til d end day they wil nt do thier things in same way….

My own view is nt urs… Urs is nt mine…but as a muslim am appy nd pray 2 die as a muslim. Converting from a Christian to a Muslim does not make any difference because we are all serving a living GOD. To be a religion of peace in not by saying but by practice.

How can the same God give instruction to kill those of biography sample religion and be rewarded. Tweet 41 comments - What do you think? June 29, at 4: June 29, at 5: June 3, at 5: June 11, at July 26, at 3: July 21, at June 29, at 7: June 30, at 3: June 29, at 8: June 29, at 9: July 2, at 3: June 3, at 6: June 30, at June 29, at June 30, at 6: June 30, at 7: July 1, at September 30, at 7: June 30, at 5:

muyideen ajani bello biography sample