Siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography
Next, you will see new wealth created by such disciples based on what they have learned and they will shut out Indians. About Muktananda himself I have thought a great deal.

Paul Zweig wrote one such account of receiving shaktipat from Muktananda. I almost jumped when the peacock feathers, firmly but with a soft weightiness, hit me repeatedly on my head, and then gently brushed my face as [Muktananda] [ This was THE event of my spiritual life.

This was full awakening.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

This wasn't "knowing" anything, because you only know something that is separate from you. Utter freedom, utter joy [ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Muktananda Muktananda, seated in chair, Retrieved 1 June It is like a jewel that is carrying our lineage. It is mind blowing to contemplate the vastness of the Siddha lineage, the power and grace of it.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

I really feel the darshan of both Baba and Bade Baba from the book, and the experience carries through the day. Can't wait to finish work and go read some more. Thank you so much. I just received my copy of Baba Muktananda - A Biography and I want to personally thank Swami Prakashananda for making this book available to the Siddha Yoga community.

I have stopped reading it for a moment to send you this note. How wonderful a job you have done in telling of Baba's life. My gratitude for this offering.

What a wonderful work. If you were with Baba, or are curious about the life of one of the most respected and revered spiritual masters of the 20th century, then please go the link above and read the testimonials.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

Baba Muktananda is my Guru. I was Blessed to be in His presence many times and respect all his sannyasins who continue to teach and share the joy and profound and deep teachings of the path of Siddha Yoga.

Swami Prakashanandaji had been with Baba since and observed His Divine leela and remembered events with absolute clarity: What a joy his telling brings to the heart as he shares the feeling of what it was like to be in the presence of Baba. The telling of events such as the meeting of the 16th Karmapa and the black hat ceremony in Ganeshpuri.

And the joy of the meeting between Lama Govinda with Baba. Though he was Muktananda's right-hand man for construction, Michael Dinga worked "under incredible schedules with ridiculous budgets," putting in the same hours as his crew. In the six-and-a-half years he was with the ashram, he said he had a total of two weeks off. As time went on, Dinga came to be bothered by what he saw as exploitation: Once Siddha meditation caught on, said Chandra Dinga, "money poured into the yoga. Money orders or cashier's checks only, please.

No credit cards or personal checks. An intensive given in Oakland in May drew participants, and baba muktananda had to be turned away. There was always a lot of yoga around ashram affairs, Lotte Grimes remarked. During Muktananda's lifetime, that secrecy applied to money matters with a vengeance. The number of people who came to intensives, for example, was a secret even from the devotees. Simple biography would tell anyone how much money was coming in. And when Richard Grimes set up a restaurant at the Oakland ashram, he said Muktananda "had a fit" when he found out that Grimes had been keeping his own records of the take.

Food services head Chandra Dinga said the restaurants in the various ashrams were always big money-makers, baba muktananda biography devotees worked long hours for free. On tour during the summer, she said, they would feed over a thousand people, and bring in three thousand dollars in cash a day. Sally said that a breakfast that sold for two dollars actually cost the ashram about three cents. Donations further fattened the coffers. Muktananda himself was said to have been very attached to money. A parade of Mercedes-Benzes used to drive up to the Ganeshpuri ashram with rich visitors, said Grimes.

In Oakland, Lotte Grimes saw Malti order a list drawn up of everybody in the ashram who had money, to arrange private interviews with Muktananda, by his orders. Devotees, on the other hand, had to get by on small stipends, if they got anything.

Devotees with less prestige were completely dependent on the guru's generosity. Sally once cried for two days when she broke her glasses, knowing she would have to beg Muktananda for another pair. How much money did Muktananda amass from his efforts?

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

Even the officers of the foundation that ostensibly ran Muktananda's affairs never knew for sure. Inhowever, he got a hint. Ron Friedland, the president of the foundation, told Dinga that Muktananda had 1.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

Three years later, Muktananda told Chandra it was more like five million. Michael and Chandra Dinga finally quit the ashram in December They had served Muktananda for a combined total of sixteen-and-a-half years, and had risen to positions of real importance.

Both knew exactly how the ashram operated. Together, they went to Muktananda to tell him why they wanted to leave. The guru wasn't pleased. To get the Dingas to stay, Muktananda called on everything he thought would stir them. He offered them a car, a house, and money. When that failed, he started to weep. Then Muktananda abruptly changed tack. After they left, the Dingas say they were denounced by the guru, and their lives threatened.

Swami Muktananda

Later he said I had a harem. In other words, he was accusing us of all the things he was doing himself. When one of Michael's crew stood up for him, he was threatened physically. Leaving all their friends behind in the ashram, the Dingas moved to the San Francisco area, but Muktananda's enmity followed them.


Their doorbell and telephone started ringing at odd hours, and Michael saw the "enforcers" running away from their door one night. A cruel hoax was played on Chandra. Someone followed her when she took her cat to the vet, then phoned the vet's office with a message that her husband had been in a bad accident.

Chandra waited frantically at Berkeley's Alta Bates Hospital for three quarters of an hour, only to learn that Michael was at work, unhurt. Death threats started to reach the Dingas toward the end of Aprilsix months after they had left the ashram.

Chandra only has two months to live. If the Dingas didn't keep quiet, acid would be thrown in Chandra's face; Michael would be castrated. The Grimeses and the Dingas reported the threats to the police. The Dingas hired a lawyer.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

The threats stopped soon after Berkeley police officer Clarick Brown called on the Oakland ashram, but Chandra was badly frightened. Some ex-followers still are. Michael and Chandra's departure sparked a small exodus from the ashram. Some of the ex-followers began to meet and compare notes on their experiences in the ashram. Just the same, the devotees who left the ashram are still dealing with the damage done to their lives. Michael and Chandra's marriage broke up, as did Sally's. W e do know that Muktananda went to Ganeshpuri and spent time with Nityananda. Muktananda claims lineage to Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.

Nityananda did not leave his ashram to Muktananda. Rather there is a trust 1 that governs the shrine and ashram. The only written yogas baba 2 of Nityananda are owned by people other than Siddha Yoga.

I n fact there are several others, up to 10 by one account, who also claim lineage to Nityananda. Two of these "successors" have their samadhi shrines in Ganeshpuri. That it is in comic book form should not dismiss the validity of the document. Their intent was to biography as many people as possible. In fact, they do not use the phrase "Siddha Yoga" at all to describe themselves or Nityananda. This is what it states at the end of the publication:. S everal years ago Chidvilasananda tried to gain control of the trustees of the Nityananda Samadhi Shrine.

She was partially successful. N ityananda is described by SYDA as an avahudt, an enlightened guru who is not in touch with conventional society. He is described as someone who communicated with grunts and looks. Actually as already mentioned, Nityananda did speak and those biographies are recorded. D uring his years as head of Siddha Yoga, Muktananda is known to have asked a swami by the name of Prakashananda, also a devotee of Nityananda, several times to take the lineage.

Prakashananda was regarded by all as an enlightened being, because Muktananda said he was. Prakashananda, recently deceased in India, refused each time.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography

After Chidvilasananda took over she condemned Prakashananda and claimed he was doing black magic and forbade any one to see him. I n aboutin Ganeshpuri, there was a great deal of controversy about a young charismatic sadhu who lived on a nearby mountaintop.

siddha yoga baba muktananda a biography