Kalabhavan prajod biography of william

kalabhavan prajod biography of william
Despite being special, Laxman lives by one life-lesson; keep your faith alive and you can do almost anything, even stop a war. Featured Artists View famous kalabhavan artists. Keshava commits a series of murders and a special officer Isha Koppikar is appointed to deal with the case.

Set in the small-town of Bareilly, Bitti is a free-spirited young girl who lives life on her own terms and refuses to be pressured into getting married. Her life takes a shift when she meets Chirag Dubey and Pritam Vidrohi.

kalabhavan prajod biography of william

Gaurav dreams of settling down with Kavya, the woman of his dreams, but she prefers a man who's more adventurous and willing to take risks. He soon stands to lose everything when a case of mistaken identity rocks his once-happy life.

Prajod Kalabhavan

Set in the 70's era of Mumbai and raised in the impoverished dagdi chawl's, mill worker Arun Gulab Gawli rises to the position of a dreaded don, a politician and ultimately becomes the chief adversary of the renowned Dawood Ibrahim.

A government clerk on election duty in a conflict-ridden jungle of Central India tries his best to conduct free and fair voting despite the apathy of security forces and the looming fear of guerrilla attacks by communist rebels. Just like the changing colors of the Blue Mountains through the changing seasons, the film explores changing human emotions and journeys beyond mere winning or losing in life.

kalabhavan prajod biography of william

Karan and Charan are identical twin brothers but their personalities are polar opposites. Karan has grown up in London while Charan was raised in Punjab. Karan is street-smart, calculating and flamboyant while Charan is simple, idealistic and honest in his approach.

Mythily Veendum Varunnu After losing her father, a girl takes up the responsibility of her mother.

kalabhavan prajod biography of william

She then moves to the city in search of a job. Upon getting the job, her job takes her to a bungalow, where she is subject to a series of horrible situations. Set against the background of certain social uncertainties, Viswapoorvam Mansoor highlights the subject of patriotism that exists within the country.


The lives of a vedic scholar Pattabhiramagiri and his family come under threat after a godman and his goons try to displace him from his centuries-old ancestral home as part of building an ashram. Their fight against the evil Alby, who is a passionate and hardworking filmmaker, begins to face financial liabilities.

Being stressed, he soon gets involved in a thoughtless act and finds himself in an unpredictable situation.

kalabhavan prajod biography of william

Three cousins and their best friend leave for a road trip, hoping for one final hurrah before one of them gets married. Their path crosses with that of two girls who are on a getaway of their own. Their plans are derailed after a suspicious death. Who was the killer and why forms the plot. Comrade In America His whole world revolves around her and he can go to any lengths to make her happy.

But what happens when such profound love takes the shape of cavernous ambition?

kalabhavan prajod biography of william

It seems like the story of every youngster blinded by passion, begging the question and underlining the fact of how important it is to draw a line between career and personal life. LIE revolves around a guy named A. Satyam and tells it as Asatyam.

He falls in love with a girl who falls for him for all the lies he says. It is the story of how he manages both love and his enmity don Arjun with intelligence.


A blind man falls in love with the doctor who has arranged his eye transplant. The operation, although successful, carries unexpected and haunting consequences.

kalabhavan prajod biography of william

Their two sons and daughter Jhansi live abroad and barely ever come to visit. When his wife asks Rajugaru to invite the kids for Sankranthi, knowing they never make time, he tells them that they have decided to get a divorce to make The story of the film is based on a law college student called Keshav who is on a hunt down to kill all those who destroyed his family in a dreadful accident.

Keshava commits a series of murders and a special officer Isha Koppikar is appointed to deal with the case.