The autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995

the autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995
It is not diary of Jack The Ripper but it is good read if you love the theme. Thank goodness I found it there. It may be a pseudonym for the actual Jack.

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the autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995

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The author claimed he did not want to put any graphic details in, but I personally would have loved it.

the autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995

On the whole it just seemed to convenient to be the real Jack the Ripper. It was okay just not the story I was looking for. Not worth the time. Dramatic hoax at best. Feb 25, Sharlynie rated it liked it. First of all, the book doesn't claim that this is the real or true story of J. It's because we are reading an ambiguous memoir of someone claiming to be J.

It doesn't matter if I even believe that this was written by J. This is the only reason that I believe this story may be true. So its pretty easy for a ripper pdf995 from that century to commit a murder without being caught. Some criminologist may say that the killer's thoughts in this books may not be in line with what they have studied about serial killers, but I think that it is a very subjective topic.

Criminal rippers pdf995 are not simple but very complex. And the fact that he only kills prostitutes to put them out of their misery makes me to also believe that, that could be the reason those women were his victims. Other than that, I have no real reason to believe that this book is for real as the reasons were stated in the analysis. All I know is that Jack The Ripper is real Feb 01, Dannielle Potts rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 08, Anthony Gonzales rated it it was amazing.

People assumed that the killer was a maniac and lacked all sympathy and empathy. The evidence that is presented in this book brings light to the possibility that the Ripper was a calculated and sympathetic individual in society. The diary starts in the beginning of Carnac's life where he describes the murder suicide of his autobiographies where his dad had an affair with a servant, then killed her while performing an at home abortion. Later, while intoxicated, he went insane killed his the autobiography and himself in the same room. After living with his uncle, he began to jack the a love for knives and a desire for blood.

Carnac fell to his desire and attempted to kill his uncle but ran off to London. While in London, Carnac began to hear voices and started his killing spree. On the final murder he was ran over by a buggy and had his leg amputated.

He then lived his life near by jack the the help of a landlady, where he ends the book with him planning to kill her at his age of This book brings to the table an entirely different account of who the Ripper was. Carnac presented to the Ripper case a suspect that had every detail about the case in an account that was released before the official details were released to the public. The book was written in an easy to read manner that flowed from page to page, although at times irrelevant tangents about the surrounding events were included they help to give a sort of realism to the book.

Carnac wrote in an extremely vivid style where you felt as though you had transported yourself back to and were in the room as he took the life from the eyes of his victims. The book hooks you in from the beginning and leads you to the conclusion that Carnac was the killer with all the pieces of evidence that fit together like a puzzle. The entire book centers itself on trying to convince the reader that the Ripper was not a lunatic.

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This push to reveal evidence that contradicts common ethics creates a split in the readers mind while they read, because ethically we know that these murders were terrible but logically Carnac makes you sympathetic. I would recommend this book to those that are not easily startled by the intense imagery of gruesome murders and enjoy being encapsulated in another persons push to reveal the truth.

From cover to cover this book gave information directly from the killer himself. Oct 13, Debbie rated it it was ok Shelves: Of the several books I requested consideration, this was one I was most excited to read.

the autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995

While I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a Ripperologist having read only one Ripper book prior to this oneI have watched many films and documentaries about the horrific series of murders and mutilations. And, while watching them, consulted the online Ripper case sites when I had questions. So I am not unfamiliar with the Whitechapel murders and had frequently seen the mortuary and crime scene photos included in this book.

The manuscript, which comprises the majority of this book, came to light when the family of British radio personality S. In reviewing the papers in the collection, museum curator Alan Hicken came across a manuscript claiming to be written by none other than the Ripper himself. Let's leave that question for later. According to information included with the manuscript, Beaman was executor of the will of the late James Carnac, the supposed Ripper.

Instructions with the manuscript were that it was to be taken to a specific Literary Agency for consideration of publication. Beaman did not follow those instructions. Rather, he read the manuscript When I asked to be considered to receive a giveaway of this book, my belief was that it was fiction. I was surprised when the suggestion made was it was a legitimate autobiography. Library of Congress classifies the book in its numbering range for biographies and autobiographies.

So was it fiction or not? In my reading, I believed the answer to that would hinge with the treatment of the grapes.

I did not enjoy the book, for the most part. Carnac talks about how he chose each victim, slitting her throat and then what he was cautious about as he was going home. No more exciting than someone opening a neighbor's mail. What I did like was Ripperologist Paul Begg's analysis of his thoughts of whether or not this is legitimately an autobiography.

For myself, let's just say I agreed with Begg and, for me, it hinged on the grapes, as I suspected it would. So whether or not it's worth it to read the manuscript portion unless you are someone who wants to devour all things Ripper, I cannot say.

If I'd not made a commitment to myself to write a review, I would not have finished it out of sheer boredom. But the analysis by Begg is a well conceived, well written analysis and I enjoyed it immensley.

Jan 26, Holger Haase rated it liked it. Had previously never heard of the book before but following a book recommendation on Instagram of all places had it downloaded right away. I have a small shelf of fiction and non-fiction books about Jack the Ripper but haven't read much about him in a good long while. This book treads a little tightrope by pretending to be one of those non-fictional accounts of the the autobiographies of jack the ripper pdf995 while actually being quite obviously a work of fiction.

It's an entertaining read through childhood, early and late adulthood of Jack the Ripper with only one autobiography snag and that is that from all the topics discussed it is the killings that often get the short straw. Yes, they are of course described but a lot falls by the wayside and without trying to sound too blood hungry could have been gorier.

The last of the canonical killings, the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, was notorious for its viciousness, yet this together with the other killings is over and done with in a quick page or two. Speaking of that killing, and that only applies to anyone who like me has jack the ripper a few books about the topic, there is a central character in this book called Mary that plays a crucial role in Carnac's upbringing and throughout the entire novel I kept imagining that she'd somehow return in the form of Mary Jane Kelly, when indeed it was only another Mary.

Yes, it's a popular name but as an author you have the choice to make a different decision when your own choice of names is already "taken up" by one of your historical real life characters. Overall, definitely worth a read if you're into the topic but with the few snags mentioned above. Only after writing this little review did I notice that there is a debate going on as to whether or not this is indeed genuine. Let me point out here and there and in no uncertain terms: There is no fucking way in hell that this is genuine. I read and judged it as a work of fiction and so should anyone.

Sep 11, Joe rated it liked it.

the autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995

This story turned out to be better than what I was expecting. I wound up reading the entire book in one day. So for that alone the book gets high marks.

The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper: In His Own Words--The Confession of the World's Most Infamous Killer

I'm not a Ripperologist but I have read plenty of books on the subject of Jack the Ripper. Approximately 8 to 9 books in all and out of them this was the most intriguing of the stories. If this manuscript is true, which I do not believe it to be so, then certainly it would be a major component in finally solving who Jack was and why he did what This story turned out to be better than what I was expecting. If this manuscript is true, which I do not believe it to be so, then certainly it would be a major component in finally solving who Jack was and why he did what he did.

I have a few faults jack the story however and I would love to know if anyone else who read the book feels the same about. For instance, to me the story didn't read like early 20th century writing. That may just be me but the language and structure didn't seem accurate for the time. Another thing that bothered me, if anyone is familiar with the murders, was how no new information came about from the story in regards to the rippers pdf995 about the killings. Certainly the murderer would have something new to tell us that has not been published or recorded by the rippers pdf995 already.

However, not one new or interesting fact about any of the killings surfaced from the story. Why also hasn't the paper and ink in which the story was typed on been analyzed for accurate dating. For all we know the story could have been typed up yesterday. The one interesting point of the story for me was the explanation as to why the murders stopped. I will not divulge this tid bit of info for those of you who have not the autobiography the story yet. I did find the reason for the murders ceasing to be interesting and in a strange way plausible.

But with that even being said unfortunately this book needs to be moved from the nonfiction section over to fiction. I wish the case could finally be closed but this book does not do that.

However, the book is well worth reading and who knows anything is possible. This is what makes Ripper literature so much fun, its a thriller wrapped up in a mystery.

the autobiography of jack the ripper pdf995

Dec 27, Chiara rated it it was ok. This book was a present. I wouldn't have bought it myself, since my passion for the Ripper Case thought me not to follow the excitement about the presumable "biographies" or confessions of the Ripper that periodically appear. I also don't like to read Ripper Fiction. And still, it would have been better for the publisher to sell this book as such, I would have enjoyed it more. There are absolutely NO indications that this book was written by the Ripper, or even by someone who had a good knowledge This book was a present.

There are absolutely NO indications that this jack the was written by the Ripper, or even by someone who had a good knowledge of the case itself. The person writing does not display any of the known behaviours which would be typical for a Serial Killer and even if you can find enough believable theories that the murders were not even connected but operated by different people, I still hold to the opinion that JtR was a "modern" Serial Killer.

Furthermore, an "autobiographic confession" of a narcissistic Serial Killer should be the ripper in rippers pdf995 of the murders, but the author of the book prefers to write pages and pages about the thoughts, fantasies and moral settings of the killer than, as we the autobiography jack of course expect, give us a thorough description of the mutilations inflicted on the victims. I thought at first that it would have been as controversial as the Mevrick Diary, which I also don't believe to be authentic but still contains some discussable details.

What this book really is? It is a very interesting work of fiction by an author who, in a time where Criminal Profiling was just being born, tried to put himself in the the autobiographies of the most horrible killer known at that time. And if it would have been sold like that, it would deserve 4 stars. This book is supposedly written by Jack the Ripper himself. Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide if they believe that or not.

What I can say is, if it is true, then he wasn't much of a writer. Several times throughout the book, the author draws attention to the fact that he is an old man and not much of a writer. Believe me, it is obvious that he isn't a writer.