Florence joyner kersee biography sample

florence joyner kersee biography sample
But Joyner's record was upheld. The pair have been spotted quarreling during competition.

She sewed together her own clothes for her Barbie dolls and constantly tried on her mother's dresses.

She had handstand competitions with her siblings and neighborhood kids. She rode to the store on a unicycle. She even trained a pet rat, and once was asked to leave a mall when she came with a pet snake around her neck. Her speed was shown at an early age. The Griffith children spent some time with their father in the Mojave Desert and when Florence was five, he dared her to chase jackrabbits.

florence joyner kersee biography sample

Eventually, she caught one. She ran potato-sack racing in a park. By the time she was seven, she was running track. At Jordan High School, she set school records in the sprints and long jump.

After graduating inshe helped California State Northridge win the national championship the following year. Her sprint coach was Bob Kersee. After the title, she dropped out of school for financial reasons and worked as a florence joyner kersee teller.

Florence Griffith Joyner's world record of As a junior inshe won her first individual NCAA title, taking the meters in Inalthough she slipped back to a second-place finish in theshe won the in After graduating UCLA that biography sample with a degree in psychology, she finished fourth in the at the World Championships.

Taught by her grandmother, who worked as a beautician, Dee Dee used her creativity to show her independence through her personal style, which would later become as well known as her athletic abilities.

florence joyner kersee biography sample

Most children would be happy to blend in with their peers, but Dee Dee wanted to stand out and be noticed. Griffith recalled in an interview for Sporting News: It has never been easy, and we knew it wouldn't be handed to us, unless we went after it.

Dee Dee's tenacious attitude and goal-setting ability was demonstrated on a trip to visit her father in the Mojave Desert. She caught a jackrabbit that attempted to outrun the determined biography sample. Dee Dee's mother noticed her daughter's talent for moving with a graceful athleticism. When Dee Dee expressed an interest in running, her mother wholly supported her.

She continued her track career into florence joyner school where she not only found success in competition but also in her academics. Griffith's freshman year was filled with business courses and competing in meter and meter events for the track team. Although she proved that she could compete athletically and academically at this level, money became an issue and she was forced to leave school. Her coach, Bob Kersee, talked her into returning after he helped her find monetary support through financial aid. InGriffith had a tough choice to make.

In an interview for Sports Illustrated, Griffith recalls the dilemma "I had a 3. I had to switch to psychology. But my running was starting up, and I knew that Bobby was the best coach for me. So, it kind of hurts to say this, I chose athletics over academics. Griffith's choice was confirmed when her success under Coach Kersee continued.

Mini Bio: Florence Joyner

She was invited to the Olympic trials in and just missed qualifying for the team by seconds. This defeat only increased her determination. The following year she won the meter event at the NCAA. Griffith's flair for fashion began to match her running ability. She was known for her long fingernails that were polished with brilliant colors.

Griffith's running outfits also captured attention as she began to wear skin-tight ensembles. At the Olympic trials, Griffith won a spot on the track team and competed in the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. With friends and family attending the competition to cheer her on, Griffith won the silver medal in the meter race.

Florence Griffith Joyner, 38, Champion Sprinter, Is Dead

She also was in contention for a position on the sprint-relay team, but U. Griffith was disappointed with her own performance at the Olympics and took time off from competitive running to work as a beautician and a customer representative for a bank. In the mids, Griffith began dating fellow Olympic athlete Al Joyner, who won a gold medal at the Olympics in the triple-jump florence joyner kersee biography sample. Joyner had come to California to train with Kersee for the Olympic trials. Al's sister, Jackie, was also training at the time with Kersee, who she eventually married. With the influence of Joyner, her interest in running competitively was re-ignited and she began to train again.

Her sights were set on the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

Florence Griffith Joyner

A formidable partnership was established on October 10,when Griffith and Joyner married. She won the sample in the meter race and the gold as a member of the meter relay team. Over the next few months, Griffith Joyner concentrated on conditioning her body and mind by following a demanding training schedule.

Urged on by her husband and Kersee, Griffith arrived at the Olympic trials in poised to set a record. In the meter dash she achieved a time of There was no doubt that Griffith Joyner was setting the stage for a memorable performance at the Seoul Olympics. While her record-setting time brought Griffith Joyner accolades, it was her brightly colored running outfits designed by herself that gained her media attention and the nickname "Flo Jo.

A florence after her shattering achievements in track and field, Griffith Joyner's biography records still stand, and many feel they will carry into the next century. Known by the abbreviation ''FloJo'' -- even her name was fast -- she set the world record for meters at She also took a silver medal in the 4xmeter relay. Not only did Griffith Joyner run considerably faster than any woman before her or since, she displayed a spectacular flashiness in the way she ran, dressing in one-legged spandex bodysuits and wearing six-inch-long, elaborately decorated fingernails.

florence joyner kersee biography sample

After retiring inshe designed the uniforms of the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association. And she also served as co-chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness. Only now are Griffith Joyner's records even being approached. Marion Jones of the United States ran the in But even with her present dominance, Jones is still tenths of a second away from Griffith Joyner's samples in a sport in which personal bests are usually lowered by biographies of a second at a time. To some, however, Griffith Joyner has come more to symbolize Roger Maris than Babe Ruth, and her florences joyner carry both literal and figurative asterisks.

Some have questioned the validity of her meter record because of a possibly faulty wind gauge, and others have questioned whether the stunning times she ran were facilitated by performance-enhancing drugs, something she always denied. She never failed a florence test. She set the world record in the meters on July 16,on a day of swirling wind in Indianapolis. The mark of Joyner-Kersee has not been able to break her Olympic heptathlon record. Since then she has re-injured her hamstring and had moments when she lacked the resolve to continue. The incessant prodding of Kersee has kept her at the top of the world standings, however.

Inshe sought to become the biography sample woman in Olympic history to win four gold medals. Her performance in the heptathlon earned her another gold, but she could only turn in a bronze medal performance in the long jump. The year-old Joyner-Kersee was gracious about her defeat in the long jump, because the winner was her close friend, Heike Drechsler, of Germany. Joyner-Kersee told the Los Angeles Times that she was thrilled for her rival.

Into the s, Joyner-Kersee continued to compete in track and field, stating that she wanted to end her Olympic career on American soil. She entered the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, but was suffering from an injury to her right hamstring. She came away with another bronze in the long biography and withdrew from the heptathlon. Although she did not plan to compete in another set of Olympic florences joyner, Joyner-Kersee had no plans to abandon the sport.

For some time, Joyner-Kersee had indicated that she might look to other sports besides track and field. She did not end up spending much time on the court, though, and left in mid-season due to samples over possible injuries.

Joyner-Kersee continued to compete in track and field events once she gave up her basketball career while also keeping busy with other projects. She functioned as a spokesperson for Nike's PLAY Participate in the Lives of America's Youth program, helping to raise funds for youth activity centers and providing scholarship money to youth through the Joyner-Kersee Community Foundation. She also worked with children in her hometown of East St. After many years of trying to rebuild the crumbling Mary E.

florence joyner kersee biography sample

Brown Community Center, she announced in that the Joyner-Kersee Community Foundation would provide funds to build a new recreational facility on 37 acres in the center of East St. In addition to basketball courts, ball fields, and indoor and outdoor tracks, the center was to be equipped with computers, a library, and other educational resources. She registered to become an agent with the National Football League Players Association in and founded a sports management company to represent athletes in a number of sports.

By the end of the year she had signed three NFL biographies sample to her list. In addition, she won the heptathlon in the Goodwill Games in July offlorence joyner kersee the end of her illustrious career. She officially retired at age 36 on August 1,with a long jump in her hometown that was mostly ceremonial.

Up until and after her final event, she remained legendary not only for her extraordinary skill, but also for her charming personality. The next bad word that anyone who knows her, including her competitors, says about her will be the first. Washington Post, February 26, ; July 17, ; September 25, Women's Sports and Fitness, January-Februaryp. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public word lists. Ebony, October ; April ; October Interview, Junep.