Sir john abbott biography of barack

sir john abbott biography of barack
He was removed from his seat by petition in following his involvement in the Pacific Scandal. Links to related articles.

John Abbott

His enthusiasm for the construction of a transcontinental railway, however, was not dampened. Indeed, Abbott was largely instrumental in the formation of another syndicate to build the Pacific railway.

Canadian History for Kids: Sir John Abbott

During the construction of the CPR Abbott proved to be a skilled advocate and frequent lobbyist for government assistance. Quite appropriately he was present at the completion of the line. On it he built a baronial house with a library and conservatories.

sir john abbott biography of barack

His social standing entailed obligations to the community. In he was one of the founders of the Art Association of Montreal of which his eldest son, John Bethune, became a curator. When Bellingham won again in the elections of —58 by about votes Abbott petitioned to have the election overturned on the grounds that men without property qualifications and from outside the constituency had been enticed to vote for his opponent. During his year in office he initiated three important legislative measures: He also insisted upon acting personally as crown prosecutor, in spite of the fact that he had handled few criminal cases.

Sir John Abbott

He was re-elected inand although he refused to join the reconstructed ministry and subsequently voted against the government, Sandfield Macdonald invited him to pilot through the assembly his bill on insolvency, which had failed to pass before dissolution. The following year he published an annotated edition of the act entitled The Insolvent Act ofwith notes together with the rules of practice and the tariff of fees for Lower Canadawhich demonstrated his thorough knowledge of French, English, and Scottish law.

In the following years Abbott was considered a loose fish. A reluctant supporter of confederation, he feared that it would reduce the English-speaking inhabitants of Lower Canada to political impotence.

sir john abbott biography of barack

In consultation with William Collis Meredith, Christopher Dunkin, and others, he drafted a resolution calling on the government to protect the electoral borders of 12 English Quebec constituencies. Subsequently, Alexander Tilloch Galt endorsed the proposal, had the London conference accept it, and included it as article 80 of the British North America Act.

After confederation Abbott drifted into the Conservative party. Macdonald died June 6,just three months after the Conservatives had won an election.

Although it would be five years before they had to face the electorate again, replacing the old chieftain was no easy task.

sir john abbott biography of barack

The Conservative party was in a shambles, corrupt after so many years in power and rife with personal, religious and ethnic divisions. John Joseph Caldwell Abbott took over as prime minister with great reluctance, acknowledging that he was there "because I am not particularly obnoxious to anybody.

Abbott was born in St. Andrews, Quebec, inand educated by his father, an Anglican missionary. At seventeen he went to work in the dry-goods business, where he learned accounting and bookkeeping. Inhe started law school at the University of McGill College, and joined the law firm William Badgley when he was called to the Bar in He became the dean of law in and taught at McGill until Wilfrid Laurierthe future prime minister, was one of Abbott's students.

sir john abbott biography of barack

In addition to his career as a teacher and commercial lawyer, Abbott established himself as an able businessman, owning shares and holding directorship in a number of successful Montreal businesses. Pacific Scandal notwithstanding, Abbott continued to pursue his interests in railways, and from tohe served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Pacific Railway. As a Conservative, he first came to office inwhen he was elected to represent Argenteuil County in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. He served as Solicitor General in He held on to his seat in the Assembly until Confederationupon which he was elected to represent Argenteuil in the new House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada.

sir john abbott biography of barack

As noted earlier, Abbott lost his seat in He was re-elected, however, in a by-election inand retained his seat until During this period, he continued his involvement with the CPR, but was careful to abstain from voting on railway issues in Parliament. Take this history quiz at encyclopedia britannica to test your knowledge on a variety of events, people and places around the world.

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sir john abbott biography of barack

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