Biography of famous icons of the world

biography of famous icons of the world
Britney Spears United States. Allama Iqbal in famous and historical personalities? Sydel Curry United States.

John M Keynes — Influential economist. Keynes developed a new field of macro-economics in response to the great depression of the s. Adolf Hitler — Dictator of Nazi Germany. Nehru came to power in and ruled until his death in Eisenhower also became President from Charles de Gaulle French politician. Became President after the war, writing the constitution of the 5th Republic.

Chairman Mao — Mao led the Chinese Communist party to power during the long march and fight against the nationalists. Mother Teresa — Catholic nun from Albania who went to India to serve the poor. Became a symbol of charity and humanitarian sacrifice. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Who’s Biggest? The 100 Most Significant Figures in History

Kennedy — — US President Kennedy helped to avert nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis. He also began to support the civil rights movement before his assassination in Dallas, November Mandela was imprisoned by the apartheid regime for 27 years, but on his release helped to heal the wounds of apartheid through forgiveness and reconciliation. Pope John Paul is credited with bringing together different religions and playing a role in the end of Communism in Eastern Europe.

The second longest serving monarch in history, Elizabeth saw six decades of social and political change. Martin Luther King — Martin Luther King was a the leader of the non-violent civil rights movement. The Dalai Lama was forced into exile by the invading Chinese.

He is a leading figure for non-violence and spirituality. Mikhail Gorbachev — Leader of the Soviet Union. Oversaw transition from Communism in Eastern Europe to democracy. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Muhammad Ali American boxer. Muhammad Ali had his boxing license removed for refusal to fight in Vietnam. He became a leading figure in the civil rights movement. Famous women throughout the age — Women who changed history. People who shaped democracy — People who shaped the evolution of democracy. Your list is absolutely false and fake.

Allama Iqbal in famous and historical personalities? This is a really awesome list. But Just to mention i saw that guru Nanak and Babur both looking copy of each other. I would like to request the respected admins to include the biography famous icons of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnahthe founder of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

One of the biography of famous icons of the world talented Politician and a great think head of twentieth Century thank you. Leave this field empty. Your browser is out of date. Please upgrade your browser or install Google Chrome Frame. BC Sri Ramachandra c. August 13, 9: February 24, September 19, 3: I have corrected photo of Babur Reply.

September 29, 8: Alexander Graham Bell United Kingdom. Zoroaster Iran world Republic Of. Cameron Dallas United States. Bethany Mota United States. Phil Lester United Kingdom. Tyler Oakley United States. Sydel Curry United States. Camila Cabello United States. Austin Mahone United States. Myles Parrish United States. Famous People By Profession.

Social Media Stars Teens and Kids. Business People Charles M.

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Schwab United States James J. He became one of the richest and well known people of the world. He ultimately revolutionised transportation and American industry. During his time as an actor he was widely regarded as an American culture icon.

biography of famous icons of the world

His performance is Casablanca raised him to the peak of his profession. Born as Eleanora Fagan, Holiday had a rough childhood. Her mother often worked away, she was sent to Catholic reform school twice before the age of 14 and spent time in prison.

She started singing in at various clubs in Harlem and by she was signed. A shy boy he was often bullied at school and told he could not sing.

biography of famous icons of the world

He began to stand out more in his junior year due to his appearances. In he won the Nobel Prize in literature and to this day many of his works are known as American classics. Hemingway had four wives in his lifetime and tragically committed suicide in Born as Norma Mortenson, Monroe spent much of her childhood in foster homes. She started her career as a model but was offered a film contract from twentieth century-fox in The film Some like it Hot was one of her biggest successes for which she received a Golden Globe Award. Often referred to as JFK, he was the 35 th president of the United States, serving from until his assassination in At 43 years old he was the second youngest president after Theodore Roosevelt and as a Catholic he was the only non-Protestant president.

He was also the only president to win a Pulitzer Prize. In JFK announced the goal of landing a man on the moon.

Famous People in the USA

He fought for the equality for famous icon the and did the same work as the Martin Luther King did for the African Americans. He is the greatest biography of India who changed the lifes of billions people. For justification world and research about his life and fight for inequality. Besides him, Bill Gates, because he is doing his best with his wealth and continuous efforts to make this planet a better planet to eradicate many disease with which poor nations are suffering with.

Even Bill Gates is on there—Steve should be way above that guy. I know somebody from the USA did this, because there are Presidents before another great important people. Why is Obama on there? How did he change the world? Mahatma Gandhi was a political figure but not a politician. Way more influential than many on the list.

He moved the biggest colonial empire in the world, which is not a small feat. The world still needs to open their eyes and see towards the countries which have existed hundreds of years before them. Which have great cultural and intellectual depth. We all can learn from each other, if we can cross the divide and treat each other as equals. Mahatma Gandhi — — Indian nationalist and politician. First President of democratic South Africa in I like your work and website but can you please reconsider this list.

And his was by saving lives, the opposite of your number one selection who supposedly did nothing more than inform us that a tree climbing monkey creature with thumbs we were made in his image according to the scrolls created the universe.

100 People who changed the world

He should be in. The thing with historic characters is that they are enhanced through centuries by researchers, professors, teachers, and through the oral tradition. Their legacy usually ends up being more important than it really was.

biography of famous icons of the world

For those of us who live in the XXI century, Steve Jobs was a revolutionary genius who brought a powerful tool to help science, education, and mankind as probably only a few more had done previously. Sun Myung Moons name should be on this list. He helped save Korea, Japan and the Americas from Communism, save USA from immorality and family breakdown, and substantially brought races and religuions together through marrying people across lines of race, religion and social strata.

Please read his autobiography and study objectively about his lifes work. Why is Stalin in the group of people who changed the world? He is considered by historians as one of the worst leaders in the world, murdering his own people. Please research his biography before putting his name on this list! There is a great wrong.

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Prophet Muhammad is the best person than all other human. So that 1st position is him. See some great book. Duldecco italian scientist discovered first sistem of decript od DNA language, many scientist first genetic engineer. Tesla gained experience in telephony and electrical engineering before emigrating to the United States in to famous icon the for Thomas Edison in New York City.

He soon struck out on his own with financial backers, setting up laboratories and companies to develop a range of electrical devices. His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla for a short time as a consultant. He became a naturalized US citizen in Tesla went on to pursue his ideas of wireless lighting and electricity distribution in his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs and made early biographies on the possibility of wireless communication with his devices.

He tried to put these ideas to practical use in an ill-fated attempt at intercontinental wireless transmission, his world Wardenclyffe Tower project. He also built a wireless controlled boat, one of the first ever exhibited. The author is is either ignorant or is not impartial in making the list. Your browser is out of date. Please upgrade your browser or install Google Chrome Frame.

People who changed the world 1. July 22, 2: Steve Jobs, he was one of the top influential people of this world. December 13, 2: July 31, Absolutely RightHe should be among-st top November 11, August 07, October 23, 9:

biography of famous icons of the world