Best george washington carver biography for kids

best george washington carver biography for kids
At 13 George moved to Fort Scott, Kansas, to attend school. George went to great lengths to find schools that would allow black students and traveled through much of Missouri and Kansas. Rather, George was sent to another town in Missouri, Neosho, to get an education.

best george washington carver biography for kids

He applied and was accepted to Highland University, even getting a scholarship for his good grades, but was rejected when the president of the university discovered that Carver was African-American. He was hungry for knowledge, and so Carver applied to and was accepted at Simpson College, in Indianola, Iowa.

George Washington Carver Facts for Kids, Who Invented Peanut Butter?

He later transferred to Iowa Agricultural College now known as Iowa State Universitywhere he made such an impression on his instructors that they offered a position right after he graduated.

He was the first African-American on the faculty. He had from an early age been interested in plants the study of botanyand he continued this study at the university greenhouse. He continued to study as well, earning his master's degree in agriculture in His greenhouse work included searching for cures for fungus diseases that ravaged cherry plants.

George Washington Carver Facts

The following year, opportunity knocked again, as Booker T. Carver accepted and became director of agriculture. Among his many famous achievements at Tuskegee were these: Peanutshowever, grew very quickly.

George attended Iowa State Agricultural College.

He was the first African-American student to attend the school. George Washington Carver earned fame for his work at the Iowa Experimentation Station for his work in plant pathology and mycology.

best george washington carver biography for kids

George Washington Carver taught farmers and students how to use crop rotation to ensure soil did not lose its nutrients. His work helped farmers in the South to be more successful. George discovered that boll weevils, an insect that was destroying cotton crops, did not like peanuts.

best george washington carver biography for kids

He encouraged farmers to plant peanuts to make a good living. George Washington Carver found hundreds of ways to use peanuts.

best george washington carver biography for kids

Some of the peanut products he invented included clothing dyes, fuel for cars, plastic products, cooking oil, and peanut butter. While at Tuskegee, Carver developed an interest in helping poor African-American farmers. Farmers in the south worked on poor soil, depleted of nitrogen by the annual cotton crops. Carver and his colleagues taught the farmers how to retain nutrients in the soil by using a crop rotation, a system in which the cotton crop was alternated with other crops such as soybeans, sweet potatoes, and peanuts.

best george washington carver biography for kids

In addition, Carver conducted numerous experiments on peanuts, soybeans, cow beans, and pecans, finding hundreds of practical uses for them including dyes, cosmetics, paints, plastics, and even gasoline. Carver designed a mobile classroom known as a Jesup Wagon which could be transported from place to place. InCarver was instrumental in convincing Congress to place tariffs on peanuts imported from China that were making it impossible for American peanut farmers to make a living. Carter would later experiment with peanut oil and its possibilities for easing symptoms of polio in infants.

George Washington Carver Story (Famous Inventor) Biography for Children(Cartoon) Black History Month