Ko na eun biography channel

ko na eun biography channel
In , she was accepted into Dongguk University 's Department of Theatre and Film as an acting major. Archived from the original on You need to enable JavaScript to vote.

From a humble background, Ko was catapulted into the top echelons of North Korean society when her sister, a performer, caught the eye of the princeling Kim Jong Il, and she became his third partner in Kim Jong Il personally selected Ri to marry his sister-in-law.

ko na eun biography channel

Over a sushi lunch in New York, she reminisced about drinking cognac with sparkling water and eating caviar in Pyongyang, about riding with Kim Jong Il in his Mercedes-Benz. Then came the charmed years in Europe. This was their link to the royal family, and without that link, what would happen to them? Someone could easily make you disappear.

He apparently built up too much power.

Kang Se-jung

InKim had him executed. So one day inRi and Ko and their three children took a taxi to the U.

Kang Se-Jung

They said they were North Korean diplomats and wanted asylum. After several days, during which time a Korean speaker flew in from Washington, they were taken to a U.

ko na eun biography channel

They stayed in a house on the base for several months while they were questioned. Then Ri and Ko disclosed their family connections.

But Ri insists they did not know much. Madden said the pair would have had limited intelligence value. When they landed in the United States, the family spent a few days in the Washington area — not far from the CIA — before moving to a small city where a South Korean church had offered to help them, as it did for others who escaped the North.

ko na eun biography channel

He worked as a builder, then did maintenance in an apartment house, jobs that were easy to do without English. Ko was frustrated at not being able to work and contribute.

The secret life of Kim Jong Un’s aunt, who has lived in the U.S. since 1998

So they opened a small store and began working long hours, Ri at the machines and Ko doing alterations. They soon hit their stride. They have a comfortable existence but certainly do not appear to be living large.

Last year, Ri and Ko moved to sue three high-level North Korean defectors who had been on South Korean television accusing them of a variety of activities including having plastic surgery and stealing millions of dollars from the Kim regime.

Son Na-eun

The couple hired a celebrity lawyer, Kang Yong-seok, to pursue a defamation case, but it was thrown out on a technicality. Kang arranged for The Washington Post to meet the couple and was present for most of the interviews in New York. Ri, who is particularly careful around reporters not to speak ill of the regime, is positioning himself as the person to bridge the widening gap between Washington and Pyongyang.

Why would he want to go back? Ko said she misses her home town — the pull of the home town cannot be underestimated in Korean culture — but does not want to go back. Nor does she want Ri to visit. What do we know about Kim Jong Un?

ko na eun biography channel

That makes this guy an expert. I went to North Korea and was told I ask too many questions. Be the first to know about new stories from PowerPost. They have been living in the United States sinceand run a dry-cleaning store.

ko na eun biography channel

In the United States, they guard their privacy carefully, declining to show their faces for these photos. Son was the first Apink member to be announced in Init was confirmed that Son will star in the upcoming horror film Woman's Wail. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Son. Official Korean website in Korean. Retrieved July 17, Official Japanese website in Japanese.

Epoch Times in Korean.

ko na eun biography channel

Retrieved July 15, Sports Chosun in Korean. Retrieved January 23, Retrieved June 13, Pink Season Pink Doll. Chu " " Motto Go!