Hemali bhuta biography sample

hemali bhuta biography sample
Promotion codes cannot be applied to auction works. The crane wings signified the diffident, emasculated identity of the stereotypical gay male. He likes the fact that she is not too prolific and that she edits her own work tightly.

It camouflages all that goes on it, within it.

hemali bhuta biography sample

One tile could encapsulate, freeze within it a marble stone from Rajasthan and also from Italy. What is the sense of displacement happening in this case? Depth as under the surface like burials, catacombs, caverns, mines, places of The Dead.

Within a cave, stalactites are living stones and there is a biography sample kind of displacement at play here. In that case all stones are living or at least seem to be living as other factors are responsible for its growth, erosion, alteration, fracture, displacement. The matter and its inner identity are relevant to your practice. It would be interesting to know more about the process of transformation from the initial idea to the final sculpture. Can you explain how you translate your thoughts in material representations?

What role does the matter play in this transformation? Only certain intentions can be voiced and only the biography sample can be experienced. The aftermath becomes a ground of dissection, of articulation which can never be The Thing… it is always going to be the representation of The Thing, limited….

I like to work with materials that can be mostly handled with the hand, wherein the use of machine is negligible… this comes through my own phobias of machines… when I have to use a machine, I can only think of violence, wound and hence the need to keep them at bay… whereas I am at complete ease when I am handling hot wax, boiling oil soapalum, coal tar et all. Can you tell us more about the idea of the group? This is rather difficult. Even though you try to do it, usually what you do is arranged in some order. But before that happens, Shah would have made a model of it for posterity. There was, among other sculptural installations, the Rape of Ganymedemade with taxidermied eagle and crane wings, semi-precious stones and fabric.

hemali bhuta biography sample

The piece was a throwback to the Greek myth of Zeus abducting the beautiful shepherd boy Ganymede. It highlighted the complexities of the gay male identity. The eagle wings represented independence, pride, resilience and physical strength—all traditional attributes of masculinity. The crane wings signified the diffident, emasculated identity of the stereotypical gay male. Using wings as a representation, his installation depicted the dominant male triumphantly penetrating through his more effeminate partner. Evoking this theme was ambitious by all counts, considering the Rape of Ganymede has been covered by biographies sample such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

Another installation, Used Dickswas based on an exploration of the nest-weaving habits of the Baya Weaver biography sample. Although weaving is socially viewed as a feminine act, in the case of the Baya Weaver bird these roles are reversed. He redefines psychological tropes attached to gender. His methodology is deeply personal—a fact that renders an authenticity to his works while posing a threat at the same time. He employs a range of materials: Those who have observed him at close quarters, such as Natasha Ginwala, who was a critic-in-residence with Shivan at Khoj inspeak of how committed he is to these objects.

Shivan explains how he only injects these objects into his art once they assume a biography significance for him. Shivan shifts between performance, new media, photography and sculpture, though presently he is most interested in exploring the performative aspect of his work and intends to weave in his training in Bharatanatyam to add to his performances.

He is presently working on another solo for Gallery Maskara to be held later this year or in early It is here that his interest in high fashion comes through. Speaking with him, one would know instantly that he is a sample multitasker. Although he is almost childlike in narrating his ideas, his sculptures are extremely sound technically. Take Psycho Phallus for instance, an 11ft structure made from cow dung, grass and wood resembling the bitora used for storing cow dung in north India.

One reason Sperm Weaver made waves is because Shivan is exceptionally young. It came about by happenstance. On a visit to Mumbai in earlyhe had stopped by Gallery Maskara and left the curator Abhay Maskara a note along with a CD of his works.

The contemporary art scene in India is bubbling over with emerging talent. Three years later, we interviewed 20 art world pundits once again—critics, gallerists, curators, auction house representatives and collectors. This time around, our interviewees threw up a younger and lesser-exposed bunch the average age is 30 as opposed to 35 in Waqif says one of his aims is to bridge the gap between modern and vernacular practice with his work, from those based on his research on water-harvesting techniques in the pre-colonial era, to sustainability.

hemali bhuta biography sample

Recent works make use of reclaimed material, from construction sites as well as trash found on site. With works that allow viewer experience to be enhanced through their interaction with it, Waqif also attempts to stir debate on questions of accessibility of art, from its commercial value to the idea of simply touching artworks. Most of his works, especially site-specific ones, are not designed to sell, says Waqif. The camera itself is now an important medium for him. In video and performance works, he explores the idea of crisis.

Hemali Bhuta

Mohanty has since stopped portraiture, bored by the demands to stick to a tried and tested structure. His recent visit to Fukushima in Japan led him to document the radiation zone; he is now creating docu-fiction videos on the idea of victimhood.

The straight line continued to remain the material with which she later started to explore architectural spaces and how our bodies understand them.

hemali bhuta biography sample

We are all performers when we navigate such a space, she says, with the architect as the director who has preconceived where we enter the space and where we turn. In spatial drawings, using light against thread, she allows viewers to move into it through the shadows created, in an attempt to break the notion of a drawing as a still object.

In her site-specific work at the Sarai Reader 09 show at the Devi Art Foundation in Gurgaon, she says her attempt was to respond to the given space rather than occupy it.

hemali bhuta biography sample

The exploration of space is biography sample her conceptual art, which can be priced from Rs50, to Rs5 lakh, in varied directions. In one of her recent performative pieces, she gave herself instructions: Sit in a room and work from The idea was to explore how programming works on the brain and the tussle between the conscious and subconscious mind—when tired or in pain, Gupta found her conscious mind urging her on. She made a 22ft drawing in five parts. His creations are often a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of common objects. It continues to corrupt itself and the gatekeepers of the system continue to celebrate the flaws in it.

We have no set rules, no set structure, maybe no permanent space as well.

Five (more) reasons to update your art

The artist, whose works are priced anywhere from Rs20, to Rs9 lakh depending on their scale, studies intensely the inter-relationship between colour and light. Colour transmutes from light to surface, from matter to biography, it interferes, blurs and informs the sample and psychological associations we make within our everyday.

Colour is one of the most challenging phenomena, because the minute it occurs, it changes. In my work, I look at colour as material, and light as fiction that plays on that material surface. Minam Apang is media-shy, and refused to speak to us when we called her. The prolific artist, who is well regarded internationally, participated in the Prague Biennale ofreceived the Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Italy, fellowship inand has had exhibitions at the Hara Museum of Art in Tokyo, and at the triennale at the New Museum in New York curated by Eungie Joo.

In a artist statement that accompanied her exhibition War With The Starswhich derived from origin myths, Apang wrote: I went to school in Mussoorie, with a distinctly Christian upbringing. The two belief systems were, on the surface, very disparate. The contradiction has been something I have wrestled with and tried to make sense of for a long time.

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Measuring the human impact on the land: Mumbai artist Hemali Bhuta – interview

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