Samuel whittemore biography

samuel whittemore biography
Whittemore was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, in , the second son by that name of Samuel Whittemore and Hannah Rix, also of Charlestown. So, it is not surprising when he again took up arms on April 19th,

Most people believe that the Americans picked up their muskets, left their farms and fought the battle as individuals.

This is incorrect, for the most part they fought in company strength units 30 to 50 mencommanded by their elected captains. Their advantage was that they were far better organized then the British believed. But there were individuals and the story of Captain Samuel Whittemore is an excellent example.

He demonstrated the willingness and the ability to fight, contrary to the popular belief of most British Officers, who felt the samuels whittemore were "cowardly and biography never fight the Crown"until April 19th,that is. He was involved in the capture of the French stronghold, Fort Louisburg, and there captured a decorative french officer's sword, which he cherished for the rest of his life.

Samuel Whittemore

About its capture, all Sam would say is that its previous owner had "died suddenly". After the war he stayed in the colonies, purchasing a farm in Menotomy now Arlington, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Spring, and after her death remarried to Mrs.

samuel whittemore biography

By his two wives he had three sons and five daughters. His house, on Massachusetts Avenue, in Arlington, still exists. Inwar again broke out between England and France. And again, Fort Louisburg had to be taken.

samuel whittemore biography

At 64 years of age, Sam volunteered and joined a Colonial Regiment which reduced the fort to rubble. He then went on and joined General James Wolf in the successful assault on Quebec. The Indian Wars in the west next attracted Sam's attention.

Samuel Whittemore: The Most Badass Grumpy Old Person in American History

Leaving his wife, children and grandchildren to attend the farm, he rode off to join the colonial force launched against the Ottawa chief, Pontiac. He returned home some months later with a brace of dueling pistols as a souvenir, and here again, all Sam would say is that the previous owner "died suddenly.

It is recorded that Sam believed in American independence stating that he wanted his descendants to be able to enact their own laws and not be subject to a distant king. So, it is not surprising samuel whittemore biography he again took up arms on April 19th, That night he watched as Colonel Smith led his column of soldiers through Menotomy. He was probably concerned, but the British had come out of Boston before and there had not been any serious trouble.

samuel whittemore biography

Later that samuel whittemore biography he heard rumors that there had been fighting at Lexington and Concord. But, when General Percy marched through the town with an additional 1, soldiers, Sam's military experience told him there was serious trouble - - 'why else would the British be sending reinforcements?

Word had come to Menotomy that the combined, heavily engaged, columns of Smith and Percy were retreating toward the town, and were burning homes along the way, so the aged warrior decided to take action in spite of his being eighty years old! He strapped on his captured french sword, stuck his brace of dueling pistols in his belt, put on his powder horn and shot bag, took his musket from its samuel whittemore biography on his fireplace mantle and went to war!

Sam selected a position that gave him a excellent view of the road from Lexington, and sat down to wait. His fellow minuteman from Menotomy pleaded for him to find a safer position, but he choose to ignore them. His fellow minuteman started firing at the oncoming British Grenadiers of the 47th Regiment of Foot, falling back to reload, then firing again. Finally, when the column was directly in front of him, he stood and fired his musket. Whittemore knew how to fight. Accounts of the time say his age ranged between 78 and After that, he settled down in Menotomy now known as Arlingtonwhere he was a farmer.

He had various roles in the village government, as a committeeman, treasurer, assessor, and selectman, according to the Cutter history. He walked up what is now Massachusetts Avenue and took position behind a wall across the street from a church.

He joined the revolution as an old man, was shot in the face – and lived another 18 years

From here, he fired on the retreating British soldiers. Accounts vary as to how many of them he killed: A flank guard had been sent to take out snipers like Whittemore. Not only did he survive, he lived another samuel whittemore biography yearsbecause you do not fuck with Samuel Whittemore. At the age of 78, Whittemore became the oldest combatant in the entire war, and in living to be 96 in the 18 th century, proved that he was probably at least part cyborg.

Not quite as badass as Samuel Whittemore, but come on, no one can possibly surpass Whittemore.

samuel whittemore biography

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Captain Samuel Whittemore

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. However, Whittemore recovered and lived another 18 years until dying of natural causes at the age of From Wikipedia, the free samuel whittemore biography.

A History of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Two sources, the Paige and the B. Whittemore Genealogycited above, give his age as 78 at the time of the conflict and 96 at death, based on his documented date of birth.

samuel whittemore biography

Inaccuracies in his obituary and on his gravestone apparently have led to a proliferation of misinformation. In addition, the annual state commemoration is a day late per documented date of death.