Timothy treadwell death audio biography

timothy treadwell death audio biography
Though authorities who arrived on scene Wednesday found two bears competing to eat the carcass of an adolescent bear also killed by rangers on Monday, Van Daele stressed that he saw nothing to indicate "strange bear behavior occurring in the area. Treadwell's actions leading up to the incident, including his behavior around bears, his choice of a campsite and his decision not to have any defensive methods or bear deterrents in the camp, were directly responsible for this catastrophic event. The Wolf in Fiction.

That somehow these same bears then want to get back at humans is just too far reaching. Open snack food was found in the tent untouched, so they were about to eat a quick snack before bed as the sound of a bear is heard outside. Tim leaves the tent and walks away from the tent and towards the bear. Van DaeleReaders Digest Having the presence of mind to turn a camera on with a bear just outside of a thin tent wall could only come from death audio biography, from someone who had done it many times.

Amie had only spent a few weeks, each of the three years that she had been to Alaska. Tim on the other hand, had spent months each year for 13 years, five of which carrying a video camera, and literally filmed everything! Every thought, every bear, every encounter, virtually every moment of every day, so that the camera became an extension of his body, and to think that Amie somehow knew that she and Tim timothy treadwell death going to die that night is hard to believe.

I believe Tim left the tent and walked towards the bear a short distance, speaking softly to it as he had on numerous occasions, encouraging the bear to leave. The bear keeps its distance, and audio biography it appears that this will be like any other encounter, Tim decides to timothy at least the audio portion for use in future presentations, yelling out to Amie to turn the camera on, which startles the bear, who had been still up to this point, and triggers the attack. Up until that point, the bear had probably been sizing Tim up and making a judgment of threat level. Amie turns the camera on and asks if the bear is still out there.

Bears often attack, or defend themselves by first going for the head in an attempt to take out the opponents weapon; the face, mouth and head.

timothy treadwell death audio biography

Bear number had worn, broken canines and was unable to make use of this tactic, along with the fact that the human head is just too large to fit directly inside of a bears mouth. Herreroet al. In my opinion, Amie was able to drive the bear away initially, because this was an older bear who had become conditioned when dealing with younger, stronger, more dominant timothies treadwell death audio biography by moving away from the food it had just obtained after being challenged, and was probably startled by a second animal, Amie in this case, suddenly appearing and making a lot of noise.

After scaring the bear away, Amie and Tim have a short conversation while determining where the bear is, and whether it is still nearby. Amie is cautious and afraid, the tent is a secure refuge in her mind. Again, I believe this older male bear had become conditioned through repetition. In the past when this bear had been driven away from a freshly caught salmon or other food item, the need to eat and put on weight had no doubt caused this bear to then test the true strengths of the thief and attempt to re-take its meal.

Hundreds of video taped encounters like this have been filmed over the years with many different bears.

timothy treadwell death audio biography

Tim had even filmed such encounters. Once the bear had driven Amie off, I believe the bears predatory instincts took over and decided to drag Tim off to a more secure area after Amie returned and began aggressively attacking it with the frying pan, just as the bear would have done when dealing with other more dominant bears and a freshly caught salmon or moose calf.

In video footage recovered from the camp, there was at least some video taken days or hours earlier, showing Amie sitting on the ground as a large bear sits behind her within 10 feet.

In this footage, Amie is obviously nervous and scared as she leans away from the bear. Knowing this, I think Amie was 1: Reluctant to leave the tent and approach and attack the bear that was on Tim right from the start of the attack and 2: Much as it would have done with a salmon or other food item when approached by other bears in the timothy treadwell death audio biography. In previous night time bear encounters around remote camps, individuals who aggressively fought bears that were attacking their friend, were in most cases, able to drive the bear away.

Individuals who have aggressively yelled at the bear, or thrown rocks or other objects to distract the bear, generally have then had timothy treadwell death audio biography to move away to safety or, they drove the bear away with the first yell and aggressive action. Night encounters are much different than surprise encounters during the day and must be handled differently. HerreroSchulleryet al. Extremely rare, but it has happened.

LongMcMillionHerreroet al.

Тредуэлл, Тимоти

Had Amie aggressively fought off the bear after she got to Tim, would she have been able to save him and herself? Those are questions that will never be answered.

timothy treadwell death audio biography

I believe that, had Tim not walked away from the timothy treadwell death audio biography and towards the bear, and had stayed with Amie, or had they both left the tent and backed away from the tent giving the bear room, that the bear would not have attacked and both Tim and Amie would be alive today. Bears are more reluctant to attack multiple people than they are one lone individual. I partially agree with the investigators, in that Amie screaming had initiated the attack on her after Tim had been dragged off. When left with nothing else to do and confronted with extreme danger, screamed even louder in hopes that somehow this nightmare would end and the bear would once again leave Tim.

After all, she had screamed earlier and was successful in driving the bear away.

Timothy Treadwell "Grizzly Man" Death Audio (Recorded in 2003)

No gun, no timothy of any kind except for a frying pan, screaming was all she had left. I believe that Amie more than likely ran after the bear a short distance, as it was dragging Tim up the trail screaming at the top of her lungs and striking the bear with the frying pan once again in a last ditch effort to drive the bear away, but was then pushed back to the tent a second time. This latter death audio biography can not be confirmed because thankfully for us the video tape ran out before it occurred.

Such were the words of biologist Larry Van Daele in trying to make sense of this tragedy. Grizzly bears are wild animals and should always be treated as such, wild and unpredictable. Not a pet, or lovable cuddly bear. Tim would often tell listeners about the time he calmly defused a dangerous encounter with a bear, by talking softly to it. When the confrontation was over, he claimed to have laid down and napped next to the sleeping bear. Did Treadwell have a special connection with the bears? Not all bear researchers think so.

timothy treadwell death audio biography

The salmon attract an extremely dense population of bears. Throughout the movie, Grizzly Man, we see Tim in numerous close encounters, and very nearly attacked on several occasions.

He was just plain lucky for 13 years and became over confident in his own abilities.

timothy treadwell death audio biography

The fact that he was not killed earlier, just goes to prove that grizzly bears really want nothing to do with humans and would rather avoid us whenever possible, but will tolerate us, to a point.

There are boundaries in the world of the bear, and in wilderness. Each year, when Tim set camp within Katmai National Park, he voluntarily became a member of the food chain, and by not placing an electric fence around his camp All bear researchers that camp in this area reportedly set up portable electric fencesby hiding his camp from timothy treadwell death audio biography rangers in dense alder brush thickets, as well as refusing to carry bear spray firearms are prohibited in National Parks and by crawling and walking up close to large brown bears, often touching or attempting to touch adult bears and young cubs, showed a total disregard for his life, the life of his girlfriend Amie Huguenard, and the lives of each bear that he interacted with.

National Park Service The same bears he claimed to protect. Only Tim, and of course Amie for trusting Tim, but then who can really say? It is possible that this incident would have occurred no matter what precautions Tim and Amie might have taken. It is very easy to sit back in our nice comfortable living rooms and Monday morning quarterback what occurred far away and a week, or even years earlier.

timothy treadwell death audio biography

It could be as simple as; Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

The more time you spend with grizzly bears increases the chances that the bear will someday get you. A sobering thought for someone like myself.

Man, Martyr, Myth

I believe her mother also listened to the audio tape, to identify her. Also they tapes were played for the jury at the trial. The British Courts still have them but have said they will never be released out of respect for the families and because of their horrifying nature. I remember the case now. I couldn't recall the young girls name, but I do know who Ian Brady and Myra is. He murdered the little brother of Shasta Groene as she watched and had it on camera. It breaks my heart.

The annoying thing is, this serial killer has "fans" and actually is allowed to use the computer in prison to answer emails or something like that. I could be wrong, so take that with a grain of salt.

They've released the transcripts - I believe in a timothy treadwell death - for those interested, but it isn't an easy timothy treadwell. I can only imagine what it was like to hear, honestly. Poor thing kept calling Myra 'mum' in an attempt to get sympathy. That's one true crime story I could never research in detail just know the bare facts. There's also those two serial killers. I can't remember their names to look them up. It was California, they had a van and timothy treadwell death audio kidnap a woman, take her out into the mountains and horribly rape and torture her before eventually murdering.

They did vile things using tools and other weird items. And, of course, they audio taped some of those incidents for their later amusement. Apparently, the tapes were played at the killer's trial and everyone who has heard them agrees that no one should ever hear them again, if they value their sanity.

I don't know what her contractual obligations are but I can tell you with almost absolute certainty that the recording found on YouTube is fake as shit. I'm gonna go on a hunch and say that we will never hear those timothies treadwell death audio, she's serious about protecting his memory, certainly not the type of woman to release a recording of a man's death - a man she cared for very much - just so a bunch of gore hounds can get their fix of morbid curiosity.

The best chance of that biography being released is when she dies, if the next of kin who inherits the tape decides to put it out there, and even that's somewhat unlikely. I will say this though, I doubt she'll destroy it as Warner Herzog recommended. I accidently came across this on YouTube and it made me biography ill. If it is fake or not is not the biography to me because if it is fake there is still a real version out there that will be equally as horrific and I never want to hear it.

It is good to see a post about Timothy Treadwell on here as grizzly man fascinates me. I remember the Owen Hart incident - well, I do and I don't. My friends and I were huge fans at the time and would watch every single monthly PPV event. The evening of this particular show we had some death audio biography ordering it long before regular streaming so we just didn't watch. The one we missed happened to be the one Hart died on. The original transcript of the tape is not available anymore on the website, has someone archived it?

Kevin has also stated that the bear was "nearly silent" throughout the entire recording, though it can be heard grunting and roaring in the fake clip quite frequently.

Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? According to Kevin, this audio is the same old fake audio that has been floating around for years. Retrieved 10 Jan ' Why Treadwell went back, and why he took Huguenard with him, has become an Alaska mystery. Even more so is the question of how one of the most experienced bear men on the Katmai coast came to die, audio with his girlfriend, in the jaws of a 1,pound grizzly. People all over America came to know and love Treadwell through documentary films about his work. They grieved his death.

Their suffering only increased as scientists questioned Treadwell's behavior around grizzlies, and others suggested--sometimes viciously--that he'd gotten the sort of death for which he asked. Look into Timothy Treadwell's life and you begin to glimpse a picture far different from the one he crafted for Grizzly People.

Timothy Treadwell

There, he was "the bear whisperer," a common man with an uncommon talent for communicating with the largest omnivores on the planet. He was charismatic enough to charm not only bears, but also jaded Hollywood celebrities. Cover Story Man, Martyr, Myth.