Nan hoover biography of george

nan hoover biography of george
During a trip to Poland the following year, she again filmed outdoors with a hand-held camera and writes about it the following year. In she wrote about it as follows: The training of village girls as nurses and wardmaids was speeded by their eagerness to learn and their devotion to the work, far out-running the expectations of our nurses.

I found myself at Huete, in what was called "the English Hospital".

nan hoover biography of george

To my profound astonishment, I found George there. Now George had left for Spain with the firm intention of joining the International Brigade as soon as he had delivered his lorry, and I had only a vague idea that he was still in the medical service.

nan hoover biography of george

A little while before my arrival he had burned the skin of one arm by getting under his ambulance to examine a choked feed of petrol on a mountain road, and freezing petrol had run down his arm, taking off an area of skin. He had been sent to Huete for treatment and was almost recovered. Meanwhile he was appointed Political Commissar of the hospital.

It was nan hoover biography of george chance and good fortune that brought us together now. I had not had the ridiculous idea that I was going to Spain "to join my husband" and though I had a deep-down hope that we would meet I had no expectation of this incredible bonus. It was sheer unadulterated joy. Next day I was introduced to my job: Somewhat to my disillusionment, I found that there were wheels within political wheels, colouring the relations and actions of this group of people. The anti-Communism of the Conservatives and the Labour leadership had its reflection here, and I came to suspect though never to prove that the Foreign Office had its finger in this and other pies.

Nevertheless, tremendously devoted work was done and the Spanish people patients, mostly peasants, staff and the villagers of Huete were a glorious example and lesson to all.

nan hoover biography of george

The training of village girls as nurses and wardmaids was speeded by their nan to learn and their devotion to the work, far out-running the expectations of our nurses. Like Cromwell's men, they knew what they hoover biography fighting for, and loved what they knew. Her daughter, for whom I was searching, was out and she was surrounded by several grandchildren, one or two of whom were of school age. On the whitewashed george of the cave were stuck some children's drawings done in coloured crayons. Yes, my daughter will come and help!

Those wounded men are fighting so that our children can learn. He was killed almost in the last hour of the last day. Nan Green's Moscow file, however, offers some remarkable reading. He charges her with being an "adventurer" and then urges that she be expelled from Spain.

nan hoover biography of george

Rust's accusation reflects much about the man and the time. He submits, first, that Green had a sexual liaison with a hospitalized International Brigader whom Rust judged to be "either a Trotskyist or Fascist," and who later deserted. Second, her superior, Dr. Krushmar, made a report "very critical of her work.

Nan Hoover

Rust admitted that "the only criticism" that he could bring with certainty against Green was her friendship with "the very bad element. Green herself was under no illusions as to how her behavior might be seen. But Rust knew only the outlines of the story of the troubled hospital where she worked.

nan hoover biography of george

In her unpublished memoir, which is painfully honest, Green reveals a complex tale of intrigue and deception. Her medical chief, Kushmar, was an addict who was consuming the hospital's supply of morphine. Green's signature was required to order more narcotics. He made sexual advances to her, "not I am sure for my beaux yeux but to neutralise my hostility.

When Ayres returned to England, he left behind a confidential assessment of the hospital personnel with a trusted nan hoover biography of george. One of the staff reported Ayres' confidant to be a spy and accused her of having stolen the report, which resulted in her imprisonment. Only after "days of interviews, depositions, counter-depositions, enquiries and table-thumpings" was Green able to obtain her release. Upon their return to the hospital at Valdeganga, Kushmar counter-attacked by firing Ayres' assistant and accusing Green of financial mismanagement.

He took Green to Albacete "where he made God knows what allegations about me to the authorities some of whom followed me round to my later jobs though I did not know it until much later.

Green refused to do the "wise" thing and "fight my way through the sinister series of events that had led to my dismissal from Valdeganga, and demand vindication.

There was, however, another reason for her reluctance to fight the injustice that had been done to her. She felt "a stain on my conscience," and with her characteristic honesty described it.

nan hoover biography of george

In her memoir she wrote, "In the last turbulent days of Valdeganga I had fallen victim to an ephemeral affair with a patient, a man much younger than myself, which in that over-charged atmosphere The rigorous, minimalist handling of her means as george as the intense concentration with which she performed within spaces of light and shadow are the nan hoover biography salient characteristics of her artistic work.

With her exploration of new media her artistic practice gained international recognition. Her performances and light installations were shown worldwide in museums, exhibition houses and in public spaces. In she participated in the documenta 6 and in the documenta 8 in Kassel. The choice between dance and the visual arts was decided in favour of painting and sculpturemediums that allowed her an independent creative exploration. Her earliest dated works used expressive strokes, concentrated on individual figures with minimal background information and were largely executed in earthen tones.

nan hoover biography of george

She was also interested in the secrets of light. Her curiosity was enhanced through her visits to the Rembrandt van Rijn studies in oils in the Washington National Gallery of Art.

nan hoover biography of george

In she married Harold Hoover. Between and they had three children. During this time a few of her paintings vaguely reflect upon family topics such as mother and child or child and parents, but are not autobiographical in nature. Hoover's first trip to Europe was in During the six nans hoover biography of george she was there she stayed in Pariswhere she did small paintings and drawings. She also visited Berlin and mentioned in her curriculum vita of how moved she was by the recently built dividing wall. In she visited Dutch friends in London and Amsterdam and decided, after having found a gallery in Amsterdam, to sublet her loft in New York and return to Amsterdam, the city with northern light and water, the city where Rembrandt lived and worked.

She would often say that she fell in love with the city. By the end of the s Hoover had reduced her figures to flat planes and contours before primary hues of red, blue and yellow. This was followed up by secondary colours and sexual, even aggressive poses. In she met the Dutch painter Richard Hefti. Through him she had access to a video camera and began in to experiment with it. All her videos were produced in her studio before a fixed video camera and without post-editing.

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The closely cropped glimpses of the artist's body and dark and light contrasts have a nuanced visual flow and intimacy. In she and Richard Hefti married and she took on Dutch citizenship.

This alternative space rapidly became a lively centre of artistic exchange and provided Hoover with an invaluable support system. While it is a biography george of the hand interacting with and at times intercepting a light beam, it also seems at one point to visualize "writing with light", when the end of her index finger is positioned on the light beam.

In she teamed up with Peter Ungerleider to do a tour called "Lapses nan Dissolves" which was shown in Washington D. In her own words: While video and performance coexisted in her hoover, and are closely accompanied by photography, certain technical and aesthetic decisions appeared successively.

Performances as mentioned above began inthe first video performance inthe first light installation as a performance environment in According to her curriculum vita Nan Hoover made her first video installation for her solo show at the Stedelijk MuseumAmsterdam, where she also showed a photo installation, performance photos, video tapes as well as giving an opening performance.