Guest blogger biography

guest blogger biography
In those cases, common CTAs would be to follow you on Twitter, or visit your blog. When building credibility and establishing expertise , you should link to your personal profiles on professional social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. After I write an article for them, do I also put the article on my blog?

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guest blogger biography

Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share. Share on Pinterest Share. When building a personal brand, your face is just as important as a logo. It IS your logo. You need to pick a picture — have one professionally taken — and make sure it meets all the hallmarks of a good profile picture.

A headshot, probably not head-on, looking casual, smiling.

Basic Blog Tips

Avoid a stern look and avoid looking like a mug shot. Make sure it looks good both in black and white and in color.

As an added note, you should make sure this profile picture is your Gravatar.

guest blogger biography

Many blogs simply link to a Gravatar profile when they create an author bio and will use the image that comes up with it. Second, if you change your Gravatar, it changes your picture on most of your guest posts out there. Toggle navigation Connect, Pitch, Get Exposure. Find Publishers Accepting Guest Posts. Our tools can help you become an author at large websites.

guest blogger biography

Learn the Site Format The first thing you need to do is browse your target site looking for other guest posts from other infrequent contributors. Tell Them Who You Are The meat and potatoes of your author bio is the general description of who you are, as a person, as a blogger, and as an authority.

Guest Blogging: How To Write The Perfect Author Bio

Keep the bio short, sweet, and to the point. Generally, a good author bio is only 50 words. This is more than enough to cover quite a bit of detail, and generally works out to be sentences depending on length. For example, this bullet point is exactly 52 words long.

Write your bio in the third person perspective. The strategies are no doubt invaluable, but I personally want to know more about how to invite guest bloggers who have an outlook common with you.

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Guest Blogging: 5 EASY STEPS to a PERFECT PITCH!

I found the bit on tracking the results the most useful, will definitely have a go at implementing some of these things. I dropped on to this while looking for some information on how to set up guidelines for guest bloggers but ended up reading the full article — very good, comprehensive and with actionable information.

Great post, as always… Really need to stop being inspired and start doing!! Is it really so popular? I have never thought about asking blog owners to publish my articles as a guest blogger. Great post, Kristi, actually great. The guide is really ultimate. Especially for biographies, the post is a thorough introduction. I believe it must be a good resource for experts as well. Thanks for the exhaustive argument! I wish I had more people to write for my blog, is there a way to have people write but just add their own ad sense to the article?

Just been asked, unsolicited, to write a guest blog for a leading brand currently in the news here in the UK. Your post is extremely helpful and a good summary of what needs to be considered. This is a very informative biography. I know that using open site explorer as you mentioned can be a bit guest for a novice especially in trying to determine which links are guest blogs. Even when you analyze by Anchor text it would still be difficult.

Do you have any suggestions on how someone could differentiate guest blogging type of links?

guest blogger biography

Thanks for an insightful post. One additional thing to take into consideration that must not be overlooked is that the blog one is looking to get a post on should be grammar error free.

Depending on the subject of your guest post and the audience of the blog you place it upon, you might want to send guest blogger biography to a custom landing page or page about a specific product. Hi Kristi, lots of great tips there, thanks for that. I have actually just started a new blog with a partner who was guest blogging for my personal blog, so can attest guest blogging can be a great way to build relationships. James is working on different things in our field so readers are getting a lot more than from me alone.

I have over three years of experience writing for the web and have covered plenty of topics about Technology. I noticed that you have a blog and was wondering if you would be interested in allow me to biography relevant, useful topics about Technology related on your blog at no cost.

At this point in my writing career, I guest want to get more visibility for your writing and I will write for free as long as you are okay with me adding a small author bio section next to each blog post about myself.

How to Write a Bio That Will Turbocharge Your Guest Posts

I do quite a bit of blogging for myself and biographies and this is guest blogger the most informative guess blogging article I have found. Thanks for providing such a great resource. Getting guest post will create backlink to your site as well will attract new visitors, if the guest posting site has good number of followers. By the way is there any free guest posting site out there that is worth the backlink and visitors?

guest blogger biography

Hi, thanks for the information. I have been thinking about guest posting for a while now but I have been kind of second guessing my writing skills. But of course you never know until you try. I have been writing a lot more lately and my skills are getting better. Hopefully I will be doing a few guest blogger biography posts soon! I came across this while looking for some information on how to set up guidelines for guest bloggers but ended up guest blogger the full article!

Very good, comprehensive and with actionable information. I will be using this as a guide for sure. This is really the ultimate guide for guest blogging. But, always typing long queries in Google and remembering them is painful. I think you should include this tool in your post. That was really a biography determined information. I actually discovered Kissmetrics when I was doing competitor backlink research on open site explorer and they had a backlink from here. Not just for guest blogging but for blogging in general! Thank you for the great post Kristi.

I especially like the guest blog bio part. Hi, I really liked this insightful post. This is completely true I think most guest bloggers basically will post on any site instead of a niche related site.

Kissmetrics Blog

We are going to put something up on Outreach very soon that goes from basic Google searches to using scraping tools to advance paid solutions like Buzzstream and Grouphigh.

I gathered some data guest blogger biography this and so far, the internal links seems to be one of the game changers as far as getting posts accepted. When you write an article for another blog, it is important that you do not sound salesy or make an advertorial post. Make sure that it caters to the readers of the blog and share information that its readers can value. It took me a while to just identify good quality blogs with a good PR to even begin following and commenting on.

How To Supercharge Your Bio For Guest Blogs Or Podcasts

Soon I hope to be guest blogger biography to contact and get some guest blog post in. Thanks for the great information. I was looking at some of your blog posts on this site and I think this web site is really instructive! I actually have a question. Should they write a post specifically for your blog? Can they then post it to their blog? This really is a timeless post on Guest Blogging.

This is a very good article for new bloggers who are looking for accurate guidance on guest blogging, Kristi Hines you have covered most aspect with simple to understand explanations. I read few other articles and was not much satisfied as am now after this. Am in process of learning blogging and gust blogging for my yet to optimized eCommerce web site CareMedicalStore.

Our website is accepted in Google news and we are encouraging writers to post news articles on our website. I thought this information could be useful for this post so I am sharing my thoughts. Superzoo News offers readers daily commentary on all consumer technology sectors. As well as regularly updated news, we also provide reviews, editorials, and features on the guest blogger biography mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and guest blogger biography entertainment system.

I am about to guest post in a similar niche blog to my own, however I really like the article. Is it OK to guest post and a few months later use this same article for my own blog? I am going to write a guest post in my blog niche. Thank you for your very informative and helpful article!

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guest blogger biography

So I wont waste my time and start blogging. That will help to build backlinks but not directed traffic. Is it worth the effort? Please add some light to guest blogging concept in the light of Google starting punishing guest blogging activities.

guest blogger biography

MyBlogGuest seems to have got punished for it. This was a great article and a great insight in to the guest blogging strategy — but alas that ship has sailed…. Hi Kristi Thanks for your tips. Is this worthwhile for SEO at biography I noticed the comment about myguestblog getting hit. Thanks for sharing meaningful information Guest blogging Services.

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guest blogger biography

I never done guest blogging but your valuable tips shall diffidently help to get traffic toward my sites. I mean matt cutts: This was a guest blogger biography read. The information here was very helpful. Sometimes, writing in the present-tense gives the reader a feeling of real-time engagement. I may not be sailing along the coast at the very moment a reader encounters this bio, but the wording creates a nice sense of immediacy.

This bio takes a jab at the entire industry. Click the button below for a PDF with these bios, and check out this podcast on the very same topic.

Great post and examples, Mike — I can totally see you doing all those things! Like you, depending on the audience, I highlight things appropriate to the occasion and have them laughing before I even step on stage.