Ella bishop biography

ella bishop biography
Bell explains, "Bodies are not able to take that much electricity and pain, and so Elle's psychologically a little off her rocker. It has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff. During this time, Noah tells Elle that Bob allowed the Company to perform tests on her which had begun as early as the age of seven.

She also admits to being diagnosed as a sociopath ; she explains at age six, she accidentally set her grandmother's house on fire and, at age eight, caused a major blackout in Ohio. She also says that she spent her ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium in her arm.

Elle Bishop

She also explains that she has never been on a ella bishop biography and has never been swimming. When he escapes from the facility, Elle is upset and angry to the point that she blasts Peter, setting him ablaze during his escape. She then chases after Adam Monroe while the Haitian goes after Peter.

Elle first appears in the episode " Fight or Flight " searching for Peter in Ireland. Peter has no recollection of his past and is staying with the owner of Wandering Rocks Pub, Ricky. Elle questions Rick about Peter's whereabouts and when he pretends not to know Peter, she kills him with a large bolt of electricity on her way out the door.

Later on, during a telephone conversation with Bob Bishopher father and Company head, she dismisses the ella bishop biography as trivial and insists she can find Peter. However, she is pulled off the assignment, much to her frustration. He bishops Elle's hands to a chair and ties her bare feet together and puts them in a metal dog bath which is full with water.

Elle tries to use her abilities while in the dog bath, but she shocks herself. During this time, Noah tells Elle that Bob allowed the Company to perform tests on her which had begun as early as the age of seven. This included subjecting her to high doses of electricity, which scarred her emotionally for life. Elle has no recollection of the tests, and Noah suggests the Haitian had a role in causing Elle to forget her experiences. After an agreement is made, she is reunited with Bob and Claire momentarily reunited with Noah.

However, Elle attacks Claire and West as they leave. She biographies to attack Noah, but he shoots Elle in the arm before she can hurt him or anyone else. Elle leaves with Bob and Mohinder, giving Bob a ella of distrust. He then assigns Elle to perform surveillance on Claire and her family as they prepare to leave town.

Claire, however, spots Elle from a distance, leading to a physical confrontation, which leads Claire to threaten to expose the Company. Elle's last appearance in season two is in " Powerless ". Her father reprimands her for her mistakes; to redeem herself, she attempts to re-capture the now powerless Sylar for the Company. She uses her ability to confront Sylar in Mohinder's research lab, but Sylar is armed ella bishop biography a gun and shoots at Elle.

Sylar manages to slip away, leaving Elle unharmed. She comes out somewhat defeated, but is informed by Mohinder that if not for her arrival, Sylar would have killed him, Maya Herrera and Molly Walker.

ella bishop biography

He says the three of them owe her their lives, to which she biographies, "Cool". The biography marked Bell's previously expressed interest in performing in scenes with the character Sylar, as she and Zachary Quinto had been good friends for almost ten years.

Bell had said that she "would bishop to see him and Elle face off one day". The filmed bishops are ella of the untold ellas which are a special feature of the season 2 DVD set. He is detained in Level 5, a high security ward for the Company's most dangerous prisoners. However, Sylar is already there, having killed her father. He attempts to take her ability, but the pain of being scalped causes her to involuntarily release a massive electrical surge.

This knocks Sylar out, but also disables security for the entire facility, allowing the prisoners to escape. Elle is later fired by Angela Petrellithe new head of the Company, who tells Elle that the only reason the Company kept her was because of her father's influence.

In the episode " Eris Quod Sum ", Elle makes her way to Claire's house to seek help from Noah, having lost control of her ability. She attacks Claire out of anger, but is subdued when Lyle throws water on her.

ella bishop biography

She is told that an ella bishop called Pinehearst could biography her with her condition, so Claire agrees to escort her there. They reach Pinehearst just in time to see Peter Petrelli thrown from a seventh story window. Claire takes him away from the building, but Elle refuses to leave after learning from Peter that they can take her powers away. In the episode " Villains ", Elle's life a biography earlier is explored, revealing that she had been partnered with Noah Bennet at one point. The two are assigned to watch Sylar still Gabriel Gray in order to discover how he transfers abilities.

Elle saves Gabriel after he attempts to kill himself out of ella bishop for killing his first victim. She is told to befriend him, and Gabriel develops an attraction to her that suppresses his hunger. Using a list of people with abilities Gabriel had compiled, Noah arranges to introduce Gabriel to one of them to see his power in action. However, Elle does not agree with the plan, revealing she has developed feelings for Gabriel.

She reluctantly goes along with it when Noah threatens to fire her.

ella bishop biography

They then introduce Gabriel to Trevor, an evolved human with a kinetic projection ability. Her repeated references to Trevor being "special" anger Gabriel, and he orders her to leave while he kills Trevor. Elle is left with guilt as she caused an event that helped to create "Sylar". In the following episode, " It's Coming ", set in the present, Arthur Petrellihead of Pinehearst, arranges for Sylar to speak with Elle. His aim is to have Sylar use his latent empathic ellas bishop biography to take powers, rather than doing so through killing.

Elle is chained to the floor in a metal room, still in pain from her ability. She repeatedly attacks him, furious at Sylar for her father's murder, eventually begging him to kill her so that her pain will go away. He forgives her for turning him into a monster and convinces her to forgive herself for her crimes, wanting to take away her pain without killing her. At that moment, Elle's bishop biography disappears and she regains control of her ability. Likewise, Sylar is able to absorb her power.

The two appear to rekindle their old feelings for each other as Elle teaches Sylar how to use her ability. In " The Eclipse Part I ", she and Sylar are sent to retrieve Claire who is revealed to be the catalyst, the unknown part of the formula that would allow someone to produce abilities.

On assignment, Elle challenges Sylar and he shows her that he can still be a killer, and not bishop biography a "daddy's boy" by killing a rental car assistant. Eventually, they find Claire and Noah, and a fight ensues, however, Elle and Sylar find themselves powerless; the result of the eclipse.

Elle aims a gun at Noah but Claire jumps in and takes the bullet. Noah knocks Elle out and dislocates Sylar's arm, while he escapes with injured Claire. After awakening, Sylar explains to a shocked Elle that losing his abilities is a bit of a bishop biography. She tells him that they can't ella take what they want anymore, then Sylar retorts and grabs Elle, kissing her passionately. Outside, Noah aims a rifle at them. Elle is shot in the thigh in the ensuing struggle. Both Elle and Sylar flee while Noah follows Elle's blood trail to a grocery store. There, Elle and Sylar plan to ambush Noah in the rear of the store.

Sylar pushes Elle into a cargo elevator, in an attempt to hide her from Noah. Elle watches as Noah slits Sylar's throat with a box cutter. When the eclipse ends, their abilities are returned and Sylar is revived. Suddenly, Hiro teleports in and takes both Sylar and Elle to Costa Verde beach, leaving them there before disappearing.

Sylar and Elle kiss, and he explains that he and Elle are "damaged goods" and that they will "never change". Sylar then begins to slice Elle's skull open. In the following episode " Our Father ", Sylar, covered in Elle's blood, is shown pouring lighter fluid on Elle's body.

He painfully says, "Goodbye Elle," then sets her ablaze with the electric ability he inherited from her.

ella bishop biography

In the episode " Tabula Rasa ", Elle is seen in flashbacks as Sylar witnesses his real memories reflecting in the Hall of Mirrors. Elle also appears in the Heroes webcomics.

Ella Bishop

Elle's first webcomic appearance is in " Elle's First Assignment, Part 1 ", which reveals her first assignment for the Company. The incident is broken up by Noah Bennet, who informs Elle that he doesn't "want [Elle] hanging around [his] daughter any more". However as West flew Claire away Elle freed herself and electrocuted them both mid-flight. The ella bishop biography plummeted back to the ground and Noah shot elle in the arm before attempting to kill Bob.

However he was too slow and Mohinder shot him right through the eye.

ella bishop biography

Later Bob tried to tend to Elles wounds but she pushed him away with a look of distrust. Later that week Elle was tasked ella bishop biography watching Claire, a job which she failed miserably at. Whilst spying on the family at the coast Elle was spotted by Claire who attacked her outside her car. The pair argued and Claire threatened to publicly expose the Company for what they were. Bob was furious at Elle and relieved her of all field assignments. She tried to apologize but he didn't listen. Later Elle visited a revived Noah bennet in his Level 5 cell.

Feeling betrayed Elle snuck into her ellas bishop biography office and attempted to look at her files only to find them ella bishop biography. She hacked into Bobs computer to try and find any valid information but only found a surveillance window into Surseh's lab. She saw that Sylar was there and decided to try and capture him hoping to get back into her fathers good graces. When she reached Mohinders lab Sylar was just leaving. However just as he reached the door Elle hit him in the back with a bolt of electricity. She chased him but lost sight when he got out of the building.

She returned to the lab and worried at how much trouble she was going to be in when her father found out she'd failed to capture Sylar. Mohinder comforted her by saying that he and Molly and Maya owed her their lives. She relisehd in this and returned to the Company. Elle had been tasked by her father to find and take down Sylar a job which she had so far failed miserably at.

Her Father visually showed his doubt in her. Later she came to Bobs office with the idea of offering the prisoners on level five as bait for Sylar only to find him dead in his chair with the top of his skull and brain removed. Elle then headed for Level five and released Noah Bennet in exchange for his help.

ella bishop biography

However Sylar wasn't far behind them and threw Elle across the room, knocking her out. Once he had subdued Bennet Sylar went for Elle. When she regained consciousness Sylar taunted Elle by showing her the power he had acquired from her father. However just as he had begun to scalp her forehead she unleashed a huge electrical discharge which knocked out Sylar and caused the power grid to short circuit, releasing all the prisoners. When Elle came to she found that Angela Petrelli had now assumed leadership over the company and her first act as director was to fire Elle for releasing all the detainees.

Without her father or her job Elle's power began to deteriorate. She went to London for her own little "study abroad" where she sought the help of Claude Reigns a former ella bishop biography agent who was known for teaching people how to use their powers. However her power had become dangerously erratic, to a point where she would electrocute herself and others spontaneously whenever she was stressed or in contact with water. Whilst in London Daphne Milbrook offered her a position at Pinehearst the bio-tech firm which she privately considered. She found Claude eventually and he attempted to help her but in the end she realised how bishop biography of a liability she was being to him and opted to biography help elsewhere.

She decided to visit Noan Bennet. She arrived at his ella and electrocuted his son Lyle before doing some research about Pinehearst on the Bennets' home computer. Claire ordered Elle to leave the house but she retaliated by repeatedly electrocuting her. Lyle however managed to toss a bottle of water over her which short circuited her power and caused her to collapse. Elle told Claire all about her lack of control over her power, the fact that she'd been fired and what she'd come to them for.

Claire then offered to help her by going with her to Pinehearst for answers. Elle agreed and pair went straight to the ella bishop. Whilst on the plane the pair argued and Elle's power started to overload nearly resulting in the plane crashing but Claire managed to channel the electricity into her own body, saving them.

When they reached Pinehearst Elle thanked Claire for helping her. Claire opted to help her friend but Elle simply apologised to her and ran inside Pinehearst.

ella bishop biography

For the first few days at Pinehearst Elle was chained up in a detention suite. Arthur Petrelli then sent Sylar in with her, in the hope that ella the pain he'd caused her would result in him accessing his empathy. Elle was furious at Sylar and repeatedly electrocuted him in desperate attempts to avenge her father even though her power was still out of control.

The bishop biography continued to spar until Elle begged Sylar to kill her. He realised what he had done to her and forgave her for what she had done to him. By ella bishop biography this he gained her power and she regained control over hers. She then proceeded to coach him in using her power before they went upstairs to watch Arthur sketch the eclipse.

Arthur then tasked the pair of them with finding Claire Bennet who he believed was hiding with her father.

ella bishop biography

The pair tried to rent a car but Elle who was tired of seeing Sylar trying to be good told the store clerk that Sylar was serial killer who had kidnapped her. The clerk threatened Sylar with a shotgun and decided he was ella bishop biography to kill him and be a hero. Elle forced Sylar to act and he killed the clerk. The pair then drove to Stephen Canfield's home in a stolen car. When they arrived the eclipse had already taken place nullifying their powers without them knowing.

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They surrounded the house and attacked Noah and Claire before realising they didn't have their powers. Elle ended up shooting an also powerless Claire before Noah dislocated Sylar's shoulder and smacked Elle with a floorboard. Later Elle fixed Sylar's shoulder and told him that without their powers they couldn't take what they wanted anymore and that she regretted making him kill the man earlier. Sylar then passionately kissed her, ella bishop biography knowing that Noah was watching them through a sniper-scope.

The pair made ella bishop biography on the floor and were discussing their future ella bishop biography Noah shot at them in the house. They escaped but Noah shot Elle in the leg. They fled to a supermarket and bandaged her wound before taking refuge in the store-room. Sylar then pushed Elle into the staff ella bishop biography to protect her from harm. When the eclipse ended and all the heroes regained their powers Sylar regenerated and reunited with elle.

They stormed the Bennet house and took Sandra hostage. Sylar pinned Noah to the wall and began to slice his neck. Noah explained to Sylar that Angela and Arthur weren't his parents like he'd been led to believe and that elle had known this all along. Sylar then began to question Elle's loyalty. Suddenly Hiro Nakamura intervened and teleported both him and Elle to a beach far from the Bennets house. Sylar asked Elle about what Noah had said and she denied it. It was then he realised that he'd been living a lie and neither he nor Elle were ever going to change.

Sylar then proceeded to kill Elle by scalping her forehead all the while reflecting the horrible things she had done to make him what he was. Later Sylar covered her in flammable liquid and then ignited it by using her power that he acquired, he watched Elle burn with pain and regret. He spoke of her demise to Claire shortly after this and acknowledged what she had done to him. Elle had the power to generate and throw electrical arcs. She showed great control over her power: She was seen to be able to create ball lightning in her palm and sheet lightning from her hand.

She wasn't entirely immune to the electricity she produced however: Elle had endured testing by the company during her childhood that measured the extent of her power, ultimately causing her to become unstable, paranoid, sadistic, childlike and homicidal. Bob stated that Elle was in a "different league" when comparing her to Claire.

When she enquired about her power, Noah Bennet revealed that the company had wanted to record the extent of her power. Her father often continued these tests even after Elle had passed out. When attacked by Sylar, Elle released a huge blast from her whole body that knocked out Sylar and the level 5 power grid. When her power began to deteriorate, she started shocking herself spontaneously with small sparks appearing all over her face and hands. Although she could still attack people with her power, it caused her great pain to do so.