Abstract artists like kandinsky biography

abstract artists like kandinsky biography
By Improvisation XIV is already, as its somewhat musical title suggests, practically abstract; with the Encircled , there has definitely developed a kind of painting that, though not just decoration, has no discernible point of departure in the depiction of recognizable objects. Why is the painter is being celebrated in a Google Doodle?

He defines it as the principle of efficient contact of the form with the human soul. The obvious properties we can see when we look at an isolated colour and let it act alone, on one side is the warmth or coldness of the colour tone, and on the other side is the clarity or obscurity of that tone.

Clarity is a tendency towards white, and obscurity is a tendency towards black. White and black form the second great contrast, which is static.

Wassily Kandinsky cover by Mozart Piano concerto No.23 A major 1st. movement

Any other colour resonates strongly on its neighbors. Gray corresponds to immobility without hope; it tends to despair when it becomes dark, regaining little hope when it lightens. Red is a warm colour, lively and agitated; it is forceful, a movement in itself. In his writings, Kandinsky analyzed the geometrical elements which make up every painting—the point and the line.

He called the physical support and the material surface on which the artist draws or paints the basic planeor BP. A point is a small bit of colour put by the artist on the canvas.

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

It is neither a geometric point nor a mathematical abstraction; it is extension, form and colour. This form can be a square, a triangle, a circle, a star or something more complex. The point is the most concise form but, according to its placement on the basic plane, it will take a different tonality.

It can be isolated or resonate with other points or lines. A line is the product of a force which has been applied in a biography direction: The produced linear forms may be of several types: A plane may be obtained by condensation from a line rotated around one of its ends.

The subjective effect produced by a line depends on its orientation: A vertical line corresponds with height, and offers no support; it possesses a luminous, warm tonality close to white and yellow. A diagonal possesses a more-or-less warm or cold tonality, according to its inclination toward the horizontal or the vertical.

A force which deploys itself, without obstacle, as the one which produces a straight line corresponds with lyricism ; several forces abstract artists like kandinsky confront or annoy each other form a drama. The basic plane is, in general, rectangular or square. This tonality is determined by the relative importance of horizontal and vertical lines: Kandinsky considered the basic plane a living being, which the artist "fertilizes" and feels "breathing".

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

Each part of the basic plane possesses an affective colouration; this influences the tonality of the pictorial elements which will be drawn on it, and contributes to the richness of the composition resulting from their juxtaposition on the canvas. The above of the basic plane corresponds with looseness and to lightness, while the below evokes condensation and heaviness.

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

The painter's job is to listen and know these effects to produce paintings which are not just the effect of a random process, but the fruit of authentic work and the result of an effort towards inner beauty. The painting had been on loan to the Kunstmuseum WinterthurSwitzerland, since and was sold to a European collector by the Volkart Foundation, the charitable arm of the Swiss commodities trading firm Volkart Brothers.

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

Guggenheim originally purchased the painting directly from the artist inbut it was not exhibited afterand was then sold at auction to a private collector in by the Solomon R. The play Six Degrees of Separation refers to a "double-sided Kandinsky" painting. The film Double Jeopardy makes numerous references to Kandinsky, and a piece of his, "Sketch", figures prominently in the plotline.

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The protagonist, Elizabeth Parsons Ashley Juddutilizes the registry entry for the work to track abstract artists her husband under his new alias. Two variations of the almanac cover of "Blue Rider" are like kandinsky biography featured in the film. InGoogle commemorated Kandinsky's th birthday by featuring a Google Doodle based on his abstract paintings. A picture-book biography entitled The Noisy Paint Box: His grandson was musicology professor and writer Aleksey Ivanovich Kandinsky —whose career was both focused on and centered in Russia.

Guggenheim Museum held a major retrospective of Kandinsky's work fromcalled Kandinsky. Creating a Modern Guggenheim. Several sections of this article have been translated from its French version: Theoretical writings on artThe Bauhaus and The great synthesis artistic periods.

Wassily Kandinsky

For complete detailed references in French, see the original version at fr: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Kandinsky disambiguation.

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

And it's not Kandinsky - Tate". Books and Writers kirjasto. Archived from the original on 10 February A Dissection of Modern ArtA. Knopfp. Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Retrieved 26 December A Revolution in Painting. Complete Writings on Art.

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

The visual language that he had been aiming at since at least turned into collections of signs that look like almost-decipherable messages written in pictographs and hieroglyphs; many of the signs resemble aquatic larvae, and now and then there is a figurative hand or a lunar human face.

Kandinsky died in His influence on 20th-century art, often filtered through the work of more accessible painters, was profound. Articles from Britannica encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Ranked among the artists whose work changed the history of art in the early years of the 20th century, the Russian abstract artists like kandinsky painter Wassily Kandinsky is abstract artists like kandinsky biography regarded as one of the originators of abstract painting. In both his painting and his theoretical writings he influenced modern styles.

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abstract artists like kandinsky biography

Keep Exploring Britannica Steven Spielberg. American motion-picture director and producer whose diverse films—which ranged from science-fiction fare, including such classics as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E. For every artist who becomes enduringly famous, there are hundreds more who fall into obscurity. Yet these naturalistic sympathies were alloyed with a progressive desire to express certain numinous, non-figurative expressions directly onto the canvas.

Music also inspired him to create artworks of high spiritual rather than visual fidelity. Why did he try to paint music? Well, some desire might stem from the way in which the artist experienced aural and visual sensations. Cossacks by Wassily Kandinsky.

abstract artists like kandinsky biography

If Kandinsky developed these ideas among a lesser-known group of artists, he went onto popularize them at the best-known art school of all time, the Bauhaus. Circles according to Kandinsky, would appear to shift when placed in tension with other forms, and the cosmic appearance of Several Circles is suggestive of his desire to reconcile spirituality and logic. Google's Kandinsky doodle, The artist left Germany after the Nazis closed the Bauhaus insettling in France.

How Kandinsky helped create abstract art

His art is much more than that: Wassily Kandinskymodern art. The Art of Fine Gifts: From Boy to Artist in Russia Kandinsky came to painting at a time when the old order was in rapid decline across Europe, and artists were seeking a new artistic language for a new epoch.

Teaching at the Bauhaus After disagreements with the authorities and the new abstract artists like kandinsky biography in Russia, Kandinsky left in for a new teaching post in Germany at the Bauhaus. Point and Line to Plane However, inafter the Bauhaus moved to DessauKandinsky published his second most important text, Point and Line to Plane, a theoretical work that was highly influential in the development of graphic design. After Death Since his death, there have been many attempts to characterize Wassily Kandinsky and his paintings.

Links Peruse an online collection of Kandinsky's artwork that can be viewed at the Guggenheim museums by clicking here. View some of Kandinsky's paintings on display at the Tate Modern in London and learn more about the pioneer of abstract art by clicking here. If you are wondering how Kandinsky influenced the world of Modern Art as we know it today or want to learn about other artists in this movement, take a look at our blog post here.