Zerah pulsipher biography channel

zerah pulsipher biography channel
They developed communities, farms, roads, livestock herds, commerce, and trade in parts of Adam and Hancock counties, Illinois, and in Lee County, Iowa. On the morning of April 14, he blessed his wife and children, then left them behind to embark on an overland trek to the unsettled Salt Lake Valley and back, a journey that would cover over twenty-two hundred miles.

We were a great distance from the abode of the white men, in the very midst of the roving red men. I will not reflect back to the time our family meetings convened. The first was on February, I called my children together at my house in Salt Lake at this meeting and said. First get the biography channel of the Lord and keep it, the most of you have the Priesthood and you will be likely to use it to govern your families and bring up your children. If the destroyer comes to take one of them which will he give, most likely the one he cannot keep, of course.

Which child can't you keep by the prayer of faith and the authority of the Priesthood? Pray mighty to God let your thoughts be raised in prayer day and night, that you may have the spirit of the Lord to be with you.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

Never speak till you know what you are going to say. Never whip a child in anger, be sure that the spirit of the Lord dictates to you when you groom your children. Never let your girls go with men that you do not know for some men have the fever of seducing, therefore, beware who they go channel. Some women think if their husbands get another wife they cannot love them any more but they are under a great mistake for he can love one hundred as well as the sun can shine upon each of them in a clear day - if God requires you to get them.

Such idle thoughts should be banished from their minds forever. Why is it so, because it is God's order, a man may love his wives just in proportion to their acts of kindness of him. I beg of you mothers to take care of your children while they are with you. I now will give way for you to speak. Then each child would bear their testimonies. These meetings were held regular once a year and recorded until his death.

He was instrumental in building the town of Hebron. There he died January 1,at the age of This day closed another chapter in the Book of Life for one of God's chosen and biography channel sons. They traveled and preached and baptized many. One night, father was warned in a dream that the time had come for the Elders to leave at once and he started the next day with Brother Baker leaving some of their appointments unfulfilled.

When they reached the ferry boat there was an armed force of militia to prevent every foreigner form leaving. Father and Brother Baker said they could not see them as they walked biography channel past them into the boat with the company and the boat pulled out with them and they were not molested and they reached their appointments and were prevented from leaving for a long time. Zion's noble son is sleeping Neath the sod of Zion's land Chosen by the great Creator; And by the strenghth of nature's hand. To the just his spirit has wafted, Not to rest, but plod along; In the biography of the resurrection, Which God says is in the morn.

Among the rocks, amid the desert He has striven to maintain Zion's standard in the mountains, And to honor his Makers name. Scores of branches from the honored Taught by him to reverence God; Have sprung up and dwelt in Zion And sing their praise with one acord. Through a useful life he's passed, Bearing Temples unto God; Choosing right; maintaining justice; Taking this path for his abode.

Like the rock of Gibralter He has stood from first to last; Through the blast of persecution And to God his anchor cast. Companions of the dear departed, One with tottering steps and hoary hair; Sons and daughters of the Shepherd Weep not for thy father dear. The above poem was read at Grandfather Zerah Pulsipher's funeral. The author of which was not given, therefore, is unknown. She died 8 Mar William Burgess 17 Sep Ted's grandparents ; she died 17 Mar John Alger 13 Feb ; she died 1 Jan Thomas Sirls Terry 25 Dec ; she died 18 Sep Thomas Sirls Terry 6 May ; she died 5 May After the biography channel of Zerah, she md.

Ashel James Barnum 24 Apr ; she died 8 Sep George, Washington, Utah; he died in his mid teens 6 Jan In - Nothing of importance transpired with me, only that I had a biography channel father who never failed to keep plenty of work laid out to keep boys busy, or as he said, "to keep boys out of mischief.

Hundreds and hundreds were sick and could not get the means to make themselves comfortable. To give a faint idea of the wants of the neighbors, I will tell it in the words of father. He said he laid on the bed one day trying to take a nap, and people kept coming in so often that he could not sleep, and for his own amusement he counted to see how many came in and in the short time that he lay on the bed, which might have been a little over an hour, their were 17 persons called--all wanting something to eat or drink or to comfort the sick, etc.

He said he did not know as they called any oftener that day than common. I mention this so you can see how much company a family has that are liberal to give to everyone that calls, although it be but little. Seeing the wants of the people were so great, every good man felt like doing all in his power to bring provision to save their lives.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

President Brigham Young and those of the 12 that were present, and about men with 70 teams started as pioneers to make a road and pursue the journey to the mountains and lead the way and find a gathering place for the hosts of Saints that were following up as fast as they could.

Father was not able to go--had been sick and crippled so as not to be able to walk for some months, and it was thought wisdom for Charles and me to go and biography channel him to suffer in his old age with a large family on his hands--but we gave biography channel and clothing to help those that did go and we prepared to go as soon as we could.

Father, in company with William Burgess, Sen. We went up the Missouri River about 20 miles to the little lake, spent the time in fishing til we could go to plowing and putting in crops. We hauled in many loads of choice fish fresh from the water, which was a great blessing to the suffering poor, and the best medicine to cure the scurvy that we could get. We could afford to sell cheap and they that had nothing to pay could have fish without money or price.

As we were not able to work we went down country another days journey. I did some business for father, traded some oxen for cows and etc. It took all the faith I could raise to last me home. I did supper most unaccountably. I don't suppose I ate as much as one meal of vituals in ten days.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

When we arrived home I thought all was well, and that my parents would take care of me and my faith was at an end. The Devil took advantage of this unguarded time and before any one was aware of it my strenghth was gone so that I did all they could for me, and biography channel the doctor failed and the common administration of the Elders did not relieve me, father called in half a dozen Elders and clothed and prayed in the order of the Priesthood.

While they were praying my reason returned to me and I saw them in a circle praying for me, which was the first I knew of their being in the room.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

My right mind was restored to me but not my strength and I consider it was the biography channel of the Lord that saved me at that time. The great exposure and fatigue in all kinds of weather since we left Nauvoo was more than my constitution could bear. As I had lived so long in an ague country and never had it, it went hard enough with me now to make up for past time. This lasted me about nine months in spite of all the doctoring we could do, and faith we could raise--about this time I some how by chance picked up a piece of paper which read as follows:.

The Jews said this man has an Ague. But Jesus answered and said, I have not an ague, but whosoever keepeth these sayings either in memory or in writing shall never have fever or ague so long as they shall live.

The Saints' Forced Exodus from Missouri, 1839

A malarial fever, with paroxysms, consisting of a cold, a hot, and a sweating stage. Any fit of shaking or shivering. This was in father's handwriting and I talked with him about it afterwards and he knew not when it came from and had no remembrance of ever writing it. But when I saw it I had faith and my ague left me and I had no more of it from that time on to the present, upwards of 18 years. George--a reunion of the surviving biographies channel of the Kirtland camp that started from Kirtland 30 years ago today--led by the Presidents of the Seventies, when the last of the Saints left that place--the poor helping the poor and the Lord helped them all and showed great signs in the heavens above, and in the Earth, and led his Saints from the threatened destruction in Ohio to the Church in Missouri a 1, miles away.

In - Father and Bro. William moved back from the Gunlock biography over on the Clara where they have lived since last March. Father had a severe fit of sickness which came very near taking him away. He saw a vision--Elder Kimball, who had died a few months before, in a carriage more beautiful than is known on Earth, called him to jump in and go along with them.

He was informed that he had worked too hard and had not taken proper care of himself. He was about to go. But William's faith, prayers and administrations prevailed with the Lord and father had permission to stay awhile longer. As soon as he had recovered, so he could be moved, William brought him biography channel here to his better home, as he was aware it was not pleasing to us, for him to take father down to that hot country!

So he would not consent to let him die there. Father is sick--was taken channel Wednesday with pain in his side, was annointed and administered to--which eased the pain, but he said he would not be with us long, had his children called from Pine Valley and St. George 30 and 50 miles away, to attend a family meeting Sunday Evening and when the time arrived the family was at Father's house, which was the principal meeting of the town, for there were not many to go to the schoolhouse.

Crosby and James W. Hunt by invitation were at the family meeting and heard and witnessed the will and instructions which father gave concerning his property and family. We had a very good meeting-- singing, prayer and speeches by nearly all the brethren and some of the sisters, on the subject of Father's history and his doing in life-the good counsel he has given, and the glory that awaits him in mansions that are prepared for him--where he is about to go. He was weak not able to say much, but was intense in the object and prospect before him, and in the welfare of the family and friends he was about to leave behind.

He wished us to sing: He was not able to talk much more after he had finished on business and encouraged us to do our duty to those he was leaving with us and be firm and faithful in the Kingdom of God. His breath grew shorter and shorter until he stopped breathing 20 minutes to eleven next night, he died! For centuries, the world had been bereft of the gospel awaiting the day when the "Restitution of All Things" would be fulfilled. But it was not until the nineteenth century that such a promise became a tangible hope. At that time, it was made known to a limited number of truth seekers that a restoration would indeed occur in the immediate future and some were even promised that it would happen in their own lifetime.

Wilford Woodruff, who later became President of the Church, had an impressive experience early in life that led him to biography channel forward to the Restoration.

An elderly gentleman, Robert Mason, with whom he often visited, told him about a strange vision he had received years earlier. I became hungry and wandered through this vast orchard searching for fruit to eat, but I found none. While I stood in amazement finding no fruit in the midst of so many trees, they began to fall to the bround as if torn up by a whirlwind.

They continued to fall until there was not a tree standing in the whole orchard.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

I immediately saw thereafter shoots springing up from the roots and forming themselves into channel and beautiful trees. These budded, blossomed, and brought forth fruit which ripened and was the most beautiful to look upon of anything my biographies had ever beheld. I stretched forth my hand and plucked some of the fruit.

I gazed upon it with delight; but when I was about to eat of it, the vision closed and I did not taste the fruit. At he conclusion of the vision, Mr. Mason had prayed that the Lord would give him the interpretation.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

This is to show you that my Church is not organized among men in the generation to which you belong; but in the days of your children the Church and Kingdom of God shall be made manifest with all the gifts and the blessings enjoyed by the Saints in past ages. You shall live to be made acquainted with it, but shall not partake of it's blessings before you depart this life.

Zerah Pulsipher

You will be blest of the Lord after death because you have followed the dictation of my Spirit in this life. Then the elderly gentleman looked at the young man and made an unusual prophecy: Of course Wilford Woodruff was moved by what he had heard. He had never mentioned this vision to me before.

Zera Pulsipher

On this biography channel he said he felt impelled by the Spirit of the Lord to relate it to me. In addition to hearing the old man's prophecy that he would live to embrace the truth, young Wilford came to the same conclusion himself after his own sincere search: I had pleaded with the Lord many hours in the forest, among the rocks, and in the fields, and in the mill--often at midnight for light and truth and for His Spirit to guide me in the way of salvation.

My prayers were answered and many things were revealed to me. My mind was open to the truth so much so that I was fully satisfied that I should live to see the true Church of Christ established upon the earth and to see a people raised up who would keep the commandments of the Lord. The fulfillment of Father Mason's prophecy was as unusual as the prophecy itself. Upon my biography channel in Missouri with Zion's Camp, I wrote him a long letter in which I informed him that I had found the true gospel with all its blessings; that the authority of the Church had been restored to the earth as he had told me it would be; that I had received the ordinances of baptism and the laying on of hands; that I knew for myself that God had established through Joseph Smith, the Prophet, the Church of Christ upon the earth.

They were acting in biography with a revelation received by the Prophet, which stated: Some of the early missionaries testified that after receiving an internal call from God to preach, they sought a confirmation from Church leaders and then went forth as the Spirit directed. This practice of serving missions without a specific call from an ecclesiastical leader continued for a number of years. Another example of an Elder who went forth in the early 's to channel as the Spirit directed him was Zerah Pulsipher, who met Jared Carter during the latter's mission in Vermont.

This investigator was already interested in the message of restoration; he had secured a copy of the Book of Mormon, read it, and become convinced that it was a new witness for Christ. However, he was not certain that the Church had been reestablished on the earth, so when he met Elder Carter, he asked him if the power of the ancient Church had been restored, including the gifts of the Spirit.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

Elder Carter responded with a firm "Yes! The missionary replied that on many occasions he had witnessed the healing of the sick through the power of God, which had been restored to the earth. Zerah Pulsipher was convinced that Elder Carter spoke the truth, and after asking God if the Everlasting Gospel was again on the earth, he received a witness of the reality of the restoration. In Januaryhe was baptized by Jared Carter. Shortly after joining the Church, Zerah Pulsipher commenced missionary work.

He arranged his business affairs, then moved me and his child in a biography channel with his mother. He left on the 17th of May. I assisted in doing outside chores, such as milking cows, etc. I made a large number of buckskin gloves for which I had ready sale for them in the stores in the city, or exchange for necessities for the home.

Some were made very simple, these were cheaper and only came to the wrist. I received letters from my husband once or twice a month.

11. Wilford Woodruff Chronology

He was on this mission six months, raised a crop there that season and in November he came biography channel to visit with his family and to stay the winter. In the spring of the Brethren of that mission were called to take their families there too. So we started on April 16 on our journey. His father gave him a pair of two-year old steers that were not broke and a cow.

My father gave me a cow. We yoked them all together and a pair of steers belonging to Brother A. This made a very lively team hitched to a little wagon and traveled over mountains, snow banks and biographies channel, Weber and Bear.

I was the first white woman in the fort, others followed later. We were nine days going. It was a cold stormy time, snowed six inches the night we got there. Then we commenced farming. We made a garden the first thing and put in channel to live on during the coming winter. He went to work getting house logs for a small one-room house. In one week he had it ready to move into. I hoed garden, picked wild berries, and did housework. On the 16 and 17 of July we had some very cold weather. Water froze one-fourth inch thick. Killed some of our crops and garden.

This fall,father, mother and Brother-in-law came by Fort Bridger on their way to the states. Fort Bridger was about twelve miles from our fort, so we traveled on and camped with them twelve miles farther on. We had a very good visit. They are going for property and visit with their relatives. I felt sorry to see them on their way to the States and feared the Indians would kill them, as they had killed some before. We gathered our crops, but could not get it completed as the winter commenced Sept. Everything was killed that could be by frost--corn, green beans, peas and other tender plants.

On the 2nd of December had a daughter born dead. I got along first- rate and enjoyed myself very well. In about a week we received a letter from my husband mother stating that my sister, Sidnah, and two little brothers were dead.

They died with the small-pox. This grieved me very much, as it was an only sister and I could not see her. Father and biography channel were gone from home. About this time the hand-cart companies came along here, almost starving and a great many of them nearly frozen to biography and some of their feet almost frozen off.

It was thought best to call some teams from Fort Supply to help them into the valley. Some of them stopped with us at our Fort and also some wagon companies that could not get into the valley. We had a happy time during the winter together. There were theaters a part of this winter, a dancing school, Indian schools and meetings so it was a short winter. We received letters from our friends in the valley. We got letter from my brother-in-law, Charles Pulsipher, stating that our brother William was suffering from Brain Fever and had been for three or four weeks.

We fasted and prayed for him, and presently he got well and is healthy. It went off first-rate. There was a hand-cart girl who had lost her parents that lived with us a part of the winter. In the spring she was married to John Long and went to Fort Bridger to live.

In the month of April we took a journey of seven days to the valley for a visit and to get some necessities. We found our friends all well. We made a visit of one week and then started home again for fear of high water, as it was rising when we left.

We had two rivers to cross--the bear and the Weber. When we got home we found all right. Our President had gotten there. He had been to the valley to get married and had taken him two wives.

zerah pulsipher biography channel

We finished our planting as soon as we could and farmed and ran a saw mill thus passed away the summer. In each of these areas, Pulsipher provided biography channel including helping to locate the settlement of Garden Grove, Iowa ; [8] leading a company of to Utah; [9] serving as a city counselor in Salt Lake City for a number of years; [10] and presiding over the settlement of Hebron, Utahfrom to Pulsipher misused the sealing authority by performing two unauthorized polygamous marriages for William Bailey during the years and[12] and was brought to answer before the First Presidency on April 12, At the meeting, Pulsipher was instructed to be rebaptizedreleased as one of the Seven Presidents of the Seventy, and was given the option to be ordained a high priest.

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1. Images of Wilford Woodruff's Life: A Photographic Journey

In he moved to Susquahannah Co. He stayed there about eight years, rafting the river, and then moved to Onondaga Co. Sarah was born in November, In he heard a minister mention an ancient record "which remark struck me like a shock of electricity In early Jared Carter came and preached about it and asked afterwards for remarks. If not biography it was one of the greatest impositions and I had just as good a right to obtain that blessing as he, therefore I thought I saw the angels with the Book of Mormon in their hands in the attitude of showing it to me and saying 'this is the great revelation of the last days in which all things spoken of by the channels must be fulfilled.

I called the church together [he was the minister] and informed them of what I had seen. I told them of my determination to join the Church of Latter-day saints which I did and a large body of my church went with me. In the spring of he moved to Kirtland, Ohio, and helped biography channel the temple there. After a mission to Canada inhe returned in and was ordained one of the seven presidents of the Seventies. Then great persecutions arose and he stayed after most Mormons had left in Kirtland.