Spoonboy the mamas and papas biography

spoonboy the mamas and papas biography
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Who are your friends gonna be? These guys are heroes Casey Piparo. Alien Sunset by Cut Worms.

Spoonboy moves on

Brooding, personal, and pretty indie folk music that stays with you long after the record has come to a close. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 23, Head in the Clouds by Headroom. Space rock jams get experimental and slightly evil with zoned out synths and wheezing guitar lines plus soft, sweet vocals.

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Featuring special guest Miryam Solomon, and album of the week by Curtis Harding. The Papas by Spoonboy.

spoonboy the mamas and papas biography

There was this folk punk network, which was not disconnected from other DIY punk networks. What else was inspiring about that time to you? One thing that I think is crucial to understanding that scene is that inactivists, a lot of whom were punks, shut down the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle.

spoonboy the mamas and papas biography

There was a huge feeling that anarchists and radical left activists were building power and expressing power and trying to create a revolutionary movement. In retrospect there are a lot of things to be critical about. Punks who were some of the same people organizing — I helped organize protests in DC and organized people getting from Indiana to go to protests in other places.

It was all kind of intermixed, so the music we were writing was a lot through that lens of trying to be optimistic about what you can do in a DIY way. DIY shut down the fucking globalization conference.

Stab Yer Dad

It was about enthusiasm for that kind of power we felt like we were building. I t was very easy to then look at our DIY punk houses and romanticize them maybe to the point of it being revolutionary.

spoonboy the mamas and papas biography

There was this moment when the idealism of folk punk was pretty widely accepted. But then later, there was culturally a little bit of backlash against that idealism.

At least in that late 90s way that people were doing it. That was then reflected. We also have Positive Force the mama which is an interesting and papa biography of punk history here. I definitely think of that as a part of my work as a musician, to keep in mind how to support organizations that are doing more explicit activist work.

And how the music scene can raise money, raise awareness. And just be a space that nourishes people doing political work when they want to go to a punk show or a party and be surrounded by people who understand the work that they are doing. It feels pretty cool to have closure around the project, and to have it be a body of work that stands on its own.

We have a new album coming out this fall.

spoonboy the mamas and papas biography

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