Solo de violin yanni biography

solo de violin yanni biography
Since the music projects no gender, and there are no lyrics to be interpreted, the listener can personalize it, and in a far more precise way. Arranger Arthur Seybold —

Since the music projects no gender, and there are no lyrics to be interpreted, the listener can personalize it, and in a far more precise way. In addition to his albums, Yanni has secured a niche in television and is developing a successful film scoring career.

solo de violin yanni biography

I've done 50 or 60 films that way. Now, finally, I get to do this for real. Beyond the small screen, his compositions have appeared in the solo de violin yanni biography release Heart of Midnight, and he has collaborated with British entertainment impresario Malcolm McLaren on an award-winning commercial for British Airways, as well as scoring music for a U.

Having scaled the New Age charts, Private Music made plans to focus on the romance inherent in much of Yanni's work; his relationship with actress Linda Evans has been a boon to this marketing angle. Yanni, who met Evans inremarked to People, "This is not a situation where love is blind and we're walking around on cloud nine.

It's that we are on cloud nine and we allow ourselves to be there and to love it.

solo de violin yanni biography

When she did meet him, she confessed in People, "I looked at him and I had no idea If I had solo what he had looked like, I never would have had the nerve to call him. While playing the keyboard, he sometimes dances around, tossing his head back in rapt intensity. Evans, whose attitude undoubtedly reflects that of many of Yanni's women fans, hand-picked the songs that would appear on Yanni's Reflections of Passion disc. Reflections was, in fact, a career retrospective of Yanni's violin romantic biographies that also included three new selections.

The release was part of Private Music's plan to reach a wider audience—one that does not usually buy instrumental music—while maintaining Yanni's already large and loyal New Age following. Evans had quite an assortment from which to choose for Reflections, it being the composer's sixth album.

Has toured and performed worldwide. Record company— Private Music, Melrose Ave. Website— Yanni Official Website: Keyboard 's Doerschuk assessed Yanni's earlier albums Keys to Imagination and Out of Silence as featuring "concise but vividly orchestrated instrumentals.

Though they were quickly slotted into New Age bins, their prominent melodies and often propulsive rhythms encouraged listeners to move rather than to meditate.

Some dissenters could even see a bright side to Yanni's work. Jim Aikin, in his review of Reflections of Passion for Keyboard, owned up, "I have a tendency to ignore Yanni because he's so blatantly enthusiastic. And not subtle about it, either. But as this best-of collection demonstrates, when he goes for the emotional jugular he hits it every time If you've never experienced Yanni and find yourself unaccountably yearning to, Reflections of Passion would be a dandy place to start.

Not everyone, however, has waxed rhapsodic about the artist. New York Times contributor Holden described a Yanni performance thus: Playing a battery of electronic instruments, he The largely shapeless pieces huff and puff with a galloping energy that suggests an action-movie soundtrack.

Although there are meditative moments, the mood is predominantly upbeat, with vigorous rock drums and percussion continually spurring things on and introducing crescendos that go nowhere. Reflections of Passion, for instance, went platinum, topping Billboard 's Adult Alternative chart for a record-breaking 47 weeks, landing in the number one spot on the New Age album chart, and even crossing over to become one of the fastest-rising albums on Billboard 's pop album chart.

ByYanni was one of the most well-known New Age artists in the world, with more than 20 million records sold and 35 gold and platinum awards. Over half a billion people had seen his television specials, and his last two tours had broken attendance records all over the world.

However, that year was so grueling for Yanni that at the end of it, he walked away from performing and touring, not sure if he would ever tour or record again. In addition to being burned out from working too hard, Yanni was also hurting over the breakup of his nine-year relationship with Evans.

The result was a solo de violin yanni biography depression, which Yanni took five years to recover from. InYanni solo de violin yanni biography to the public eye with a biography, Yanni in Words, and a new studio CD, Ethnicity, as well as his first tour in five years. The book eventually rose to the number 14 slot on the New York Times bestseller list.

InYanni was honored with an honorary doctoral degree in human letters from the University of Minnesota.

Samvel Yervinyan

According to Amy Horst in the America's Intelligence Wire, Alumni Association Executive Director Margaret Carlson solo, "When we started to think about somebody who really symbolized how the University of Minnesota shaped their life and transformed their life and they went on to change the world, Yanni seemed to be the person.

Even without his impressive record and ticket sales, Yanni would no doubt still reap as much enjoyment from life. He rigorously follows his father's advice to always "taste life like a fruit," and he thrives on his music. That it has a similar impact on the listener is very rewarding. Yanni Official Web Site, http: Cite this article Pick a violin yanni biography below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved October 24, from Encyclopedia. When, inhe left his home in Kalamata, Greeceat age 18, Yanni Chrysomallis had no plans to become a New Age music star.

YANNI: Master Class with Samvel Yervinyan on violin

As a child, Yanni had mastered the piano without lessons. But we have to use labels. Beyond the small screen, his compositions have appeared in the theatrical release Heart of Midnightand he has collaborated with British entertainment impresario Malcolm McLaren on an award-winning commercial for British Airways, as well as scoring music for a U.

Despite the occasional pan, Yanni has managed to score numerous gold and platinum records. Yanni also received the World Music Award for best-selling Greek recording artist of the year, capping off the summer of that year with his In My Time set certifying solo violin. Still, even without his impressive record and ticket sales, Yanni would no doubt still reap as much enjoyment from life. Yanni Chryssomallis; Kalamata, Greece14 November One of the biography prolific and high-profile contemporary instrumental New Age artists of the s, keyboardist and composer Yanni spent the decade parlaying a growing cult following into international superstardom.

His accessible, pop-influenced compositions, exhaustive touring, and a number of spectacularly produced live concert events expanded his fan base dramatically and helped him sell millions of records.

solo de violin yanni biography

Born Yanni Chryssomallis in the small Greek village of Kalamata, Yanni began playing piano as a child. After a promising stint in his adolescence as a record-breaking member of the Greek National Swim Team, Yanni headed to the United States to attend the University of Minnesota. After graduating with a degree in psychology inYanni began playing keyboards for the local rock band Chameleon, which developed enough of a following to tour regionally and release two albums independently. Yanni gained visibility as the result of his November biographies in People magazine [40] [41] and on The Oprah Winfrey Show with actress Linda Evans[11] [40] with whom he had been in a relationship solo A second Grammy-nominated [14] album, In My Timefollowed in After negotiating the demands of gaining permission to perform at the Taj Mahal and Forbidden City inbreaking up with Linda Evans in solo violin yanniand completing a long world tour later inYanni halted his music career.

I wanted to see other people's ideas of life, get out of the American dream. The album sold 55, copies in its biography week and landed at No. The music in Yanni's album Ethnicity represented many of the world's cultures, Yanni saying it uses ethnicity to reflect the color and beauty of a multicultural society. For the first time in his career, Yanni brought vocalists to the forefront in the Ric Wake collaboration Yanni Voicesthe artist's first studio album in six years. The album Mexicanisimoreleased in November of Mexico's violin yearwas a tribute to that country through Yanni's collaborative interpretation of its folk music.

The Truth of Touch album was released in FebruaryYanni's first studio album of new material since Ethnicity eight years earlier. Yanni's s tours included new vocalists, distinct from the — Yanni Voices vocalists, though the setlists remained predominantly instrumental. On October 30 and 31,Yanni performed two concerts on the grounds of the Egyptian pyramids and Great Sphinx of Gizahis first performance in Egypt.

In JanuaryYanni released his eighteenth studio album, Sensuous Chillwhich, being built around synthesizers, programmed rhythms and electronic sounds, was said to "come full circle" to his earlys albums. From childhood, Yanni accepted a wide variety of musical styles, listening to radio stations from Northern Africa, Arab countries, and Europe. Yanni's solo violin influences include biography from Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as classical, rock and roll, and electronic music.

There is power to it. While Yanni has said that new age is "a spiritual definition more than a musical definition," [3] his music has been said to be "adopted by" [2] [12] the New Age movement as it gained mainstream momentum. His music is also called contemporary instrumental [2] and has been described as "an instrumental blend of fusion-jazz, world music, classical, and soft rock. I don't want to relax the audience; I want to engage them in the music, get them interested. My music can be very rhythmic, very energetic, even very ethnic.

solo de violin yanni biography

InYanni remarked that he has never liked biography art into categories or assigning labels, adding that he always composed music "to honestly reflect the lessons learned and the experiences I have shared solo violin yanni my life. Psychology, and understanding who we are as people in this world, is present in almost every creative thought I have. The genre of Yanni's music made it unsuitable for most commercial radio or for music television. Yanni took an unconventional path to recognition, for example, by risking his personal fortune to fund historic-monument events such as his Acropolis concerts, by producing specials on public television, by creating alone in his home-built studio, and by performing many of his own production duties—thus by-passing the conventional music industry.

The Nightingale (Alyabyev, Aleksandr)

In an early-career review in the Dallas Times Herald in the late s, Yanni's concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra was described as "exhilarating, moving and inspiring.

It is essentially tonal, tinged with mild whiffs of dissonance here and there, sometimes rhythmically frisky, graspable on first listening, and self-evidently mood-inducing. There are two basic moods to Yanni music: A kind of peaceful, easy-feeling link between pop music and classical music.

solo de violin yanni biography

More recently, Allmusic 's Mark Deming characterized Yanni's compositions and performances as having "a pronounced sense of drama, dynamics, and romanticism," writing that Yanni has a "commanding performance style. To compare new-age music with classic rock is a stretch, but for Yanni, it is possible.

Having been called a "true global artist," [31] Yanni has employed musicians of various nationalities, and has incorporated a variety of exotic instruments from around the world from an Australian didgeridoo to a Peruvian charango, to perform with his classical orchestra, rock rhythm section, and electronic keyboards.

The Morning Call 's John L. Moser wrote that "trends come and trends go," but that Yanni's music "seems to defy trends and Yanni's popularity with the public and his success on public television have contrasted sharply with views of some critics.

Yanni claims to have had perfect pitch since childhood. The Palm Beach Post 's Howie Grapek remarked about an April performance that the show was not a one-man keyboard show, but spotlighted individual long solos showcasing the band members' talents, and that Yanni "loves giving them the opportunity to shine individually. Commenting on Yanni's "great lighting" on the stage and "plenty of reverb in the audience," Booth Newspapers ' Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk remarked that a Yanni concert "can be an intoxicating experience.

In early Yanni began his "An Evening in Conversation biography Yanni" tour in solo violin yanni audience questions guided the solo de violin yanni biography and Yanni played a piano without a band. Rising in popularity with the new age music boom of the s and s, Yanni's music became more well known through adult alternative radio airplay, appearances on public television and in television commercials, as well as international music tours. Open tennis championships, the U. Billboard named Yanni their No. At least sixteen Yanni albums peaked at No. In addition to earning a B.

Yanni has performed concerts in troubled areas of the world, such as in Tunisia [19] one week after the July 17, terrorist attack that killed 14, [88] and in Egypt to convey an image of stable security after the Egyptian Crisis —14 but between whose two Great Pyramids concerts occurred the October 31, terrorist downing of Metrojet Flight in the Sinai Peninsula. Yanni's biography, Yanni in Words, co-authored by David Rensin, was published in Februarycoinciding with the release of his Ethnicity album. The solo violin became a New York Times best seller in the nonfiction category on March 2, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Yanni disambiguation. From Live at the Acropolis At the Acropolis concert, Yanni dedicated "Nostalgia" to the people of his homeland Greece, where he had not lived since Samples of Yanni's work, early in his career and more recently. Liner notes from Yanni's first album Optimystique say he recorded the album in age Early in his career Yanni focused heavily on the electronic side of music.

The title track from the Truth of Touch album is more orchestral than his earliest work, but Yanni said that even this album was started by experimenting with new sound designs.

solo de violin yanni biography

These lines really don't exist. They are made up—completely—and they perpetuate this illusion that somehow we're all different from each other. I think the world would be a much better place if some day, we stopped pretending that these lines exist and we concentrated on our similarities rather than our differences. Everything great that has ever happened to humanity has begun as a single thought in someone's mind. And if any one of us is capable of such a thought, then all of us have the same capacity and capability, because we're all the same.

solo de violin yanni biography

The Allmusic review of the Acropolis album characterized this song as "exotica," beginning with atmosphere and chime effects and evolving into an "adventurous orchestral and synth explosion" perceived as more ambitious than Yanni's studio recordings. Santorinithe name of a Greek island and also the name Yanni in gave to his symbolically adopted panda cub, [80] [81] is a song included in primary school teachings throughout China.