Lecture on life by sister shivani biography

lecture on life by sister shivani biography
It is a popular religious movement that started in Hyderabad. I know your question is to sister shivaniji

I think this one aspect, to look very closely at the concept of dedicating ones life to a spook under the mistaken confusion you are dedicating it to god is key to realisation about the BKs. Yes, I would like to look closer at their lives. A happy few might become proficient mediums and get some high off the experience, the rest Giving up the possibility of human love and a life of freedom for a life of slavery to the organization?

I have often wonder how awful Indian women's lives are, or what lecture on life by sister shivani biography of them are awful, how many are fine and how many are great. Unfortunately, my impression is very poor. So many look so miserable and eat themselves to oblivion. Hugely fat and with those dark eye rings that suggest their kidneys are packing in under the weight of it, the hard work and the misery. I have heard many bad stories about the women's sex lives and so perhaps they are not giving anything at all.

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But, yes, I wonder too how glad the family are to get rid of an unmarriageable mouth I think I read in that recent BK Shivani interview that they only accept them after 21 now. Is that a change? It was not always that way. And, of course, mothers and aunties push their daughters into the business as well.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

Anyway willing or able to share with us any more insight? I'd like to know more about these girls, how they tell them and how much their just indoctrinate them.

Anyone Indian enough will know what I mean by " auntie " aunty. You are a liar, liar and liar You are earning name and fame Like your Suraj Bhai If her family was in the BKWSU, and she got involved through them in her early 20s, how did she get married? How could they marry her off? If she is 38 now, that is a long time not being utterly conscious or ignoring about what BKism is.

Sanskars like that don't go away easily. She seems to be one of those fringe BKs who has never lived in a Center and who has her own version of BKism. Of course the leadership will leave her a lot of rope since it is good for the business.

In that case there should be abuse cases taken against them. The psychological abuse is a serious problem as lecture on life by sister shivani biography, but much harder to make a legal case of, unfortunately. Does that means although her parents were BKs she did not surrender until she was 26? An interview here says Here is an outspoken, no-questions-barred interview that covers Shivani's journey from a normal, party-going, year-old engineering graduate from a Pune college to the heart of a year-old organisation, and touches upon touchy stuff like funding, celibacy, and vegetarianism.

When did you get associated with the Brahma Kumaris?

Modern Day Spiritual Teachers: Sister Shivani

You can do whatever you want to do According to the BK teachings, you are not even supposed to touch, make relationships You are a liar liar and liar Either you are wrong or the Murlis are wrong You are building the age of truth A perfect parrot who, being married, is a perfect frontsperson for the Brahma Kumaris making them appear what they are not Sister Shivani was born in as Shivani Verma. Her parents had a religious bend of mind and thus Shivani got a spiritual environment in her house as she grew up.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

Her parents would regularly visit the Brahma kumaris world spiritual university. It is a popular religious movement that started in Hyderabad. Brahmakumaris basically means daughters of Brahma. This institute teaches meditation and how to focus on the inner soul. They believe that soul can never be bad and god resides in the soul of all humans. These sessions were sister shivani biography informative and interesting to her. Shivani was always a good student. She completed her electrical engineering from Pune University and she was a gold medallist.

After completing her degree she worked as a lecturer in the Bharati Vidyapeeth college of Engineering located in Pune. Once there lecture too many viewer queries at BKWSU and they did not have enough teachers to attend to all these queries so they allowed Shivani to answer few of these queries. This program was aired on television and thus helped a lot in ensuring more popularity for Shivani. Since then she was also called as sister Shivani or Brhmakumari Shivani. This is our Hindu culture where woman are treated god,Shakti,Laksmi etc beautifully it indicate this not compensatory to follow celibate.

I am a simple man I believe family means mother father children and grandparent. If we stop growing how tommarrow you explain to others your culture is great. Its upto you after death no one prove that we have taken rebirth and this place.

If this is true what you say then so many great people died for social cal. But none of them reborn or indicated. I explain you what is the role of man and woman. Man is root of three and woman is tree and fruits are children then you ask where is you parent role 2.

So explain me if you are not sister shivani biography how you can explain about soul of god. That means your parent must not accept marriage institutional standard it indicate that our culture is great than what we learning today. For tommarrow who is there if we stop our family. One more thing what you people say earth is going destroy soon if not happen then whom you explain why it not happen because in last so many years every one say this happen that happen let go head.

Friends take life in positive way.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

It is quite surprising that she has such an power to live life in spritual and also in domestic. It is quite strange. I was watching awakening with Brahma Kumari since long and was not aware of such greatness of BK Shivani. Search for anything you wish to know in the area of body, mind or spirit on thousands of our pages on all things positive. Life Positive is a body-mind-spirit magazine promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of life and self with an emphasis on personal growth.

By Suma Varughese January BK Shivani of the Brahma Kumaris is one of the most popular speakers on spirituality today, thanks to her clarity, penetration and the purity she emanates, says Suma Varughese In her white sari and simple plait framing a sweet face free of make-up, she emanates a palpable air of purity and peace.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

Post Your Query Your email address will not be published. Comments [ 40 ] rituparna Thanks for your amazing life changing talk. Thank you so much sister. They are really effective. Ramesh Shivani Di you are God for me the change my world. Meena kumari I am deeply impressed by sister Shivani"s teachings, but at the same time finds myself having the same sense of spirituality. Monika in today's era one really need somebody to teach morality because in India multiple concepts are generated regarding realism and truthfulness and Shivani's thought make everything clear.

Sonu arora Thank you shivani didi for making Baba's knowledge so easy and understandble to everyone. Rakhi Sister Shivani has changed my entire thought process for the better. Meena Kumasi Listening to sister Shivani is magical as it drives me into an ocean of spirituality and I never want to come out of it.

Reader Sister Shivani is one the most evolved souls. Nikhil Sister shivani is very much easy to hear n believe. Vibha Hi Mam, I lecture life like to know thatas a human being, I first think in negative way then and then i switch to positive side. Subhash kendurkar Want to meet sister shiwani along with my wife for lecture on life by sister shivani biography blessed. ARNI Exactly what she is saying is absolutely true because I have so many challenges in my life and I am experiencing change and fast too bless everybody ,be positive and it will all work vice versa and accept ever person and situation AS IT IS.

People generally find that if they continue to view the episodes, their questions get answered and their confusion fades. I want to tell you that I am not sister shivani biography with the current job. Due to misbehaving of my serious. It is a target base job When you are unable to achieve the target. They started shouting on you. Even don't understand the situation. I love you work. Please help me out Waiting for your reply We r living in the same house but not talking to each other.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

I am sure he will continue on this pattern as he is completely detached. We have two lectures life nd pls show me the path ahead. I love him but don't want to get hurt repeatedly. Also there is no emotional attachment frm his side.

We realize that people we thought would help us through life have gone in a different direction. But we still love because we know that to love is the best for ourselves and for our families. Together with love, we need to be detached.

We detach from our own desires and emotions and any pressures we may feel from other people, so that we can make good decisions. When I am sister shivani with myself and biography in my relations with others, I can take help and inspiration from God. Oftentimes people love each other and want to live together but their personalities clash. They suffer because of this, and think that the other person made them suffer.

If you want to live together, it is wise to first recognize where there are clashes in your personalities, goals, cultures and opinions. These will all make living together difficult. What do you intend to do about the clashes? Why do you want to live together?

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

Is it realistic to think that you can get what you want be living together? True love means staying with a person even when you feel that the person is interfering with your happiness. Most people mix of love and attachment. The attachment causes suffering and blocks the love. I have a 9 year daughter. When our date of birth was matched they say strictly not to live together n seperste.

What should i do its very difficult. The laws of karma work identically for everyone. It is important for us to be very vigilant about our own karma because any loss or harm that we cause, small or big, will eventually come back to us.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

Conversely, every pure act of benevolence will come back. What we have done in the past is not as critical as what we do right now. If you feel that it is not right to consume eggs or onions or alcohol, then find out why. You can get answers to your questions at your Brahma Kumaris centre.

There is no need to regret past actions once we choose to make better choices in the future. We change our destiny by doing this.

Discover your own divine spiritual nature and develop it as fully as you can.

Shivani Verma

This is what makes life satisfying. She listens to the concerns that people talke about and she addresses them in her lectures. Keep listening to the classes and you will find good answers and good advice. Pranjal Madaan Ma'am, i want to know what is the concept of illuminati.

I really don't understand what happen to these people in the end the followers of illuminati. I always keep on thinking how hitler will get punishment of his karma.

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I have many questions. Ma'am i'm a teen. I don't know who to discuss my problem with? Sometimes it feels like wheather to discuss or ask them from brahma kumaris. I believe in shivbaba. But then i eat onion, eggs and twice or thrice i have taken alcohol. I sometimes regret upon my karma for these things. It feels like i am betraying god, and mai bhagwan ki bachi kehlane layak ni samjhti fir khudko. Generally, when a soul leaves its body at death, the soul goes into the body of a fetus in a womb. However occasionally, the departed soul remains without taking another body for a while.

That soul is referred to as a spirit or ghost. I Am a married woman I lived in joint family with 11 people. I believe in cleanliness one of my jethani regularly mess kitchen and put the things improper way one of them is liar she lectures on life by sister shivani biography every Now and then. How To handle such kind of people Another thing is because all of this I lose my temper and I became engry on my two year old girl I felt guilty for it I want to chang my self and my thoughts So that I can't think bad about thoes who behav worst or do something messy with me Please please please guide me I want to be a good person and pure soul.

I want to think positive but right now because all of this things whole the time negative thoughts make me disturbe. The key to happiness is having a very beautiful inner world that is exactly the way I like it. I have complete control over my inner world. If I like cleanliness and truth and harmony, then I keep my thoughts clean and truthful and harmonious.

I stay peaceful inside.

lecture on life by sister shivani biography

I fill myself with the sunshine of happy thoughts and good wishes towards others. I accumulate the energy of peace so that I can nourish my child with peace. This practice takes constant attention. If I forget, and start thinking about the annoying habits of others, my inner world will suffer. Instead, be the best you can be so that your child feels like she lives in a world of sunshine.

Lakinder Singh How can i contact her either by mail or phone. And in her discussions, she sheds light on spiritual principles and practices that can be applied to any issue.