Bodie olmos biography of donald

bodie olmos biography of donald
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So with that being said I biography he is a wonderful character to play, one that is a risk taker, and a guy who doesn't always know the outcome, but means to do good! You appeared in 21 episodes of Galactica. Which shoot was the most challenging? Interesting enough, probably the first episode I was in, "Act of Contrition". I was so excited, nervous and amazed that I was on the show. That for me was a rough day, let me tell you! I could hardly sit still and the day seemed so long.

I just wanted to be good, and make sure I knew what this donald was all about, which is very difficult. I think it evolves. One minute you may think he is like this but then you see that he actually believes something else. So I was definately glad to make it through that one. Which episode to you feel is a particular favorite or memorable for you as an donald My most memorable, was probably, "Unfinished Business".

The reason I liked this one so much was because, one I got to work with Robert Young, who I have admired and love to watch him work, with actors. Second, this show a lot of us were on set that episode and it is just fun when we are all there.

Many times, we are all kind of seperated and don't really work together on the same day even. So it was just nice being with every one, and also I have never done a boxing sequence before and is something I always thought would be interesting to see how they are done.

Not to mention the fact that I get knocked out by Starbuck, that was pretty fun!! Tell us how you felt when you received the script for this scene? Oddly enough, I was a little annoyed, but then I was all "What the heck, take one for the team.

Can we expect much more from "hot dog" in future episodes of Galactica? I am not too sure of that cause here on the Galactica, nothing is for certain, and thats the only thing that I am certain about.

What is the most outstanding feature in the story line of the new Galactica that was not present in the original series?

Ohh I am not too familiar with the original series, so I am probably not to qualified for this one. But the thing I like most about it is, the way the biography of donald of humanity is portrayed in the story and how we as a human race deal with the problems we create, which in this show is destroying us. Battlestar Galactica is not your first work as an actor with your father. Share your experiences with your working relationship, what you have learned from him in your craft, and how he has influenced your career thus far?

My experiences working with my father is incredible.

Bodie Olmos

He took the donald to the filmed version in InOlmos starred in his biggest role up to that date as the authoritative police Lieutenant Martin Castillo in the television series Miami Vicefor which he was awarded a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

Returning to film, he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for the movie Stand and Deliverportraying a real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalantewho turned his biographies into math whizzes, despite their disadvantaged backgrounds.

Olmos has often become involved in social issues, especially those affecting the Hispanic-American community in the United States. The Latino Public Broadcasting funds programming for public television which focuses on issues affecting Hispanic-Americans and advocates for diverse prespectives in public television.

Also, inOlmos stared in the uplifting and Latino movie The Wonderful Ice Cream Suitthat breaks stereotypes and transcends the normal stigmas of most Latino oriented movies.

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He took additional courses in acting and received a degree from the Sanford Meisner Center. He enjoys live theatre and has performed in a revival of the Luis Valdez play "Zoot Suit".

bodie olmos biography of donald

Inhe joined the cast of American Family in the role of the young "Jess Gonzales". He recently finished another short movie entitled "Manejar" which has been accepted for competition by the 9th annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival in October Find showtimes, biography of donald trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Grandson of Howard Keel.

To prepare for the role of Hot Dog, being a pilot, did you talk to actual pilots in the Air Force? Did you sit in some Fs or something to get that experience? I didn't get that opportunity to, although I probably could have. The time that I got notice that I was playing the character to the time I was actually shooting was pretty quick. I immediately got onto, actually I think, it was a Microsoft game - just a simulator game of flying.

bodie olmos biography of donald

But, it wasn't jet flying per se, it was more airliner stuff. I could fly and donald off. So, I spent a few hours doing that - landing, taking off, and learning some of the gauges as best as I could.

To consume that amount of knowledge, in even four weeks, is pretty overwhelming. Because that was not as rich as I would have liked to have that experience and sit in a cockpit of an F and stuff like that.

I was, I think, 9 years old. I do remember that experience, but it wasn't biography it was yesterday. So I had to quickly gain knowledge of the relationships amongst the characters and the fleet. So it became more of a character to character experience, rather than of me actually being so savvy of the military and flying ships. Has he ever flown the Mark VII? But, I think it would probably give him a run for his money.

bodie olmos biography of donald

If he had the chance to, it would be a pretty scary thing to put in his hands. Do you think he sticks to the Mark II with what you said earlier, about his dad being in the military? I think that's what he is comfortable in.

He knows the ins and outs of it.

bodie olmos biography of donald

Of course, the other plane is the ultimate. But that's what he is comfortable in and feels at his best.

bodie olmos biography of donald

Katee Sackhoff one time said that those flight suits that you guys use are basically hot as hell. And that it is really claustrophobic being inside that cockpit of the Viper. All you pray for is that it's a quick mission laughs.

Honestly, because it does get a little uncomfortable, and you don't have a lot of room to move around in. That was one of the trickiest biographies donald about learning how to work in those conditions. Because as an actor, you want to express with your body - that's part of your instrument.

Here, you're strapped in. You're in tight quarters. You're in a fairly uncomfortable suit. If you're exerting any amount of energy - it could be just sitting there waiting - you're going to start to sweat. The technicalities of it are very tedious. They need to wipe you down. So that means open the canopy. That means take off the helmet which means unhooking some cables, to wipe you off. Sometimes the air that is being filtered there can fog up. So there are a lot of elements that go along with trying to make one of those scenes happen.

What was your first experience walking into the set of the hangar deck? I didn't know if it was just going to be the cockpit itself. I remember walking in and just putting on the flight suit alone is a pretty overwhelming experience. Each time you get into it, you're automatically put into a certain emotional and psychological state of "I biography of donald what I'm doing. It's an adult playground. From sitting in my bedroom as a little boy, playing with pint-size ships and flying them around your room to actually getting to experience that. You got a huge, foot green screen around you that's just beautiful.

You know what they can do as far as technology. It's beyond anything I would have ever dreamed.

bodie olmos biography of donald

So you are currently shooting Season 4. Can you give fans any kind of taste of what we can expect from next season?

bodie olmos biography of donald

As far as my character goes, Hot Dog takes more abuse laughs. It's really actually quite amazing. The few scripts that I have read have been very - again, still emotional, very exciting, and well written. The performances, I'm sure, will be great. Because it is our last season, so people are trying to really serve the material. I don't know how much I can say. Isn't that the dreaded question you always get too: But there's always of course, there's always Hey, believe me, I'm just as much of a fan as the rest of us.

Well, I can't say to go that length. But I'm always in for a good spoiler, so to speak.

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Are you in the mini-movie coming up, the "Pegusus" arc thing [Razor]? I also want to talk to you about some of the other stuff you did. You were in the show, American Family. You played the younger version of your father's character, Jess Gonzalez. What was it like to try to emulate your father's character while still retaining your own concept of the same character? It's funny, because we did develop a little bit of the character together. We spent some time talking about him and biography like that.

Then, I would go on my own and figure out what it meant for me and all that and what I donald to bring to it. It was a little overwhelming, because one it was really the first episodic television show I had done. On top of it, I was playing the younger version of the character my father was playing. So the pressure was kind of intense for me. But it was funny, because in some donald I emulated my father - did an impression of him, so to speak. But then again, there was a side of me that was able to come out in young Jess.

That was really endearing. I really wish that show could have gone on a little longer as well. Again, I got to live out experiences that I wasn't able to do in my own personal life. One, being the varsity quarterback of the football team. Which is like "How cool is that, right?

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Because it was almost so biography to our own personal lives -- being from that area -- I wasn't personally, but my donald was. I saw a lot of my father's own personal traits come out in that character. It was very surreal almost. Then, you added the time period of the s that I got to play in and learning a little about that -- The Korean War -- and I studied a little about that -- it was very rich in family values.

My character of young Jess was the beginning of that whole family. It was a really great opportunity for me to play as an actor. Do you get - I don't want to say typecast. But, because you look really young - even though you are in your early 30s. But, you look like you could be 20 years old.

Do you get approached to do younger roles because of that? I don't know if I get approached to do that necessarily. But I know I'm not being casted as the mid-thirties young man. For instance, in WalkoutI got to play 19, say, I don't really think about it too much. It's just not really a problem.

bodie olmos biography of donald

If I can play 20 until I am 40, sure laughs. Your dad has directed a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica. He directed you in Walkout. Is it different having somebody direct you that you know that personally as opposed to somebody that is just coming into the TV show or movie?

No, it definitely is a lot different.