Idar kreutzer biography examples

idar kreutzer biography examples
Ralf Kreutzer has written: Found 0 sentences matching phrase "Idar Kreutzer".

Idar Kreutzer

Idar Kreutzer was born in Was this answer useful? In Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages.

idar kreutzer biography examples

Rodolphe Kreutzer was born on November 16, and died on January 6, Rodolphe Kreutzer would have been 64 years old at the time of death or years old today. Passed National Board of Review. Dietmar Kreutzer has written: Men in motion pictures, Nudity in motion pictures.

idar kreutzer biography examples

Tor Idar Larsen has written: Ralf Kreutzer has written: He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. Before that, he worked 7 years in the dealing-room of ABN-Amro Bank in Amsterdam, where he was responsible for the development of pricing models for derivatives.

idar kreutzer biography examples

Pricing and hedging in incomplete markets with model ambiguity Abstract: We search for pricing methods of assets in incomplete markets. Our set-up is that we postulate an agent who wants to maximise the expected surplus the difference between the assets and the hedging portfolio by choosing an optimal hedging strategy.

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Furthermore, we assume that the agent is concerned about model misspecification. We solve this robust optimisation problem and we define the pricing operator by indifference valuation.

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Based on only the assumptions of robustness and hedging, our most important results are: His research covers aspects of valuation and decision making in life insurance mathematics and financial mathematics. Recently, main focus has been on the integration of insurance and saving decisions made by individuals in classical consumption-investment problems in personal finance.

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Life insurance and pension savings serve to compensate individuals for economic consequences of life events like dying early or living long. Financial decisions are made with the uncertain lifetime as time horizon, possibly involving preferences of heirs or, perhaps, even future generations.

idar kreutzer biography examples

We discuss different aspects of preferences that formalize the quality of decisions. They include risk aversion but also the elasticity of substituting consumption between different points in time and different life events. Interesting questions concern the individual's decision power and preferences with respect to time and money spent on education, work, health improvement etc. We present some modern formalizations of these questions and discuss their impact on the design of insurance and saving products.