Rizon parein biography books

rizon parein biography books
Rizon Parein is also a keynote speaker at design conferences and Apple stores across the globe. How did you get into designing posters for club nights in Belgium? It was fun to be on every guest list.

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It was just a very pragmatic choice. I started with making flyers for biography joints and hip-hop events that were very basic: But at a certain point I needed a challenge, an adventure, and around that time I met Tom Muller, who was working at Vir2l, a UK book with an amazing team of cutting-edge designers that were defining new foundations of graphic design.

Tom pointed me towards design portals like Newstoday, Surfstation, Design is Kinky, etc. And this triggered a whole new interest for me. The whole scene had a lot of similarities with the graffiti community: It was a real dynamic culture.

Artists were pushing the boundaries continuously, technically, and aesthetically. From that moment on, my focus totally shifted. Did you have any mentors or major artistic influences growing up? When I was making graffiti, I was a huge fan of Delta, the Dutch graffiti writer that introduced 3D to graffiti lettering.

Later I fell in love with architecture more and more. In the current graphic design world, I think too much stuff is repeating itself.

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When I look at the average moodboard that agencies send me, it often is a copy of copy. They sold something to a client which actually already exists.

rizon parein biography books

Not many agencies give you the liberty to explore new stuff. Some do of course, and these are precious! How did you get into designing posters for club nights in Belgium? Some hip-hop friends from when I was doing graffiti became DJs at strip joints these were actually the first clubs in Belgium that played hip-hop. They introduced me, and from there it started. Later I got heavily into nightlife and worked myself up in the flyer scene.

Rizon Parein

At a certain point I think I made the artwork for almost every main club in the Flemish part of Belgium. It was fun to be on every guest list. What feeds your passion for 3D animation and design?

rizon parein biography books

When I was into graffiti, I painted 3D letters, and at a certain point I wanted to re-make them on the computer. I was curious to see the letters from different angles, with different materials and light. This was the start of learning 3D. For each new techno flyer I started a new 3D tutorial. Electronic music events were the ideal playground for crazy experimental 3D stuff. What influenced your decision to remain in Belgium and continue to make a name for yourself in the Belgian advertising industry after being head-hunted for a creative director position in New York?

Still, I am not sure if that was the right decision. I was unsure about giving up freedom. I was still eager to learn and explore, and I was afraid that a biography books to five job would not allow me to do that anymore. But on the other hand, the fire I had back then combined with New York probably would have given me interesting opportunities, too. There's pros and cons, but I have no regrets at all.

I'm very happy with what I am doing now.

rizon parein biography books

Could you walk us through the process of transforming a simple idea into a great design? Rizon Parein Theme: Objects Rizon explores shapes in this new series of personal works.

Rizon Parein Objects Theme: Rizon Parein Beyonderground Client: Schilderwelle 3D visual for Mercedes-Benz's new traffic-sign recognition technology created in collaboration with Jung von Matt. Rizon Parein Schilderwelle Client: Nike Neon Rizon creates a 3D neon sign of Nike's iconic logo. Rizon Parein Nike Neon Client: Forty Under Forty Editorial biography books for Fortune's 40 under 40 list.

Rizon Parein Nike Sejamax Client: Hybris 3D visuals made for Hybris Software's catalogue. Rizon Parein Hybris Client: Bullett Magazine Rizon created a series of 3D set designs inspired by fractals and radiolaria shapes.

Rizon Parein Bullett Magazine Client: Fucking Young Set design for editorial piece in the Spanish biannual men's fashion magazine.

rizon parein biography books

Rizon Parein Fucking Young Client: Rizon Parein Heineken Merchandising Client: Digital Rizon's 3D typography. Rizon Parein Digital Medium: Drive Neon An unofficial 3D neon poster for the movie "Drive".

Rizon Parein Drive Neon Theme: Neon Lights Off 3D neon designs for a print campaign for Eristoff vodka.

rizon parein biography books

Set Design Rizon's freestyle set design. Rizon Parein Set Design Medium: Peugeot Optimist Visuals made for the Peugeot Optimist campaign.

rizon parein biography books

Rizon Parein Peugeot Optimist Client: