Lorraine mitchelmore shell biography for kids

lorraine mitchelmore shell biography for kids
So I think they are very committed. Trump's shoot-from-the-hip politics could make for bad economics: The second challenge is the investment in new technology.

What is your idea of a great day off, relaxing away from the office? I have a 6-year-old and a 9-year old. I spend a lot of time in the mountains. I love hiking and I ski most weekends in the winter. Another thing I enjoy is for kids a day at school with the kids. I find it really enlightening. Do you have any thoughts about the predictions for the end of oil? Having been in the industry for 25 years and having looked at predictions that have all been wrong, I think it would be a real mistake to make a prediction.

The general trend of what is happening in the future is that there is no panacea to the huge energy challenge that we have in front of us. With the population growth that is coming, we will need a wide range of energy sources and fossil fuels will pay a major role in coming years.

Lorraine Mitchelmore, head of Shell's Canadian division, stepping down

No matter how much investment you make, you cannot replace fossil fuels with that amount of energy demand. That means we have to work hard to strike a balance, with increasing demand but also by putting strict environmental practices in place. That is why we are working with carbon capture and storage and energy efficiencies, growing our natural gas business and investing in bio-fuels. How does what you do every day translate into shareholder value? Our strategy is quite simple.

Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada’s new CEO, has a bold agenda for the energy giant

We are focused on performance, which is what shareholders like to hear. And we have huge production growth coming in the next generation of projects and keeping that conveyor belt of energy projects going. In the natural gas business across North America, we are growing to an equivalent ofbarrels a day in the next four years. Our downstream business facilitates that upstream growth, delivery to our customers. In the end and the downstream business is very much focused on the portfolio footprint of where the growth areas are.

lorraine mitchelmore shell biography for kids

When I hear that, in Canada that relates to the oil sands. I put it quite simply: We provide oil products to our customers in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner. Which books are on your night table?

lorraine mitchelmore shell biography for kids

I find Churchill to be one of the fascinating leaders of our time. What do you consider to be your signature accomplishment? One of my traits is that I am very delivery focused.

Lorraine Mitchelmore says Canada needs to move to green economy quicker

What has really helped me achieve is that I think it is very important to provide a vision, a framework in which to operate. Plus, they develop and those are some of the key ingredients for delivery. I think most people get up to go to work every day wanting to achieve something. If you give people that freedom, they will excel. What will your legacy be? One is to become the most competitive player, but also the most responsible player. So that to me, in a simple nutshell, is how I would like to have my legacy remembered.

Probe busts illegal polar bear exports; pilot project narrows loophole. Lampert blames Sears Canada management for exacerbating the retailer's woes The thrill is gone Canada's growth cannot be sustained: John Petrides' Top Picks.

HERE FIRST TEN DAYS AGO: Lorraine Mitchelmore Fired

John Petrides' Past Picks. Hydro-Quebec restoring service afterwithout power in Montreal. Chairman of the BoardBank of Montreal.

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Chief Financial OfficerBank of Montreal. COOTwilio Inc. We're working on making it happen. We'll email you when this feature is available.

lorraine mitchelmore shell biography for kids

They also have blood on their hands as they were licking their lips when the prospect of dropping cluster bombs on Iraqis was a very real prospect. It looks like Brazil and Iran are the new flavors of the month. Let the ass kissing begin. And if that fails, send in the yanks. More interesting links on this scandal. Shell MoU with Petrobras and their partnership to share experience on cost efficiency and use of technology.

lorraine mitchelmore shell biography for kids

It took a little longer than anticipated but now the Irish Police Commisioner who aided the Shell police alcohol cover up has tonight gone having failed to silence OSSL