Rob vitacca biography

rob vitacca biography
Log in with your credentials. Do you still keep in touch with former vocalist Christopher Schmid and if so, what has he been up to? Songs for the Last View

The album called "Songs for the Last View" was released in the summer of This was the first album featuring their new singer, Rob Vitacca.

Lacrimas Profundere

Lacrimas Profundere's, The Grandiose Nowhere was released on 30 April the album spawned two singles "The Letter" and "Lips" videos for each song were made; they also toured in places across Asia and South America.

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rob vitacca biography

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rob vitacca biography

Retrieved from " https: German heavy metal musical groups German rob vitacca biography metal musical groups German gothic metal musical groups Musical groups established in Musical quintets Napalm Records artists establishments in Germany. The band allowed themselves three years, and the final rob vitacca biography reflects this: On Hope Is Here they worked intermittently for three months perfecting the pre-production at the Engine Studios, allowing the material to take shape — letting their visions develop and grow.

The Worship Of Counting Down My Halo Ground Hope Is Here A Million Miles You, My North The Path Of Broken Homes My Release In Pain All For Nothing Dead To Me Still In Need Deny For Now Head Held High Words Bonus Track Doomed and Unarmed Bonus Track. Be Mine In Tears Her Occasion Of Sin Not For Love The Fear Of Being Alone Dead Heart SerenadeA Marriage The Last View The Shadow I Once Kissed A Dead Man Lullaby For A Weeping Girl Even Bam Margera of Jackass is a fan of their magnificent dark opuses.

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Here is an interview we conducted with charismatic lead vocalist Rob Vitacca…. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Lacrimas Profundere, and how long you have been with the band.

The Dead Heart Serenades of Lacrimas Profundere

Last year was really hard for us. We toured a lot and the band was on the verge of breaking up. We had no idea how we should continue or if we should continue doing music.

rob vitacca biography

Every one of us definitely needed a break to recharge ourselves! During the break Oliver started to write a couple of songs and I instantly said: Man, this is such great stuff — we have to carry on!!!

Rob Vitacca

And so we did! Where did you get the ideas for some of the lyrics this time around?

rob vitacca biography

Please cite two songs from the new CD in particular and what the lyrics are about? Well, I got my inspiration and ideas from touring, traveling and some movies.

Dead Heart Serenade is one of my favorite songs of the record!

rob vitacca biography

Though the lyrics are pretty easy it makes me shiver every time I hear the song. How did you wind up in Lacrimas Profundere and what pressure was there replacing a long time vocalist?

rob vitacca biography

At the beginning there was much pressure! I came in the studio, the songs were already done and it was like: Now there is absolutely no pressure!