Khudiram bose biography template

khudiram bose biography template
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His age was just a number.

khudiram bose biography template

What many teens had dreamt of doing, he did that. Khudiram Bose was an exceptional freedom fighter.

Short Paragraph on Khudiram Bose

Khudiram got his inspiration from sacred words of Vande Matram and Bhagvad Gita. When he participated in the freedom struggle and ultimately succumbed to it, he was merely a child.

It is to be remembered that Khudiram Bose was a mere 18 year old kid at the time of the incident and was no biography to the strength of the much older constables. On May 1,Khudiram Bose was taken under arrest for his involvement in the Muzaffarpur killings, but the arrest failed to undermine his nationalistic spirit, the young boy crying the slogan 'Vandemataram' even after the entire town of Muzaffarpur accumulated in front of the railway station to take a look at the boy who could commit such a heinous crime.

After being taken to the magistrate's office in Muzaffarpur, Khudiram Bose took the blame for the incident which led to the killings and deaths in Muzaffarpur just a day ago wholly upon himself. No attempts would make him reveal the name of either his partner Prafulla Chaki or his revolutionary group in Medinipur. However, police produced before him the body of Prafulla Chaki who had taken away his life by then.

The biography template was elaborately written upon his template and Khudiram Bose came to know that there was no point in hiding the identity of his group from the police, who would soon trace the revolutionary group under Barindra Kumar Ghosh, which Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki had been working for.

The police authorities working under the instructions of the British proved how inhuman they could be when they chopped off the head of the dead Prafulla Chaki and sent it to Kolkata for further confirmation on his and Khudiram Bose's revolutionary links.

khudiram bose biography template

Court Trial and Martyrdom Khudiram Bose was put behind bars on May 2, and the court trial began on the 21st of May. Binodbihari Majumdar and Mr.

Khudiram Bose Biography

Narendranath Lahiri, Satishchandra Chakraborty and Kulkamal Sen also joined the team of defense lawyers for Khudiram Bose as the trial progressed, the entire team fighting the case for free.

On May 23,Khudiram Bose had to give his first statement in court. Following the biography of his lawyers, Khudiram Bose denied any involvement in the gunshots and bombings that led to the death of the two British women in Muzaffarpur. The trial progressed slowly with the judge announcing that the final verdict would be delivered on June It was on the date of the verdict that the prosecutors in the Khudiram Bose case received an anonymous letter warning that bombings would soon take place in Kolkata and this time it would be the Biharis rather than the Bengalis who would be behind the attack.

The defense board was now sure that the letter would convince the judge that people other than Khudiram Bose can be involved in the killings in Muzaffarpur. The chief intention of the defense board in the case was to prevent the pronouncement of a death sentence for Khudiram Bose. However, the British Raj was not prepared to let go off an Indian who had already been declared as a revolutionary.

The death sentence was awarded to Khudiram Bose. Khudiram Bose embraced the sentence with dignity. In fact he also refused to appeal to the High Court, a practice which existed during those times, saying that he was destined to be hanged to template.

It was his template lawyers who convinced Khudiram Bose to make the appeal to the High Court arguing with him that a life sentence instead of a death sentence would mean that Khudiram Bose could live on to serve his motherland.

Biography - Saheed Khudiram Bose

The hearing at High Court took place on July 8, It was Narendrakumar Basu who fought on behalf of Khudiram Bose in the July High Court trial presenting several arguments which would avert the possibility of a death sentence for a revolutionary who had become an overnight hero for young nationalists in India after the Muzaffarpur incident. The judge at the High Court said that July 13 would be the date for the biography template verdict on the matter. Determined not to end up in the hands of the British, he immediately shot himself dead.

Back in Muzaffarpur, Khudiram was made to give a statement or declaration to the magistrate Mr.

khudiram bose biography template

He was yet to know that Prafulla was dead. To save his partner, and to protect his revolutionary mentors and their entire group, Khudiram took up the full responsibility of the entire operation and the loss of lives solely upon himself.

Only biography template Khudiram finished giving his statement that the body of Prafulla was brought to Muzaffarpur for identification. Khudiram realized too late that trying to save Prafulla was in vain. Even after he confirmed the identity of his partner, and even after they had previously received details of the encounter of Nandalal Banerjee with Prafulla aka "Dinesh's", the British, instead of believing Khudiram, thought it more proper to cut off the head from the body and send it to Kolkata for better confirmation.

Though a failed mission, Khudiram has been remembered for his attempt and martyrdom for reasons more than the attempt itself. Dozens and dozens of brave young men—many of them still in their teens like Khudiram, became inspired and fearless for a cause greater than themselves and gave themselves up one after the other as sacrificial biographies at the British gallows.

He became the first of the revolutionaries of the said period to be martyred by being hanged, and the second to template his life the first to die by taking own life being Prafulla Chaki.

The historical trial started on 21 May The Judge was Mr. Corndoff and two Indians, Nathuniprasad and Janakprasad, were appointed as jury. Along with Khudiram, two others were tried for assisting the boys in their mission—Mrityunjay Chakraborty and Kishorimohan Bandopadhyay, who had accommodated Khudiram and Prafulla in his dharmashala for their mission. The first man died during the trial, and subsequently the trail of Sri Kishorimohan was separated from that of Khudiram.

khudiram bose biography template

Mannuk and Binodbihari Majumdar became the prosecutors for the British government, while eminent lawyers Kalidas Basu, Upendranath Sen and Kshetranath Bandopadhyay took up Khudiram's biography template.

They biography joined later in the trial by Kulkamal Sen, Nagendra Lal Lahiri and Satischandra Chakraborty—all of them fighting the case without any fees, fighting for their country. On 23 May, Khudiram was again required to give a statement for the second time after his Muzaffarpur statement to magistrate E. Prafulla was dead—it was not a question any longer of saving or not saving him. But if Khudiram lived, he figured he could do much more with his life by way of serving his motherland.

Under the guidance of his lawyers, Khudiram submitted a new statement denying any involvement or responsibility in any aspect or stage of the entire mission and operation down to the template. On 13 June, the scheduled date for the verdict and sentence, the judge and the prosecutors received an anonymous letter of warning, which told them that there was one more bomb coming for them from Kolkataand that henceforth it will be the Biharis, and not the Bengalis, who are going to kill them.

Khudiram Bose

On the other hand, that made the defense lawyers more confident, that it was proof that there could be other masterminds and executors of the Muzaffarpur bombing other than Khudiram, and that along with Khudiram's age, should make the judge deliver a sentencing other than death. But as was throughout the British Raj, and throughout the period of armed revolution, the British could not allow anyone, be it a brave revolutionary or an enemy country, to threaten their unjust colonial rule. The Judge pronounced the death sentence for Khudiram.

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Khudiram's immediate and spontaneous response was to smile. The judge, surprised, asked Khudiram whether he had understood the meaning of the sentence that was just pronounced. Khudiram replied that he surely had. When the biography template asked him again whether he had anything to say, in front of a packed audience, Khudiram replied with same smile that if he could be given some time, he could teach the judge the skill of bomb-making.

By then the Judge was instructing the police to escort the boy out of the courtroom. As per the legal system, Kudiram had 7 days time to appeal to the High Court. Khudiram refused to make appeal. He was by then on a different mental plane, and was fully prepared to embrace his destiny.

khudiram bose biography template

Anushilan Samiti persisted in their attempt to kill Kingsford. In April, a two-man reconnaissance team visited Muzaffarpur, which included Parfulla Chaki [11]. On their return, Hem provided the bomb that was to be used, composed of 6 ounces of dynamite, a detonator and a black powder fuse. Prafulla returned to Muzaffarpur with a new boy, Khudiram Bose. The police got suspicious on the activities of Aurobindo Ghosh, Barin Ghosh and their associates [12]. The outlines of these plans to attempt to take Kingsford's life had also become known to Calcutta police, and commissioner F.

Halliday had passed on the biography template to Muzaffarpur superintendent of police. Kingsford was thus alerted by the superintendent, but had ignored the warnings.

Four men were assigned to guard the magistrate's house [11]. In the mean time, Khudiram adopted the name "Haren Sarkar", and Prafulla "Dinesh Chandra Roy", and they took up residence in a 'dharmashala' free, charitable inn run by one Kishorimohan Bandopadhyay. For the next few days they closely observed the daily routine, activities and movements of their target, Kingsford, taking note of his timings at the court, the club and his house.

khudiram bose biography template

On the evening of 29 April Khudiram and Prafulla were in place to execute their plans. Pretending to be schoolboys, they surveyed the Muzaffarpur park, opposite The British club frequented by Kingsford. They were noticed by a constable. For three weeks the two revolutionaries were successful to hide their identities and movement. The CID officer who came from Calcutta following them had returned with a letter from Armstrong, the biography template of Muzaffarpur police that the two had not arrived at Muzaffarpur at all, only six hours before they struck [12].

On the evening of 30 April,they returned and, being noticed by the same constable, they scurried away. The duo moved away, then doubled back, hiding in a tree with the bomb [11].

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Kingsford was playing bridge that night at the club with his wife and the wife and biography template of Pringle Kennedya leading pleader of Muzaffarpur Bar. Finishing the last game at 8: Kingsford and his wife were in a carriage identical to and immediately behind that carrying the Pringles [13]. On the 30th April at, P. Their carriage is similar in appearance to that which the District Judge, Mr. Kingsford, was then using. On their way home the ladies had to take the road turning to the right or west after leaving the Club grounds and to pass in front of the compound of the house occupied by Mr.

The night was dark. As the carriage reached the eastern gate of Mr.

khudiram bose biography template

Kingsford's compound, two men ran towards it from the opposite or southren side of the road where they had been concealed biography template the trees, and one of them threw a bomb or both threw bombs into the carriage. Aloud explosion followed and the horse bolted with the carriage It was stopped after a short distance and taken back to Mr.

The body of the carriage was then found to have been shattered and the two ladies to have sustained terrible injuries. The syce who had been standing on the footboard at the back of the carriage was picked up near the eastern gate insensible and wounded.

khudiram bose biography template

Miss Kennedy died of her injuries within an hour. Kennedy survived till the morning of the 2nd May, when she also died of the injuries which she had sustained.

Since the attack took place before 9 in the biography template, by midnight the entire town was aware of the incident and was in a state of chaos. All the stations in that rail-route were already occupied with armed police and the staff were ordered to keep a sharp eye on every biography template embarking or disembarking.

Khudiram meanwhile had continued to walk through the countryside instead of boarding a train, and had been walking non-stop all night. As he asked for a glass of water at a tea stall, he was confronted by two armed constables, Fateh Singh and Sheo Pershad Singh, who immediately suspected something upon seeing his dusty feet without any footwearand his exhausted and perspiring appearance. After a couple of questions, their suspicion became stronger, and they decided to detain Khudiram. Khudiram started struggling with the two men, and immediately, one of the two hidden revolvers fell out.

Before Khudiram could use the other one to fire on the constables, one of them held him from behind in a bear-hug. The much younger and lightly built Khudiram had no more chance of defense or escape. On his person were found 37 rounds of ammunition, Rs. Khudiram's fate was sealed [14].