Kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald
Trump is a business man. In he was able to acquire a piece of property in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Why not run the country like a business.

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kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

Serials, Mega serials, soap operas are a staple diet of any television viewing household; these fictional characters are regular visitors of homes across the nation every night. To break the clutter of these over dramatic serials; Vijay TV a pioneer in innovation; presented series like ' Maharani ', ' Mahaan Saibaba ', ' Pirivom Sandippom ' which stood out from the crowd and proved to be winners.

A year back Vijay TV introduced a serial Kanaa Kanum Kalangal dealt with school life and adolescence that had an over whelming response from viewers of all age groups. College, a place where anyone builds their confidence apart from educational values and morals and of all that the memories which relish in our lives through out.

I do not care if he offends you.

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

If he is not "correct ". At least he is not a traitor like the two Cubans like Rubio the hispanic Obama who will provide a free pass to million of illegals or Cruz the Bible liar or Hillary the pathetic candidate of the past or expect to win because she is a woman or Bernie the communist. This is the land of the free and I am free to choose Trump.

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

And all of you jerks that want to judge my choice talk to my lower back! I agree with Ariane D that it does not matter if someone has a big ego, or if someone offends, or even if someone is a hole.

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

It does not even matter what a man says, even if his words are hate-filled, vitriolic tirades. What matters is what a man does, and this is critical to the future of our country. Many, many, many people: Democrats, Republicans, undecideds, agnostics, Christians, Moslems, Cuban-Americans, Asians, and others of us agree, I think, on that point. So, Trump is right about that. What we must consider is who the person will be to take our country forward, and we must base that on how we think that person will do that.

We must read between the lines as we choose. We must recognize also that evil does exist, and that we must always be aware and wary when choosing our leaders.

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

He cares about America and Americans. He's no ones puppet and have climbed amazing mountains to accomplish the things he has. I laugh when people call him stupid or and idiot. With a brilliant mind and an IQ of almost hardly should be called that lol perhaps the people calling him that better take a look at themselves and their accomplisments.

Haven't they caused enough. And supporting a wicked muslim like Obama to destroy our country to accomplish a new world order. IT'S our only job to stand up for and beside him. Get out and vote. This is the most important election this country has ever faced. I am highly motivated by this biography and wonder how on earth such immense success would be under the care of such an arrogant Trump.

On the contrary, I blame the origin of Trumps grandparents German that I believe without doubt carry the Hitler genes. Donald Trump is a kana kanum kalangal stand alone character. Venomous to a biography donald, arrogant, careless, and simply foolish. He will die never having attained self actualization and head home to Hitler his ancestor. Though it is refresning to see a non politician running for public office, we need to evaluate his true intentions.

That is, is he running for president to help the country in it's national as well as foreign policy or is he doing it as another goal he set for himself to reach in his life time.

Pavi (Pavithra)

We must all remember that his relationship with Congress is extremely important for changing any policy issues. Should he become President his business acumen may help him. However, the donald he's chooses as his advisors will be the key to his successes and failures.

Donald Trumps know how of making money will never make him a credible Presidential candidate. He did not even study political science! His ideologies are based on assumptions of cultures, because he is too lazy to look up the facts! America's safety in his hands is a very scary biography as the only thing I read in this biography is an early sending away to a military school for discipline, not REAL military training! We are living in a day and age where America requires a president who has un- questionable skills, but not even skills are enough, and he demonstrates a lack of empathy for human beings.

He feels that respect can be bought respect must be earned, and the same as trust. Based on the way he speaks in his kanas kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald, the skills he possesses are rudeness, and racist! It's all so interesting as to what's happening.

Trump has been called him every name in the book. Please tell me why Hillery's past doings are not talked about as much? Why are people wanting another Obama by voting for her.

Why do people want to vote for either one of two men who are not born in the U. Mr Trump also developed hotels and casinos, an arm of the business that has led to four bankruptcy filings for the businesses, not personal bankruptcy.

Mr Trump also built an empire in the entertainment business. Inhe debuted an NBC reality television show called The Apprentice, in which kanas kanum competed for a shot at a management job within Mr Trump's organisation. He has written several books, and owns a line of merchandise that sells everything from neckties to bottled water. Trump has been married three times, though his most famous wife was his first - Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech athlete and model.

The couple had three children - Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric - before they filed for divorce in The ensuing court battle made for numerous stories in the tabloid press.

Those stories included allegations that Trump was abusive towards Ivana, though she later downplayed the incidents. He married actress Marla Maples in They had a daughter named Tiffany together before divorcing in He married his current wife Melania Knauss, a model, inand the couple have one son, Barron William Trump.

Prem Kumar (actor)

His children from his first marriage now help run Trump Organization, though he is still chief executive. This was when he took to acting seriously and auditioned for a role in Praanawhich would become his debut film. Prem debuted in film with the Kannada film Praana.

Donald Trump's life story: From hotel developer to president

It was by a team of newcomers: The film did not do well at the box office. But the next year, Prem bounced back with a memorable performance in Rathnaja 's debut film, Nenapirali. The film had him play the role of a young man faking love for a girl, and ultimately falling in love. It hit the pulse of the audience, and catapulted Prem to instant stardom. Prem picked up a Best Actor Filmfare Award for his performance in the film.

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

InPrem further consolidated his position as a bankable star with his single release Jothe Jotheyali with the actress Ramya. The film was also a love story, directed by the debutant director Dinakar Toogudeep. It was one of the major successes of 25 weeks then he got a name as Lovely star. After the release of the film, Prem promised the public that he would not be seen in a remake film.

kana kanum kalangal vetri biography of donald

This move backfired as Prem's original choices sank at the box office one after the other. His next releases Pallakki did well days. Gunavantha average and savi savi nenapu had got very good critics and he done first time double acting.